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Of course, like all serious dating sites we have our success stories, and here are some of them. These Western men came to CLM to seek, find, meet, befriend, chat with, and love a beautiful Chinese women, and succeeded. So can you.
HuaHua & Zhorika Find True Love

A Western Man from the UK wins a Chinese Bride!I was browsing after joining as a Standard Member and saw a picture of “huahua” so I sent a kiss. This was March 6th.  To my surprise she replied back and asked if I wanted to chat while I was still online. She was a Silver member and I hadn’t noticed that she was online when I sent the kiss, but by pure fortune she was and responded to me. After a few conversations it became obvious to me that this was a woman with whom my heart responded.
So we met in May when I flew to Shanghai to meet huahua. For me it was make or break for by then I was falling in love with her. However I also realized it could all be a con, she could be after a passport and security not me for who I am. What I wanted was a wife who was in love with me as much as I was with her and with whom I could remain for the rest of my life. I was not disappointed and came to know that she was genuine.
After some sightseeing around the garden towns of Shanghai, we flew to Wuhan and there I met her sister and nephew. They were curious but once they saw that I was also genuine soon warmed to me. We decided to become engaged and because of our ages, she being 54 and me being 61, kept the engagement short. I never realized the work involved for the paper work was so horrendous and the cost for a visa to the UK for her even worse - 630  pounds sterling. But I felt that she was more than worth it so on September 14th we married with her son in attendance.

Another Chinese wedding resulting from Online Dating on ChinaLoveMatch.netWe submitted her visa application on the 16th and on 18th had a small wedding feast for all the family - her brother, father, aunt, son, daughter in law, sister and nephews. Basically all of her close existing family.
I was glad to meet her father as it gave me the chance to thank him for allowing me to marry a wonderful woman  and to formally ask belatedly for her hand. The feast went well with everyone delighted as they could see that I did intend to respect huahua and make her happy. That is all they wanted.  It helped perhaps that during this week we purchased a flat in Wuhan ready for our retirement so they knew I wasn’t just going to take her away forever. We intend to spend six months in England and six months in China, Chinese bureacracy permitting
The next day we flew to Bejing for a brief honeymoon before I flew back alone to England to resume work.  However before I flew back one week later we had news that all the work I had done towards her visa was not in vain. We heard that she had been granted a spousal visa in only 5 days. 
I am now back in England awaiting my wife, preparing for yet another visa so she can visit Europe  - so more paperwork. I have booked us a trip to Paris at Christmas time for a second honeymoon. Then it is down to the scrimp and save of normal life.
I know that there are many differences between us and I have to adjust my life.  She is a little bossy sometimes and can bear no insults from anyone. She walked out of a shop when she felt an assistant was a bit rude. Still she is an independent, intelligent woman and that is what I love. I suppose raising a child on your own after divorce has made her this as perhaps did her spell in the country under the cultural revolution. All I know is I Love her deeply and want to grow old with her.

Chinese marriages take place in a government clerk's office with zero romance.A Wedding Ring is the surest way to a Chinese lady's heart.

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