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Q: Do nice Girls from Shanghai looking for a lifemate really
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The Scam Chinese Dating Site Challenge

I am a 23 year old Chinese virgin lawyer looking for an old man to love me. NOT!If you're looking at the profile of an Asian or Chinese woman who looks like this, and her profile reads like this:
“Hi. I’m Patty and I am a drop dead gorgeous 23 year old Chinese virgin lawyer from Shanghai. My family is wealthy and I own 2 houses and 3 cars. I am worth $3,000,000 USD and I am desperately seeking a Western man between the age of 45 and 60 to love me. I don’t care about your looks, so long as you have a good heart. If you are my man you can come to China and I’ll take care of you. I’ll happily buy you a house of your own and a car, just please love me!”,
then, my friend, you’re on a scam Chinese dating site.  Probably one of the ones we name below.
Don’t believe these sites are a scam?  That’s ok. Here’s our challenge!
Join their site and join ours at the same time. Don’t upgrade with us, and spend some time on both sites.  Pay them for every message you read or send. Pay them to chat by the minute. Meanwhile, just cruise around our site for a few days. Check out the real Chinese women. Contact a few who have upgraded because as a free member you can do that if they are Gold. Check out our blogs and forum. Get comfortable with us, and don’t pay until you are satisfied we are real.
Keep track of the money you spend to message Chinese girls who can’t seem to quite keep their story straight, who won’t provide any private contact details because it’s against the rules. Tally up the charges to your credit card to chat by the minute to a woman who’s profile says she’s fluent in English, but who requires a translator to chat with you. Keep throwing money at a dream that just isn’t real.
Then, when it is starting to seem a little dodgy to you, and you’re feeling pretty sure that CLM is real, pay for an upgrade for one month on CLM, and message and chat with every Chinese woman on the website that you find appealing. Exchange private contact details to your heart’s content. After a week or so of that, please write us and tell us how you feel about CLM and how you feel about the Scam Site.
Just try both sites and find out which one is real. Find out where the real Chinese dating is and where the real Chinese women are. That’s the CLM Scam Chinese Dating Site Challenge! Go ahead, join up and take us on.

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Signs You Are On a Scam Chinese Dating Site 

A sure sign you're being scammed!

Exactly what are scam Chinese dating sites? They are dating sites that are really fraudulently out to bleed you of a load of your hard-earned money, and while doing so will also thoughtlessly leave you broken-hearted and suffering from a tremendous loss of pride.

Picture spending anywhere from $300 to $3,000 per month to message with several Chinese women and chat with 2 or 3 for a long time, then trim it down to simply one and invest another $5,000 or so to fly to China to meet her, only to then be informed she had to cancel her plans and didn't wish to marry you after all "because her Mom and Dad wouldn't agree to it".  Funny she didn't ask them before you paid for your flight, let alone before you boarded your plane. 

Then, while you're at the Scam site's regional workplace (referred to as their "Chinese agents") being tempted by them to now meet some complete stranger, you discover by overhearing employees that the lady you had fallen deeply in love with was not genuine, just a paid staff member. Or, if she was real, she was never ever saying the caring things you believed she was. That was simply the translator making up crap. Your Chinese love actually had no idea what you were telling her, nor what the translator was saying she was telling you.  It’s all just one big long line of BS. 

You made the long trip to China to join with and marry the woman you had learned to deeply enjoy and love, but instead discover that you've been entirely taken in by the international Chinese dating internet site that you had totally trusted and had contributed a healthy chunk of your savings to.

As a non-scam website that is joined by a lot of these poor, badly beaten men after they've been had, we've heard this same story, or comparable ones to it, hundreds and hundreds of times. This report of the details of their misadventure is not just about promoting our sites, and  It is about assisting you in discovering a good website, one that is deserving of your trust, be that our site or another fair and honest one.

As a non-scam site that gets a great deal of these poor, suffering guys after they've been had, we've heard this same story, or comparable ones to it, hundreds and hundreds of times. This information is not merely about promoting our sites, it is about assisting you to discover a good website, whether that is our site or another good one. We're providing this information to you to try to ensure you don’t get your ass scammed off.

When one of these scam websites is done with their victim he is financially ravaged, heart-broken, embarrassed and bitter. Do not let this become your fate! It’s easy to avoid.

Here are some pretty telling signs that you’ve landed on a Scam dating site:

1. Usually all the ladies are tarted up so much as to look like sex mad nymphomaniacs at best and hookers at worse, yet explained in their profiles to be lawyers, physicians, instructors, nurses or top flight businesswomen. They look like whores yet declare themselves to be sweet, innocent, home loving, one man women who are interested only in you, again, even though you haven’t posted a photo or completed a single line of your profile.

2. They are frequently self-declared "virgins", all sweetness and innocence, in spite of the fact that they are posed half naked, with cleavage flashing everywhere.

3. Their images all look expertly done consisting of expert make-up tasks. Often you'll find numerous ladies on the site wearing the exact same hot clothing.

4. While their profiles generally declare them to be proficient in English, for some mysterious reason you are constantly asked to spend for translation of every message, every word of instant chat and every spoken word at rates the United Nations would refuse to pay, and that will have your accountant coughing blood.

5. Sometimes, again way before you have actually finished completing your registration form, you will find yourself being confronted by not only female Chinese and Asian strumpets, but by Russians, Ukrainians, Latinas and women of other ilk from sister scam sites, all of whom are begging to meet you, love you and pleasure you. They have tracked you down from around the world and are begging to be yours because they've seen your profile (which is blank) and loved your photo (which you haven’t posted) and they find you irresistible.

So long as you are a member of the site you can rely on this never ending bevy of beauties to constantly send you an endless array of messages, each of which will cost you several dollars to read, and which will massage your ego and tease your nether regions to the point of your brain blanking out and your testosterone blinding you to how stupid you are to have fallen for such a barrel full of crap.

You will certainly carry on receiving a barrage of such declarations of lust and love from an unlimited number of runway model quality Chinese and other women for so long as you keep paying for them, until that magic moment comes when your bank account is in arrears, your credit cards are cancelled, your home is being foreclosed, your car has been seized and you have suddenly realized that you have never met a single real woman in person out of all the beautiful women whose pictures you have adored. That magic moment when it suddenly dawns on you that you are not a member of the scam dating site, but a victim.

6. Whenever you get any message from any woman you need to pay to read it, even after the months of messaging at a cost of $1,000’s and even messages to the nubile young thing who has agreed to be your future wife.

7. At no time will you ever be enabled to get any woman's private contact details, even the one you have declared you are going to marry.

8. To video chat with any girl (even your beautiful bride to be) you will need to pay a stupidly pricey rate by the minute, and you will likewise have to pay for a translator/chaperone who will do all the talking for her and for you although she is allegedly fluent in English. It just wouldn’t be right for you and your loving fiancé to let slip each other’s email address.

9. A most incredible thing will take place when you begin to get a grip on yourself and realize how badly you have been scammed. As the scam site starts to detect they've lost you as a paying consumer who is searching for love, many of those same girls who have consistently sweetly and innocently been messaging you with their undying wish to be your sweet and virtuous lifelong love will now start sending you not so innocent missives asking you to now pay to see them naked.  Other messages will suggest that since maybe you aren’t going to be coming to China to marry them, you might instead like to come over for a nice blowjob, or any of countless other pornographic or sexual offerings.  

It seems that Chinese dating site you were trusting as your matchmaker to find your loving and virtuous wife or partner has suddenly transformed itself in to a pimp, and those innocent girls once lining up to be your bride are now gearing up to sell you some heat.  It seems that somehow along the journey you’ve been on, these beautiful Chinese ladies lost their innocence, and we can assume their virginity has been lost along with it.

All sarcasm above is fully intentional.

If you find yourself on such a dating website, Chinese or otherwise, either get out fast or get your banker to set you up with a fantastic line of credit, you're going to need it.

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Sites to Avoid:,, 

There are plenty of scam dating sites out there that we know of, but we don't have enough victim reporting on them and have not thoroughly investigated them, so we don't feel confident enough to name them at this time. But below are listed some of the best known scam sites and in the case of these sites there is no doubt. We have countless reports from ex-members of these sites, and we have had them investigated to the point of being completely confident that we can prove they are scamming their own members. 
At present, we are posting only scam Chinese and Asian dating sites because those are the niches we have sites in and know our way around.  However, we will soon open two more sites in the Russian/Ukrainian and Latina dating niches and will be adding to this list at that time.  Meanwhile, if you are into dating in other niches, most of the sites named below are owned by companies that have sites in other niches, and you might choose to assume that if their Chinese or Asian site is operated as a scam, the other sites they own are no cleaner. 
Here are the scam sites in the Asian and Chinese niches that we are prepared to declare publicly are scam operations that are cheating their own members:
1. (formerly – which also has several fake dating sites that you join only to discover you are suddenly a member of AsianDate or AsianBeauties. One of these is
2. – similar to AsianDate, this site also has different fake sites feeding into it. One such site is Additionally, ChnLove also operates as ChnLove.Asia. There are rumors that this operation has been purchased by the owners of AsianDate, or that the two are utilizing the same Chinese agencies as their fronts in China, but we can't verify this information one way or the other.
3. – this is not solely a Chinese or Asian site, but they have a very large Chinese sub-domain. AForeignAffair also operates a front site called, but LoveMe is identical to the AForeignAffair Chinese and Asian sub-domain, so if you have joined or are participating on one you are on the other too.
4. – unlike the above scam operations, GagaMatch appears to be a Chinese owned website, whereas the first three have all evolved from the infamous Russian Dating scams that first entered the dating business.  GagaMatch appears to have an ever-changing number of front sites under different names that all feed into the same scam operation. GagaMatch is not as advanced as the top three sites in the scamming game, but they're making a real effort to catch up.
5.  More to Come - We're currently following up on numerous reports of other scam dating sites that operate in the same manner as described earlier, and we'll be adding to this list as evidence is accumulated.
If you are not a masochist who loves being cheated out of his cash, his pride and his emotional wellbeing, avoid the scam Asian and Chinese websites listed above. They are in the business of deceiving and ripping off their own members, and they are destroying the online dating industry for honest sites like our own and for online daters.
You can find individual reports on the above scam dating operations at the following pages:
List in Preparation - Coming Soon.
We also welcome any victim of one or more of the above sites, or of any other Asian or Chinese dating site, to report their experiences to us by writing us at and writing "My Scam Dating Site Experience" in the subject line of your email.  We will get back to you within a few days.


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