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非常感谢伊甸园所有的工作 人员给我创建了这么好的平 台, 让我找到我的真爱。
Translation: Very grateful to all the staff of CLM to help me so much and created such a good site for me to find my true love.
Xiaxueer & Knightxl
非常感谢你们网站严打骗子,给我们一个安全的交 友平台,这个网站值得信任。
Translation: Thank CLM very much that the site cracks down on scammers and gives us secure networking. This site is trusted.
Chinese Lady Member
I have found this site absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to be a member of... from the attractive women your site attracts to the security you provide.
Hello Team, finally I got to meet my now fiancee. China Love Match, do what they say they will do. A hard thing to find on the Net nowdays.
你们能对会员认真审查,有着其它网站无与伦比的 责任感,让我感到心中无比踏实。
Translation: You realize after a careful review the CLM site has a unique sense of responsibility to members that other sites don’t share, so I feel very at ease in my mind.
Chinese Lady Member