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My wife and I were first introduced via the CLM site. After many chats online thru the CLM site it was obvious I was in love with this woman. I sent her flowers and like a flower our love has continued to blossom.
Rebecca & Rich777
I am very impressed.. I appreciate all the hard work that you do in protecting members both Chinese and other. I am pleased to be a member of your organization. I say that because you have treated me is if I am a part of your organization. Thank You!
Congratulations on "Scammers Prison" its a great idea. Thank you for your great site and the many ladies I have met here.
Just want to thank you,i have found a wonderful Chinese woman, whom i am going to China to visit in July
I would like to thank CLM for their site. I found it well put together and helpful. I enjoyed the extra postings you offered, such as speaking chinise, china e-magazines and so forth. I hope to have a great relationship with the lady I found on you're site. A very top quality site. Xiexie ni.
Women of China love CLM

Why Choose Chinese Women?

In addition to their delicate and lovely features, Chinese women are also known the world over for their grace, refinement, loyalty, and family values.  These traits make them some of the most desirable women in the world.  A Chinese woman will be any foreign man's source of great pride; she will make him feel loved and cared for in a way that he has never known before.  As a lifetime partner, this is a lady who knows how to nurture her relationship with her mate, as well as how to properly raise a family.
If you are a single, Western man, and a GOOD man, searching for a lasting relationship and a faithful and loving partner, you can never go wrong with a woman of China.  Just like all the other countless men like you, who have found happiness in the arms of their Chinese love, you too can have that special and lifelong bond with a lady who will devote all her days to making you happy and filling all of your days with love and joy.
Do not, however, make the mistake of confusing the fact that these ladies are incredibly lovely and cheerful with any idea that they are docile or submissive. You'll be in for a big surprise. While in the Chinese culture it is traditional that the woman is the caregiver, and responsible for the house and home, and these women do honour that tradition, they still expect to be treated as an equal partner and they expect to be treated with love, dignity and pride.

And here at CLM we expect that too. We are not interested in male members who are womanizers, or domineering users and abusers. If you're looking for a subservient wife to treat as your property, or as a slave, she is not Chinese, she is not on CLM, and you're in the wrong place.

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Find true love on CLM

 Why Choose

At ChinaLoveMatch, you will have the chance to meet and date genuine Chinese women, all of whom we have carefully screened and selected.  The site only features authentic profiles of single women either from China or of Chinese heritage living in foreign countries. Each of them are looking for a long-term commitment with a Western or Foreign man.  CLM has thousands of smart, charming, cultured, caring, and lovely Chinese ladies seeking romance, love, and a man, just like you, to share their passion and life with.  Our members, men and women alike, are not just numbers to us.  Each one is a valued member of the CLM community and treated as such.  We take the "task" of helping our members find their right match seriously; their goal of finding love and happiness in the most unexpected of places is also our goal. 

CLM provides a suitable and trustworthy meeting place for our member to get together and get to know each other.  Through our search and communication tools, our members can easily navigate through our site, browse thousands of profiles, meet and date interesting singles who are likewise interested in them, and together form lasting relationships. 

CLM also serves as a valuable source of information about Chinese dating, cross-cultural relationships, modern women in China, and Chinese society and culture.  We are proud and happy to open the doors of opportunity for men such as yourself to meet, date and eventually choose a loving life partner from among these truly beautiful, caring, vibrant and interesting women from China who are here hoping to meet you.  

Finally, is an anti scam website.  Unlike other Chinese and Asian Dating sites, none of which take any concrete or proactive measures to protect their members from the endless professional and amateur con-artists that are on every dating site and social network, we actively police for these crooks every hour of every day.  Our anti-scam system rejects upwards of 30% of all registrants due to indications that they are, or might be, scammers. These same people are approved without question daily on all the other dating sites. In addition we strongly promote member reporting of anyone on the site who is acting suspiciously or in a scam like manner. We investigate every report. Every scammer found on the site, whether located by us or due to a member report, is placed in our Scammer Prison (Trademark pending) and an immediate scammer alert is sent to every member who has had any possible contact with the scammer.

In addition, CLM is 100% transparent.  To communicate directly and unhindered with every woman on the site you pay a set monthly, quarterly or annual fee, which gives you full access to every female member, every feature and every function available on the site. This includes messaging, instant messaging, video/audio chat, instant translation and IP checking, as well as countless other features that make your search for your lifemate safe, secure, successful and fun. Unlike many Chinese or Asian dating sites who are actively out to scam their own members, you will very quickly come to realize that CLM is one of the safest and most welcoming dating communities on the internet.  Read more about Chinese Dating Scam Sites here...

Our Chinese women love us because we treat them like they are community members, not numbers, and you'll love us too, because that's also how we'll treat you. 

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Why Now Is a Great Time For Dating Women of China

Leftover Women of China make great partners or wives for Western men.China is going through some amazing changes, but when a country makes huge economic advances, not everything or everyone changes at the same rate.  The women are making huge gains in their standing and status. While fast gaining their independence, unlike women in America and other Western countries, they do so without discarding their womanhood, without throwing out family values and without developing any apparent animosity towards men.

While Chinese women are advancing their careers, becoming highly educated and developing strong financial independence, the people closest to them are not keeping pace.  As a result, such women have become the "Leftover Women of China". 

First, their parents are still hounding them to be married and have children as fast as possible.  As they approach 28 years of age, the pressure becomes relentless. Just when they have found their freedom, their independence and their future, their families are pushing them hard to throw it all way and grab the first eligible men who will deign to marry them. They are deemed bad daughters for failing to give their parents grandchildren, a cause of great loss of face to the older generation amongst their peers 

At the same time the men in China aren't keeping up in changing their social expectations either.  Chinese women find themselves out of the marriage market if they remain single after the age of roughly 28. Chinese men, even 60 year old Chinese men, want young wives.  If she is highly educated with a good career, it is worse. Chinese men do not want to marry up. It is important to them that their wives be in a lower economic situation than they are.  If she is divorced, or worse, has a child, it is hopeless. She might as well be a leper.

Just as she has become someone who seems an ideal life mate to Western men, someone who is strong, smart, independent, able to contribute financially, and interesting to be with, someone who is also loving, family oriented, a real woman who wants be with and respects a real man, and more often than not someone who also takes care of herself physically, dresses well, looks very young for her age and is usually very attractive, the leftover Chinese woman is no longer wanted by Chinese men.  So she looks around for someone who will value her qualities, someone who will love her for who she has become rather than distaining her, someone who will treat her with love, and respect and want her as a partner.  Who does she find?  She finds Western men.  She finds you!     

Do all Chinese women want to meet and date Western men?  Are all these women looking for a foreign man to marry or partner with?  No, of course not.  But a whole lot of the very best women of China are.  And all of the female members of are.

There has never been a better time to meet, date, love and marry a beautiful Chinese woman than right now.  And there has never been a better place to do it than right here on CLM.

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How to Find, Meet and Date Chinese Women on CLM

You will meet and date lots of real Chinese girls on CLM!Finding them is the easy part. It doesn't even cost anything.  Join CLM for free and then peruse the lady members to your heart's content.  Save the profiles that attract you to your favourites page. Send kisses to those favourites to see if they respond and express a mutual interest. Very quickly you'll have a list of real Chinese ladies interested in meeting you.

Meeting them is also easy, but unless they're among the many female Gold members, you will have to upgrade to Gold now. Lucky for you, upgrading on CLM is a dating bargain. For less than $12 USD a month CLM will take you on a yearlong dating adventure. 

We have been one of the least expensive pay sites on the internet since we opened over 7 years ago, and we have never raised our prices.  Once you've upgraded you can meet and chat with every one of your favourites, and every other woman who is a member of CLM. No restrictions.

There are no further fees to pay. Where the scam sites will charge you for every message, every translation, and every moment of chat, usually with woman who are not real, adding up to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a month, on CLM for one low fee you can meet as many women as you can possibly handle, and message or chat with them as often as your own time allows. No restrictions.  (Read more about the Chinese Dating Scam Sites here...)

You're about to have what will perhaps be the best dating experience of your life, as you meet a number of real beautiful women who are seriously interested in meeting you and are hoping and expecting to like you a lot. And you get to enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own home.

Dating Chinese women, however, as enjoyable as it is, also has built in complications. Like women all over the world, and like snowflakes, they are all unique. There are no two who are identical. So don't make the mistake of lumping them all togther as "Chinese women" and think if you know one you know them all.  

But added to the usual feminine mystique, you will now have the mystery that is China to explore. Of course, it is this very mystery that makes this adventure so exotic, so thrilling, so appealing and frankly, so enjoyable. There will be language barriers in some cases, and cultural differences in every case. While you will enjoy every moment of dating these lovely, intoxicating women, there will be moments where you are simply left shaking your head in bewilderment at something she said, or some question she has asked.

This is where the CLM Blogs and Forum come in, because they are loaded with answers to your questions. And if you don't find the answer already there, you can start a thread on the forum and ask it. Sooner than you can imagine answers will start pouring in. Answers from men like you who have already faced the problem, or better yet, from the female Chinese members themselves. This is where the community aspect of CLM kicks in big time.  You will come to know some of your fellow members through the forum, and grow to think of them (both men and women) as real friends. This is where you will come to develop a real understanding of Chinese women.  There is no other blog or forum in the world such as the blogs and forum of 

You can just sit back and enjoy the read, while you soak up the knowledge, or you can dive right in and participate to your heart's content. Either way, this is where you will find the answers that make dating our Chinese members an unending pleasure.

Checkout the Blogs here...  And the Forum here...  Read more about online Chinese dating here...

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