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Cross Cultural Differences can be a Blessing or a Curse. It all Depends on Your Attitude!

About Her
A Chinese Woman Loves for Life

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  • From:China, jiang xi, gan zhou
  • Gender:woman
  • Age:46
  • Height:152 cm (5 ft)
  • Last login:2019-11-12 10:17:05
  • Relationship Sought:
    Friendship, Lifemate, Long term relationship, Pen pal with Male
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Personal Stuff

Deep Thoughts : "SDA信徒,爱情是对等的付出,如果您不认为我对您的人生有帮助,请不要我,我希望自找己是别人的祝福,爱是从上帝而来的珍贵恩赐!"

About Me: 2011之前在服装公司设计部工作十年,2011年应邀在教会的疗养院工作,2013年开始在教会工作。过着自己种一些菜,种一些花的生活。跳跃性思维,个性独特,比较喜欢用学到的健康饮食和人分享,帮助需要健康的人。八步阶梯中唯独上帝的恩典赐我一点点爱,当然在我看来是最珍贵的恩赐,这是非常值得珍惜的恩赐。我爱大自然和艺术,渴慕耶稣的品格!当然自己没有,需要好好的悔改和学习。爱,要有忍耐和仁慈,永远没有妒忌 爱,就永远不要自负,不要无理和自私,不要侵犯和愤怒 爱,使你不会因别人的过失而不快,但会因为真相而喜悦,要永远准备着去原谅、去信任、去希望、还有,去忍耐,无论遭遇什么。

Ideal Partner : 一个敬畏上帝的人,值得我仰慕的弟兄,有相同的价值观、乐意助人,成为他人的祝福的人。如果不能网络见面那不必要浪费您宝贵的时间,无论在微信或者skype,都可以证明真实的我。 一个追求健康,懂的健康价值的人,不然您不会欣赏我。

Leisure Activities : Books/Reading, Classical/Opera, Country, Easy Listening, Gardening, Gospel/Spiritual, Volunteering/Charities

Admitted Faults :

Her Details and Ideal Partner

Age: 46 46 - 70
Zodiac: Dragon
Star sign: Taurus
Living in: China, jiang xi, gan zhou
Marital status: Divorced
Body type: Slim
Height: 152 cm (5 ft)
Weight: 48 Kg (106 lb)
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Smoking: Non-smoker Non-smoker
Drinking: Non-drinker Non-drinker
Have Children: Yes - not at home
Want Children: No No
Nationality: China
Religion: Christian Christian, Islamic, Jewish, New Age
Job: Other
Education: Vocational college
Income in USD : Under $25,000
Home type: Other Apartment / Flat, Farm, House, Town house
Home ownership: Other Own home outright
Living situation: Live Alone
Car owned: Don't own car Economy car, Luxury car, Sports car, SUV, Truck / ute
Diet: Vegetarian No special diet, Vegan, Vegetarian
Personality: Social
Pets: No No
First Language: Chinese (Mand)
Ablility in Chinese: Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated
Ablility in English: Some: Needs most letters translated
Other Language Spoken: Chinese (Cant), Chinese (Mand)
Other Language Written: Chinese (Cant), Chinese (Mand)
Prepared to relocate?: Maybe