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Finding a Life Mate Takes Time and Patience / Don’t Be Rushed Into Any Relationship

About Her
A Chinese Woman Loves for Life

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  • From:China, si chuan, cheng du
  • Gender:woman
  • Age:50
  • Height:
  • Last login:2020-01-18 18:50:01
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    Lifemate with Male
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Personal Stuff

Deep Thoughts : "相信真诚的付出,会有真诚的回报,真爱不分时间、地点 、国籍、生活只要有爱就会有希望。"

About Me: 我是一名来自中国四川成都的一名普通的幼儿教师,今年50岁,已经退休,我前夫因意外离开人世已经13年,我为了年龄还小的儿子,一直没有考虑寻觅伴侣,现在儿子已经长大,也鼓励我寻觅我的幸福,还说只要对我好,他会对他像亲生父亲一样尊敬和照顾他。。。。。我也想开始我的新生活,也许是经历了很多,知道和懂得自己需要什么?我的要求很简单,只想寻觅一位有责任,善良,有爱心的伴侣,我相信真诚的心和真诚的付出,会得到真诚的回报,只要是我认定的心上人,无论天涯海角,我都会跟随,无论是顺境还是逆境,我都会不离不弃的与他一起面对,我会与我心爱的他演绎一个夕阳无限好的美好余生。

Ideal Partner : 善良、真诚、有爱心、有责任和担当。家不需要太大,温馨、和谐、快乐就是幸福,真诚的对待生活。Kindness, sincerity, love, responsibility and responsibility.

The home does not need too big, sweet, harmonious, joy is happiness, treat life sincerely.

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Her Details and Ideal Partner

Age: 50 50 - 70
Zodiac: Rooster
Star sign: Gemini
Living in: China, si chuan, cheng du
Marital status: Single
Body type:
Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5 in) - ?
Weight: ? - 81 Kg (179 lb)
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Have Children: Yes - at home
Want Children: No / yours are OK
Nationality: China
Income in USD : $25,000 +
Home type:
Home ownership:
Living situation:
Car owned:
First Language: Chinese (Mand)
Ablility in Chinese:
Ablility in English:
Other Language Spoken:
Other Language Written:
Prepared to relocate?: