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If You're After a Life Partner who Believes in Loyalty and Faithfulness, She is Here on CLM

About Her
A Chinese Woman Loves for Life

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  • From:China, guang xi, nan ning
  • Gender:woman
  • Age:55
  • Height:160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
  • Last login:2020-07-25 02:56:59
  • Relationship Sought:
    Lifemate with Male
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Personal Stuff

Deep Thoughts : "每天微笑快乐地面对生活,快乐就是健康,真诚友善待人、世界充满爱!"

About Me: 我是中国人,住在辽宁大连海边的美丽城市,这里冬天不会很冷,夏天不会很热的地方,我热爱旅游和喜欢在海边散步🚶🚶‍♀️我是单身,我想找到能来到中国生活的外国伴侣,我也可以移民,真诚的老公一起生活在后面的日子,在中国可以教授英语赚钱,生活是快乐的也是一项美好的目标和生活的乐趣。有愿意的吗?要诚实守信的绅士。谢谢浏览我的资料。

I am a Chinese, living in a beautiful city by the sea in Dalian, Liaoning Province. It is not very cold in winter and not very hot in summer. I love travelling and walking by the sea. I am single. I hope to find a foreign partner who can come to China and live with a sincere husband. I can teach English to earn money and live in Chin

Ideal Partner : 找一个1960年出生的,属相是鼠,或者1957年出生的,属相是鸡,这些属相是合适的婚配男士。男士要性格温暖和气,拒绝脾气暴躁,拒绝欺负女人,要有稳重成熟的气质。龙和鼠、鸡是最合适婚姻的伴侣。Look for a male born in 1960, whose genitals are rats, or born in 1957, whose genitals are chickens. These genitals are suitable for marriage. Men should be warm and friendly, refuse to be grumpy, refuse to bully women, and have stable and mature temperament. Dragon and mouse, chicken is the most suitable marriage partner.

Leisure Activities :

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Her Details and Ideal Partner

Age: 55 56 - 65
Zodiac: Dragon
Star sign: Leo
Living in: China, guang xi, nan ning
Marital status: Single
Body type: Average
Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Weight: 53 Kg (117 lb)
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Black
Have Children: Yes - not at home
Want Children: No
Nationality: China
Religion: Atheist
Education: Vocational college
Income in USD :
Home type:
Home ownership:
Living situation:
Car owned:
Diet: No special diet
Personality: Average
First Language: Chinese (Mand)
Ablility in Chinese: Fluent: All letters do not need to be translated
Ablility in English:
Other Language Spoken: English
Other Language Written:
Prepared to relocate?: Maybe