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Has Farmer Dating Come to by John Abbot

We receive frequent requests to partner with other websites or other businesses, particularly from Chinese companies. Usually these are highly questionable Chinese Marriage Agencies who think it would be a great idea to allow them to contact and scam our western members, which we discard without response. We don’t get excited when we receive business proposals because it is almost always a great idea for them but one with nothing in it at all for us.
Sometimes though we get proposals that are simply confusing. A few days ago we received this letter:

“Dear Sir:

How are you!

We are Chinese Date Farmer Union. We get your email on your website.

We are looking for wholebuyer agent in your region.

If your company interested to our chinese date, we will give more information to you.
And if you have time, Welcome to visit our base and factory, So as to know our well to establish long term business relationship.we expecting you coming!
Please frankly, honestly and directly let me know if you have more questions. 
With warm and Best regards!

We could not understand what this was about, and tried to decipher from the contents of the letter itself what it was they could possibly be proposing. It appeared to involve “Farmer” Dating, which we thought was an interesting concept. But when we contemplated “” we weren’t convinced it was for us.
And we were really struggling with the concept of a dating “Factory”. What the heck was that?
Well there was quite a long blank space underneath the letter but by chance I scrolled down to the bottom and found an attachment that explained the whole thing. Now if you scroll down this page you’ll also find the attachment.

 receives a proposal to join in the mareting of Farmer Dating.

It turns out that these very enterprising Chinese Farmers had formed a Union of 6 Chinese Date Farmers and, having discovered CLM, a Chinese Dating Website, decided who could be better to market their product.

We wrote back and advised that while we were honoured to be considered we did not deal in those kinds of dates, but we wished them well in their "dating" endeavours.

But what do you think? - Yes or No?

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 1/15/2012 4:16:44 PM

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#2012-01-17 03:17:00 by danruble @danruble
Reply Isn't that sweet.. John, I knew from the second sentence the letter was not about dating.. the third sentence confirmed it..Yes, John, I am a clever lad.. But i still can't open your damn e book...
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