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Hong Kong Women: Lust, Caution by Justin Mitchell
Dating Chinese women in Hong Kong
The phrase “Beautiful Chinese Women” includes women from Hong Kong, who are often as beautiful as their city.  Everyone should visit HK at least once in their life.
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After a year of working and living in Shenzhen, China – the nearest border crossing to Hong Kong, I had an opportunity to jump the border for new employment and a new address. I had a Shenzhen girlfriend, but was also eager to at least observe what the differences –- including females -  might be in a city that is exists under “one country, two systems.”
Though the Chinese government ballyhooed the handover of Hong Kong in 1997 as a return to the “motherland” truth is that virtually all Hong Kongers will agree that more than 150 years under the oppressive boot heel of British colonialism wasn’t entirely a bad thing.
Besides a culture steeped in shopping and upscale malls, it also gave Hong Kong a codified rule of law (a concept still under development in mainland China and subject to numerous routine abuses), a superior education system, exposure to the West that many mainlanders still can only dream of, and an organized and mostly safe traffic system complete with enforced speed limits, traffic lanes and functioning stop lights that most motorists observe.
And finally, one of the marked differences between Hong Kong and Shenzhen is that in Hong Kong you can pretty much count on a (very clean) public restroom to have:
1. a sit-down toilet
2. toilet paper.
Hong Kong women, too, are generally a bit more more sophisticated than their mainland counterparts, and along with a knowledge of who, say, the Beatles, Madonna, Beyonce, Snoop Dog and maybe Bob Dylan and Dire Straits might be and with some educational and/or vacation time outside of “Asia’s World City” under their Versage belts, the ones I got to know as friends were also imbued with “traditional Chinese characteristics.” And due to Hong Kong’s extremely expensive real estate and even more limited housing space, it’s not uncommon at all for professional men and women in their 20s and 30s to still live at home.
Even the wildest sexual adventurer (a 26-year-old woman I’ll call Judy) had a deep sense of filial piety; cancelling a formerly anticipated “Fetish Party” invite at which she planned to appear as a “naughty school girl” in a shorter version of her original Catholic school girl uniform after she realized it clashed with her mother’s 54th birthday.
“How could I disappoint my mother?” she asked. “My sister and I are alll she has.  She would die if she knows my real social life outside our home, but my duty is first to her, not to my fetish friends.”
Another, I’ll call Winnie, worked as a “hostess” in a largely Chinese frequented bar/massage parlor, though her sister with whom she lived and her parents thought she had a secretarial job that burdened her with a lot of overtime work. She would leave her sister’s apartment dressed in conservative office lady garb and switch to what she called her “naughty clothes” stashed in a locker at the bar. It was a double life – and double laundry duty = she wasn’t exactly comfortable with but she was using her tips to help put her sister through, get this, theology school.
Another admittedly extreme example is “Sophia”, Hong Kong woman who splits time between there and Canada, where she also holds a passport.
 She's 45 (looks younger) divorced, with one 20-year-old child in college, apparently independently wealthy and extremely vain, neurotic, somewhat shallow, somewhat puritanical, quite judgemental and very lonely.

She jets between Vancouver and Hong Kong regularly and lives on the 23rd floor of a furnished service apartment in Central - a posh, bustling area that reeks of cash and privilege. Her money seems to come from her mother, real estate holdings, her occasional accounting work (she claims to have worked for fashion designer Vera Wang) and a Japanese ex.

I met her while drinking at a bar favored by HK liberals, artists, gays, lesbians, beats, and the local "radical activist lawmaker" (as the papers refer to him) nicknamed "Long Hair". Sophia embodies the notion of liberal chic - supporting all the right democracy causes, but treats the underpaid help at her apartment with almost dismissive disdain.

I found her a bit fascinating, not in a romantic or even particularly sexual way - even a general reference to sex in conversation has her diving for cover - but simply as a unique character study.

Her favorite movies are the Tolkien adaptations, Gone with the Wind, a 1990something remake of Anna Karenina and Phantom of the Opera. Like most of the rest of the airport bookstore crowd and much of Hong Kong, she's was fascinated with The Da Vinci Code and couldn;t understand why I had el zippo desire to read it or to see the movie. And her interest in that took her to another, earlier quasi-historical conspiracy-theory mishmash book involving the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail and from that she's decided she wants to "know more about the Bible and King Arthur."

"Well, they're both largely fictional," I told her. "And King Arthur isn't in the Bible, as you probably know. But did you ever see Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Life of Brian? That might be a better place to start. More entertaining, at least."
The last I knew, Sophia was still single and pining for an impossible mix of Rhett Butler, Frodo, Tom Hanks and the opera house phantom to rescue her. Winnie had quit the bar scene after her sister’s graduation and told me she was dating a “gweilo” (foreigner) who treated her well, didn’t care about her past and was taking her to Australia to meet his parents. And Judy, the fetish freak? Says she’s been eyeing a black leather domanatrix outfit lately, is stilll single and happy that way. But her mother just celebrated her 55th birthday and is wondering why she doesn’t have any grandchildren yet.

From: Original         Author: Justin Mitchell         Time: 2/20/2012 5:05:43 PM

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Reply Interesting article...
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Hong Kong Chinese women are British and American men's favorite love partner, allies in the bedroom since the 18th century to this day, and very loyal.
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