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Lanikai & GTX888 Find True Love on CLM (Part 5) by Lanikai
Well with our business done at the Embassy, I told my wife I didn’t want to ride the train back to Guiyang and we should fly! So she hails a taxi cab, and the next thing I know we are back at the train station! Another 50 yuan for the taxi! Well there were no seats available until the next evening! Thank God! So another 50 yuan for the taxi and we are at the airport. The two tickets were about 2,750 yuan at the time. Cash only again! The flight was set to leave in a couple of hours so we had lunch while we waited. Like everywhere else, airport food is much higher then on the outside. I paid about 120 yuan for the meal, which on the outside would have cost perhaps 30 yuan.  Finally the flight was ready to leave and my wife had her first airplane ride! It took all of 55 minutes to arrive back in Guiyang! It was about 8:30 pm in the evening so we caught a taxi to the bus station and could only get tickets on the 11:30 am bus the next day. We spent the night at a Hotel near the Bus station. It was 160 yuan for the night! I learned something new! In China, most hotels will pro-rate the room rate upon check-out! We checked out early and got 100 yuan back! Pretty cool! So you might want to remember that if you want to save a few bucks!
                 Then we caught a taxi to the Marriage Bureau in Guiyang or whatever they call the place! We presented my certificate from the Embassy, Passport, her Divorce Decree and her ID. Then they sent us to the service center within the building for Picture taking! That took about 10 minutes and cost 50 yuan, but that was because my wife wanted extra copies of the pictures! Then we took the pictures back to the lady at the marriage bureau and about 10 minutes later we were married. No ceremony or I do’s! So guy’s once you go to the Marriage registration place, you are married! It is later that you have the wedding Banquet with the family and guest to celebrate! The cost will depend on the usual, the number of guest and how extravagant you want to get? Don’t expect her parents to pay for the Wedding banquet! You are the rich foreigner. Even if you might no be rich, you do have much more money then they do, unless your fiancée’s family is wealthy. So talk with your fiancée and be honest with her about your finances. She will mostly likely understand and scaled down the expenses. You are also expected to pay for the fixing up of the Bridal Chamber for her family and guest to inspect after the banquet! If you don’t know what I am talking about, the Bridal Chamber is the bedroom the two of you will share! So figure about 10,000 yuan or more for that, depending on your Bride’s taste! You’ll need to get a new bed and the furniture and trappings to go along with it! Oh! And it is customary for her parents to give you a monetary gift; the amount will vary depending on what they can afford. Now, if she has a child, you are expected to present the child with a monetary gift also! This is only a suggestion, but I would double whatever her parents gave you!

GTX888 Makes Lanikai A Happy Man
Back to our story! So, on July 15th we got married in Guiyang, just the two of us! My wife wanted to meet my family and relatives so we had applied for a Tourist visa! Shouldn’t be any problem right! Wrong! Anyway, so my wife called the US. Embassy with the calling card and they gave her a 7:20 am appointment on July 21st. Since we were in Guiyang, we did some shopping for things we can’t get in Duyun village, and then caught the bus back to Duyun. Over the next several days, I prepared the necessary documents for her interview for the Tourist visa. I did tell her we should rehearse the interview, but she only laughed at the idea! I even went so far as to padding her bank account by depositing money into it!  Oh! I forgot to mention that while we were in Chengdu the first time, she went across the street from the Embassy to one of the several Visa Assistance Businesses! She spoke with them and then told me they said that an Immigration visa was easier to get! Well, because of the poor translation and since we weren’t married yet, it didn’t make sense to me? In hindsight, I now know they were talking about submitting a Marriage Petition and a Spousal Immigration visa! Back to the story, so there I was trying to get all the documents that are required? Don’t expect your girlfriend or fiancée to help you much in this endeavor! They have no idea of the stupid things your government will require, because the Chinese government doesn’t ask for stupid things! You’ll need that Chinese translator in order to explain to her what is required?
So on the 19th of July we were to leave for Chengdu in the morning, but my darling wife was busy doing other things and we finally left the house around 5 pm. We got to Guiyang around 8:30 pm and by time we got to the train station, they were closed. So we had to stay in a Hotel for the night. The following morning after breakfast we went to the train station. I gave her money to buy the tickets (200 yuan) and after she got them, I looked at what time the train was leaving? The train wouldn’t arrive in Chengdu until 9:30 am on the 21st, well past her interview time. So I’m upset and trying to explain to her that if she is late, they will not let her in! She couldn’t understand why not? I finally was able to convey the idea that this was not acceptable and we had to get a refund. So we got back 150 yuan. Now she says she is hungry, so we go to eat! Then after that she decides to go shopping! Well, since it only an hour long flight we go shopping. Then after we ate dinner we catch the taxi to the airport (30 yuan). By now it was about 7:30 pm, so we go to the ticket counter and got a flight for 8:30 pm to Chengdu. So there we are in the waiting area. 8:30 comes and goes then at 9:00 pm we are advised that the flight will be delayed. At 9:30 we are told the delay is because of weather conditions in Chengdu and several earlier flights could not land and had to return to Guiyang. So we waited and waited!  Finally at about 11:45 they announced that our flight was boarding. We eventually took off around 12:15 and landed in Chengdu around 1:15 am caught a taxi to the Hotel across from the Embassy. The front desk clerks were all asleep, so we had to wake them up! They did not seem too happy! But we got a room for 360 yuan per day and were able to make it for the interview that morning! 
So at 6:30 am we are standing in line and she finally got in at 7:15 am. So I’m waiting outside, since they wouldn’t let me go in with her? Being bored after a while I whip out my camera to take some pictures! Mind you not of the Embassy, but of the people and shops! The next thing I know, I hear Chinese shouting and I look up and they are pointing at me? Two of the guards come over and start reprimanding me in Chinese! One of them wanted to grab my camera but I showed them the pictures I took instead! They said something in Chinese, which I assumed was, “Picture taking is not allowed!” because they pointed at the camera and shook their heads! So don’t take any pictures around any of the Embassies! Well, then the wife finally comes out of the Embassy and she is holding a paper! She tells me it needs to be completed. So I look at the paper and it is the DS-157 which I already completed and was in her file, which she happened to leave in the Embassy. I tell her it is in the file and she shakes her head, “No!” So we go across the street to the Visa Assistance place and they charge us 50 yuan to complete the form. She is now giving me a not so happy look! But she goes back into the Embassy. About 45 minutes later she comes out of the Embassy and I could tell she was not happy! I asked her what happened. And she refuses to talk about it! So I ask her if she was hungry since we didn’t have breakfast, and her mood changed. So we went to get breakfast! After we had finished eating, I asked her if she got the older grey haired fat man for her interview. And she confirmed by worst fear and said: Yes! So I gently asked her what he asked her. She replied: “Only two questions!” then he said: No! So I asked her what the questions were. And she replied:”How long married and how many monies my business make!” The answer to the first question was obvious, if the guy even looked at our file which had our marriage licenses. So I asked her how she responded to the second question? Her reply was: “My first year I cleared 35,000 pure profits!” Well, if the guy was doing his job, he would have seen that she has been in Business for over 10 years, so he should have asked her how much does she make now? But of course he didn’t and simply told her; “Visa denied” Neither of us were very Happy that day!  So she takes me back to the Visa assistance place and tells me she wants them to handle the matter! I ask, how much and they quote about 20,000 yuan.  Now that’s almost $3,000 USD just to fill out some forms. So I ask them, if they guarantee we will get the visa? And of course they tell us No!  But the wife still thinks it is a great idea and wants me to pay them! I put my foot down and told her absolutely not! Of course she brooded about this for the entire train ride back from Chengdu, all 19 hours. 

From: Original         Author: Lanikai         Time: 3/5/2010 3:57:52 PM

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