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Online Dating Tips: The Dark Day We Caught RosseChen As A Scammer by John Abbot

It was a dark day indeed at our international dating website. Sometimes the signs are there, but we just can't be sure if it is true or not. Or maybe, in this case we just didn't wish to see the truth.

Of course when you own a popular online dating site you are always pleased to see a really attractive and appealing young lady join up. After all, that is what each male member is there for; hoping to snag a great catch and take her home all for himself. And that is a fantasy that is frequently fulfilled.

Our employees are always quick to bring to our attention any really appealing Chinese woman who registers, and we knew at first glance that RosseChen was going to be extremely popular.  Her picture was very attractive, managing to look very sweet and innocent while at the same time showing just enough cleavage to catch the foreign mens eyes. It is unusual for Chinese women to show even a hint of skin in this area so we are always pleased to have one who does because Western men are accustomed to such displays and love it.

Goodbye RosseChen - We Are All Going To Miss You

We even received a message from one member who had found RosseChen on a different website, then lost her, telling us how pleased he was to have found her again on our website. We took this as a sign (which we still believe is true) that we are doing a good job for our ladies of stressing that we are here for those seeking long term relationships, and as a result we are attracting lots of quality Chinese ladies from many other websites.

RosseChen quickly began to climb the ladder as one of our hottest girls, meaning one who gets a lot of clicks by the men. We decided to put her into our advertisements because we only use real members in our ads, and frankly she was perfect. Very quickly the ads with RosseChen became some of our top drawing ads.

Then we got our first hint that maybe all was not right with RosseChen. We received a letter from an individual complaining that the person being depicted as RosseChen was his future wife, and was not RosseChen at all. He demanded that we take serious action. We were concerned but felt that we had no right to take action against a member based on a complaint by an unknown third party, especially where we could find no evidence of any wrong doing. We investigated and found nothing unusual about RosseChens online behaviour. She had not written an abundance of messages to other members, and any messages she had written were very innocent in nature.

We wrote back as follows:

"Dear ______

...we have received your complaint and we are taking it very seriously.  However, we have a big problem receiving a complaint about false use of a person's identification from someone other than the person themselves.  Any male could do what you've done, and we have no way of knowing if it is true or not.  You could as easily be someone who has been rejected by our member and is now seeking revenge.  Please understand I am not accusing you of this, but we have to be very careful to protect our member's rights and their confidentiality.
We need to hear this complaint directly from your future wife. She does not need to join our site, but she does need to write to this address and we require that she provide a phone number where we can reach her.  She can write in English or Chinese, whichever is more convenient for her, and we will have one of our employees communicate with her in the language of her choice.
Upon hearing from your future wife directly, and assuring ourselves that her complaint is genuine, we will immediately investigate the person signed on as Rossechen, and we will change our ads to remove your future wife's image if she requests it.
We will await her direct communication and will act quickly once we have received it. 
Best regards,"

We were confident that if this was a real issue then we would hear back from the so called future wife very quickly and would then get to the bottom of it, but we never did hear back from her, and we concluded that either the complaint was not genuine or the man complaining had been dramatically overstating the case in describing RosseChen as his future wife.

We are very busy here and soon the matter was out of sight, out of mind.

But yesterday we received a report from another member advising that he had received, through his private email, the following message from RosseChen (only the relevant parts are included):

sorry  to let you know that iam ... in africa called Ghana,because my work posted me there, can you be able to come here to meet me, because i just came to ghana two months ago, i can not afford to travel back home now till i work and save money, but if you requested that i should come back to china to meet you that mean you have to take care of my expensives to fly back,

Now, of course, as Justin Mitchell would say, our Crap Detector needle was in the red zone. The problem with this letter for us is as follows:

1. In the letter RosseChen indicates she has been in Ghana for 2 months, yet on her profile which she registered only 1 month ago she indicates she is in Guanzhou, China;

2. She asks our member to pay for her expenses to travel to China to meet him, something which is almost always the first step in a scam, and which is a breach of our terms & conditions.

In addition, the reporting member added that he was in Guanzhou and had recently been handed a card advertising available "chickens" (hookers in Expat in China terms) and that there on the card was the same picture of RosseChen as the one posted on her profile on our website. Now we would not cancel RosseChens membership for being a chicken. A members choice of profession is entirely up to her, and in fairness RosseChen listed her profession as "other". Since "chicken" is not listed as a choice, "other" is appropriate. We would cancel her membership if she was plying her trade on our website, but we had no indication she was doing that.

The problem was that RosseChen could not both be renting herself out in the streets of Guanzhou and be diligently working for a company in Ghana at the same time.

We investigated RosseChen again. Still her sent messages were in the range of normal. However, now we have additional systems built in which allow us to readily determine the validity of our crap detector readings, and in this case we quickly determined that RosseChen just wasnt who she said she was. We will not reveal how we know, but we know that RosseChen is not who she pretends to be on her profile, and the picture posted is not that of the person who registered. 

So today is a dark day for us. We have terminated the membership of RosseChen, one of our most popular members, whoever she or he is.  If you have been in communication with her through private email do not believe anything she says, and do not under any circumstances send her money or give her your banking details.

Many thanks to the member who reported her inappropriate behaviour and followed up a couple of times to assist us in ensuring that RosseChen was a scammer. We are always thankful for members who help us keep the website as scammer free as possible.

That is not to say that the person whose photo was posted as RosseChen was a scammer; nor do we know if she is really operating in Guanzhou as a chicken, because her picture on such a card could also simply be a further case of stolen identity. To the person who reported her as his future wife we hope all is well and she really is your future wife, but we stand by our decision that we cannot act on a complaint of stolen identity unless it is the person whose identity was supposedly stolen who is filing the complaint.

We are in the process of revamping all of our ads, and naturally RosseChen, as popular as she was, will not be on any of them.

We repeat as we have already so often stated: never give or send money or your credit card or banking information to a member of any online dating site until you have physically met them and determined you have a real relationship that can be built on trust.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/5/2010 3:50:25 PM

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#2012-09-25 10:23:00 by masonmike @masonmike
Reply nice job! i have wasted so much money and time on these worthless dating sites, they seem to be as worthless as the western sites, but yours, at least tries to be solvent.
#2013-01-12 13:10:00 by Piprm @Piprm
Reply Yep.. I know her well!
She is called Xia on another Chinese dating site (ABeauties) and she is living in Guangzhou. She asked me for money to cover for her holiday while she showed me around - while I visited there .. But I wouldn't go for that.
Yes , she is a stunning woman!
....And I wouldn't be surprised if the complainant wasn't connected to your competition in some way or other!
My lesson from all that, is to look inside first before the outside.... Because the inside never changes with age - but the outside - does!

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