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Seeking the Chinese Woman of Your Dreams in China? How to Avoid the Scams. by John Abbot
Almost anywhere in the world, foreigners, especially tourists, often become victims of scams.  While in search of the Chinese woman of their dreams, foreign men who come to visit or live in China, at least during the early days or weeks in country, may become more susceptible to scams, many of which are specifically targeted at us laowai.  Being taken advantage of in various ways is part of a foreigner’s Chinese experience, but this is avoidable if you know what to watch out for. 

Add to that the fact that anyone yearning to find true love is especially susceptible to scams aimed at taking advantage of their need for bonding with another human heart, as a western male arriving in China, with its countless incredibly charming and attractive Chinese women, you enter China in somewhat the same state as a blind person venturing down a New York back alley.

As a Western man new to China, you have a bit of a bullseye painted on your forehead.  Avoid scammers like this.Don’t misunderstand and think this is meant to suggest that China is a particularly unsafe country, because in fact it isn’t as unsafe as most Western countries in many ways. In my eleven years living in China I generally felt as safe as or safer than in any big city I have been in anywhere. But like anyplace, you need to watch out to not venture into the unsafe areas, and you need to realize you are a stranger in a strange land, so you are more likely by far to be targeted by scammers who are well aware that you don’t know your way around.

The other thing to remember about China is that, while it is economically skyrocketing upward, there are still close to 600 million people in China living in poverty, and statistics are showing that 90% of the crime taking place in China is criminal activity by people from the poor regions. Even in the major cities, like Shanghai, a high percentage of the crime is being committed by people who have migrated from the impoverished provinces.

To those people anyone who is not Chinese is really odd, as they have never known or even spoken to someone who is different racially and culturally from themselves. Poor people in any country generally have an unwavering belief that all foreigners are wealthy; how else can they afford to travel?  Chinese poor people are no different. Because they believe you are wealthy, they also have an equally firm belief that ripping you off won’t hurt you that much. This makes it easier for them to cheat you or rob you without any pull on their conscience.

Poverty breeds crime, everywhere, not only in China but in every country on earth, so don’t think of these warnings as meaning you should be afraid to come to China. Just like at home, keep your eyes open, be alert, and be smart.

When you’re out and about, and staring wide-eyed at all the beautiful Chinese women around you, you will undoubtedly look like the typical, distracted tourist – the kind that are easy targets to scammers.  Your physical foreignness is already more than enough to point a big, blinking, red arrow sign over your head; adding to that an unfocused attention is practically an invitation to be ripped off! 

It is understandable that you want to enjoy the sights, especially if you’re still relatively new to China and Chinese dating. Combine the buzzing excitement that is the very aura of modern day China with finally being surrounded by ladies that you believe are the most beautiful and most ideal partners in the world, and you would have to be dead or in a comma to nut be excited about the moment.  Mix with that the fact that many of these gorgeous women are truly attracted to you by your very foreignness, and who can blame you if your eyes gloss over and your brain goes a little numb while you bask in the feeling of being able to choose from a bevy of beautiful potential female matches, a feeling that we average guys never got to enjoy back home. But always have a healthy dose of wariness while you’re still exploring and adjusting to your new environment. 

You do not have to be suspicious of every local who is friendly toward you; they may simply be the genuinely friendly sort who are interested in helping you enjoy their great country, of which they are justifiably proud.  Likewise, you do not have to suspect that every romantically interested Chinese woman is out to cheat you; for reasons dealt with elsewhere many truly attractive, loving and goodhearted women of China are particularly attracted to Western men. And also for reasons dealt with elsewhere, many of these Chinese women are not concerned with how handome you are in the eyes of women back in your home country, they see you through different cultural eyes and think you are exotic and appealing, and they are looking for a kind and good heart within, not surface beauty. Both those things work in your favour.

But there are certain patterns that should alert you to the possibility of a scam about to unfold or already being played out.  Pursuing the Chinese woman of your dreams can be frustrating enough at times; being ripped off in the process will definitely make your already challenging time in China maddening and disappointing.  Get the most out of your China adventure by avoiding some of the pitfalls.

Besides being aware of scams, one rule of thumb I highly recommend is that you do not carry your credit or debit cards with you when you’re out for a night on the town. Take more than enough cash instead. That way you can only be taken for that set amount of cash, no matter what situation arises. China isn’t the only country by a long shot where criminals might just grab you and force you to go empty all your cards to the limit in a nearby ATM if they find you carrying those cards. Don’t give them the opportunity.  

In Part 2, coming soon, we will move on to some specific scams to watch out for.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 10/25/2013 3:31:45 PM

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#2014-04-07 15:49:00 by leijj288 @leijj288
Reply Don't exaggerate......"Is it not a joy to have friends come from afar?" The idiom portrays the feelings of friendly and hospitable Chinese people and expresses the sincerity
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