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The Art Of Calligraphy – A Beautiful Skill Possessed By Chinese Women by Staff Writer
Not many people are aware of the fact that Chinese calligraphy, besides being a written language, is also considered to be an abstract art form that brings mental and spiritual peace to the practitioner. This is perhaps why it was one of the rare privileges allowed to Chinese women, who used calligraphy not only for giving vent to their suppressed emotions and feelings but also as a means of self improvement. In fact for many years, men in ancient China were quite indifferent to the art of calligraphy and it was the women who practiced this skill and passed it on across generations.

Practicing the art of Chinese calligraphy is known to be highly beneficial as it can help individuals to develop personality traits such a self-discipline, patience and persistence. Many scholars believe that the reason for a majority of Chinese women possessing all these qualities was the fact they spent an extensive amount of time in practicing and perfecting the art of calligraphy. The effects of practicing this beautiful art were considered so deep and lasting that they enabled people to live a long and comfortable life, besides changing their outlook about diverse issues of peaceful living.

Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Women: There is a Special Connection.For most Chinese women experts in the art of calligraphy, it is much more than just a practical tool useful for everyday living. In fact they consider it to be a representation of the traditional Chinese paintings as well as a major part of the art history of China.  Consequently, it is quite common for people to have great collections of works of fine calligraphy in the form of scrolls, framed pictures and wall hangings. Most of these works have great artistic value as they are not just random writings but in fact can contain poems, lyrics, couplets and even letters. Even in ancient times, people who mastered this skill were considered quite gifted and hence worthy of respect.

Contrary to general belief, the importance of calligraphy in modern Chinese society has not diminished in any manner. Not only do numerous clubs and associations across the country encourage people to practice this ancient and traditional skill, but there are several foundations which strongly support the cause of popularizing calligraphy. In fact, the growing awareness about the physical and intellectual benefits of practicing this art has allured other cultures and nations to adapt this art form and develop their own unique styles.

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#2012-05-17 14:09:00 by someday8989 @someday8989
Reply Really, the art of Chinese calligraphy is highly beneficial. But it's difficult to master.
As far as I know, if given spare time, a majority of women in China would go to squares or parks to practise dancing or singing rather than stay at home practising calligraphy.
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