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The Valentine Wedding of William & May by John Abbot

Guo Wei (William) our webguy, and over the past two and a half years he has become much more than that.  Like our manager and several of our other staff, we have become more like a family than a group of co-workers, and William is high on the list of family members. 

William is, like most Chinese, a very hard and diligent worker, and he has been called upon for the past number of months to really put his utmost into preparing the new CLM as well as the coming sister site and new eMagazine. This last week or so he’s really had his back to the wall and he’s performed admirably at what has been a monumental task.

But added to that William is also in preparation for his upcoming Wedding during the Chinese New Year (otherwise known as the Spring Festival) and you can understand that he’s been under a lot of stress lately. Getting married is a big deal in China, your first marriage is expected to be your last, and the traditions that are to be followed are demanding and many. On weekends William has been touring the countryside, visiting the Bride’s family to demonstrate his worthiness, and helping prepare his family home and town for the big celebration, assisting the Bride in scouring our city and area for the perfect wedding clothing and carrying out many other prenuptial duties. Picture preparing for a Western first wedding and then multiply by 3.
One of the prenuptial efforts that have to be made in China is to get your wedding photos all prepared for showing during the celebration. That’s right, the wedding photos are taken well in advance of the actual wedding. That’s partly because the actual moment of being wed itself is a very informal administrative moment that takes place in a government office somewhere and hardly lends itself to the pomp and ceremony of wedding photography. So the photos are taken in advance, and the shooting of them can fill an entire weekend.
The other day William brought in his wedding photos (on his computer) for us to have a look at and I was truly astounded. They are really remarkable, as they seem to reflect 3 different fantasy weddings, and to do so brilliantly and beautifully. There is the Royal European Wedding, the Wedding in the Colonies and the Traditional Chinese Wedding. Having seen these photos and how they romanticize the act of marrying so brilliantly I have to say, that if I were to do it again, this is how I would wish to have my marriage represented.  (The images below are flash and may take a minute to load and play, and they may stall a little at first, so please be patient because it is well worth the wait. If it stops for more than a minute try refreshing the page and letting it load again.)
And so we give you William and May in their fantasy (and soon to be real) betrothal.
Please join us in wishing William and May eternal happiness and marital bliss.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 2/11/2010 3:32:26 PM

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