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What Can Foreign Men Expect from Chinese Women? by Achelle Vinzon
Foreign men have varied reasons for wanting a Chinese woman for a wife.  Are all these reasons valid or do they have the wrong impression of Chinese women?  Do Chinese women today still fit the traditional mold and if they don't, do they still make suitable life mates for foreign men?

Women of China have always been perceived as having a submissive character; they have always been considered less important than sons, have always held a less important status in society compared to the men, and have always been expected to submit to the wishes of the elderly in their family, particularly the males.  Times and China's daughters, however, have changed a lot since the Middle Kingdom opened its gates to the rest of the world. 

There are still plenty of traditional women in China; they are mostly in the rural areas where many traditional norms still persist.  While most women from China that foreign men get to meet come from the highly urbanized areas of the People's Republic, they can still find some who still follow old-fashioned ways and hold old-fashioned attitudes.

Even a lot of these old-fashioned women may still not be the completely compliant women that some misinformed or completely ignorant foreign men expect them to be.  Especially with regards to matters of the home and the family, wives/mothers often exercise a lot of influence and display great capability.  Their anger, once ignited, is often like a wildfire that is searing and hard to put out.

What is a modern Chinese woman anyway?Modern women of China are more similar to most other modern women from other cultures.  They are more aggressive, especially when it comes to pursuing their goals and ambitions.  They take more initiative in relationships, if not a dominant role.  They have certainly learned not to tolerate any unfair treatment from men.  Most modern Chinese women are aware of their value as an individual as a partner and know not to settle for less than what they deserve.

When it comes to marriages, many modern Chinese women still hold certain traditional family values.  Chinese women still marry for life and they devote their whole life to being a good wife.  They are always loyal and supportive.  They are extremely caring, tending to all their husband's needs and well-being. 

Modern Chinese women also like having a say in matters that do not only concern the home and the family; they are very opinionated individuals and have a tendency to always voice what they think.  They are also very strong-willed and practical, especially when it comes to having a secure future.   

Chinese women have been likened to a steel rod swathed in flowers; they are delicate and beautiful on the outside, but they have an inner strength that has enabled them to endure centuries of discrimination and the weight of their society and family's expectations, both in the past and those that still persist to this day.
Whether old-fashioned or modern, Chinese women certainly possess a lot of characteristics that make them very suitable wives to foreign men.  Perhaps, in their society, their true value is yet to be fully appreciated; but the rest of the world and most of the world's male population realize their great worth as a life mate.  For this reason, women of China are one of the most sought-after brides by foreign men. 

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From: Original         Author: Achelle Vinzon         Time: 4/19/2013 10:46:18 PM

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#2013-04-28 21:11:00 by Hiiri @Hiiri
Reply Very intresting indeed love that they are so independent chinese women are just getting more intresting
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