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What Do Women Want? by Justin Mitchell
What do women want? Whether they are Chinese, American, European, African or East Asian women the question has plagued frustrated men for centuries. Whether dating online, simply surfing the Internet for love, or face-to-face, a sensitive guy is derided as a "wimp", while macho men are discarded as jokes or jerks.
What’s the secret?  A new sports car? Snappy wardrobe? Tighter abs? Tickets to "The Vagina Monologues" or just the symphony? Maybe ditch that mullet hair (or bar code comb over) for a 21st century makeover? Or does size matter? If you believe the e-mail spasm, it is essential but real men know that small feet simply means you have small shoes and a large nose means a lifetime of sinus problems. No, it’s not the meat, it’s the motion, says the old blues song and lot of us might take comfort in that.
Meanwhile, as poets, songwriters, singers and barroom regulars alike continue to ponder, there’s one member at who has discovered the secret to universal male sex appeal and the lasting love it can inspire. It’s subtle, sure.  Some would say, understated. And frankly, it’s so classically simple that we’re stunned we didn’t think of it first, but we thank him and give credit where it’s due. And we don’t think it applies only to Chinese women, it’s universal. To share in his secret, look carefully at his photo below.

Photo Courtesy of Subject Member

From: Original         Author: Justin Mitchell         Time: 3/5/2010 3:33:55 PM

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#2014-01-03 06:16:00 by jcal2323 @jcal2323
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