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What Is a Scammer Anyway? by John Abbot

We talk a lot about Scammers on, and we do our best to keep them off the website. Perhaps we talk about them too much because we find some members quitting and upset when they see that some of the great looking girls or guys end up in Scammer prison. Of course Scammers use photos of beautiful people, that’s how they attract you so they can trick you. So it kind of makes me laugh when we get a letter from some male member complaining that we terminated the membership of “beautyqueen” and she was his favourite so now he’s quitting CLM.

I mean, come on, think about what you’re saying; “she” wasn’t real, “she” was probably a guy from Nigeria or Ghana, or a woman who really looks like a bus. The point is that your “favourite” was out to steal your money but you would prefer that we let her steal your money than that we spoil your fantasy about her. That seems so odd to me.
In fairness though, every time we place someone in Scammer prison and our automatic letters go out warning every member who was in contact with “her” we may occasionally get 1 letter written in anger but we always get lots of letters thanking us, and that tells us we’re doing the right thing.
Scammer Prison as seen on the CLM My Space page.
Scammer Prison as seen on CLM Member's page.
Other letters we receive reveal another problem and that is a general misunderstanding of what a Scammer is. So let’s discuss that here.
On CLM we consider someone to be a Scammer if he/she joined our website with a view to “commercializing” their membership and not with any genuine intent to develop a sincere long term relationship (LTR) with another member. Scammers basically fall into 2 categories:
1. Scammers who are absolutely criminally minded and are strictly out to con you out of your money. If we catch these guys they are thrown into Scammer prison immediately and without any second thought on our part. Sub-categories of these criminal types are as follows:
                a) Genuine con artists who will pretend they are a beautiful Chinese woman or a handsome American businessman and will slowly build up a relationship with you, then suddenly have some sad story or emergency that requires you to quickly forward money. They would "never dream of asking you", but “Mom is going to die” or “I was mugged and my wallet and credit cards were stolen while I am here at the airport in this strange country” or “I have just found out I need an emergency operation and I have no money”, etc, etc, etc, "and I didn't know who else to turn to" (Why? Don't they have any friends or family?).  These guys are the lowest of the low, and we truly wish we could really catch them and really throw them in prison. We hate them and so should you, and you’ll find real anger behind our descriptions of them in Scammer Prison.
                b) Dupes of con artists who are being paid a commission to get you to join some other website that is owned by the real con artists. The “dupes” may know how evil the website is, or they may not realize they are assisting someone to con you, but either way they are taking you to a place that is there strictly to steal your money. These websites are owned by criminally minded Scammers who will charge you very high prices for translations that are poorly done or for some other service that is not real, and they will then make all sorts of unauthorized charges against your credit card. The girls (and some may not be girls) that sneak onto our website are paid a small fee for every person they get to join the Scammer website, and they may or may not be evil hearted, but either way they are supporting a serious scam by serious Scammers. We wish we could get to the website directly but we can’t so we can only send their representative to Scammer prison. 
Scammer Website - Beware
This is a Scammer Website. If you see this header hold your wallet tight and RUN!!!
2. Scammers who are not criminally minded but are trying to get you to spend money and have no interest in a real LTR. They include:
                a) Persons, real or not, who are trying to get you interested in them with the intention of sending you to a sex site where you will be asked to pay a lot of money to look at “them” naked or some such thing. If the member reporting this activity can provide the link to the website and we can follow up and see proof that the member being reported is doing this, she will be sentenced to Scammer prison.
                b) Persons, real or not, who are simply trying to find customers to sell them some legitimate product such as cheap mobile phones, or whatever. So long as we believe that these people are being honest about the product and not trying to cheat our legitimate member in some fashion we cancel their membership but do not throw them in Scammer Prison.
One cause of confusion is that a possible sign of a Scammer is someone who posts photos of beautiful persons on their profile but the photos are not really of them. Scammers do this every time, but so do other people and we can’t assume that just because someone posted a fake photo that person is a scammer. Some people, men and women, have no confidence in their own appearance and will post a fake photo of themselves and hope when the time comes to tell the truth you will already like them so much you won’t care. Of course this is a false hope and when the time comes they feel humiliated and realize what bad judgment they have exhibited.
Lots of members also post false photos for the fun of it. They think it’s great fun to pretend they are this beautiful person and have exciting communications with strangers who believe them.  Normally they don’t realize that their fun is extremely cruel and at great emotional expense to the person on the other end. These people are usually quite young and pretty dumb, but not usually evil 
If a false photo leads us to a Scammer (or someone marketing cyber sex) of course that results in Scammer Prison. However, if it leads to one of the other types it results in the photo being disapproved and a warning issued. If the person does it again then we conclude that they have evil intent and we cancel them and place them in Scammer Prison.
The real purpose of Scammer Prison is not to punish the people in the photos, since usually the photo is not them anyway. The real purpose is to warn our members and visitors that these photos do not represent real people and not to trust them when finding them anywhere because the same Scammer may be using the same photo(s) on 100 other websites. We also now automatically warn any member who has been in contact with anyone convicted to Scammer Prison not to trust that person.
If you have complaints about another member’s inappropriate behavior but it doesn’t pertain to the activities above, we are happy to investigate. We don’t tolerate excessive rudeness or excessive sexual demands either, but such people will not be convicted of scamming and will not be sent to Scammer Prison.
Just a note about the Scammer warning letters: we do receive lots of thank you letters from our members and we really appreciate receiving them, but we don’t have time to respond so please believe that the encouragement is well received and don’t feel bad that we didn’t write back.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/5/2010 4:16:43 PM

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