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Why Foreign Men and Chinese Women Make Good Couples by Achelle Vinzon
Cross-cultural relationships can be more complicated than traditional ones and, one can rationally assume, have a greater tendency to fail.  Yet, countless cross-cultural relationships between foreign men and Chinese women succeed despite the odds.  They certainly prove the saying that love knows no boundaries. 

It goes without saying that most traditional relationships can sometimes already have so many complications that the people involved just choose to quit.  Cross-cultural relationships have to deal with both the usual problems and those that are unique to two people coming from totally different cultural backgrounds.  And yet, there are so many cross-cultural relationships that so much healthier than many traditional ones, even those that are supposed to be ideal and made to last. 

A modern proverb goes:

A reporter asked an elderly couple, "How did you manage to stay together for 65 years?" The woman replied, "We were born at a time when if something was broken, we fixed it instead of throwing it away."

This proverb has different layers of meaning and most problems in relationships cannot be oversimplified, but the most important lesson that one should take away from what the old woman said is that of the importance of commitment in a relationship.

Cross Cultural Couples frequently make for great marriages.

Of course, instances where a person or both parties stay committed to something out of sheer stubbornness and despite the many reasons to simply end a relationship and move on are an entirely different story.  For most cross-cultural couples, however, the commitment to make their relationship last is present from the very beginning; not just the beginning of their relationship, but from the very beginning of their quest for a life mate.

Having the resolve, the commitment, to find the right kind of love and the right person to be with is often the crucial element in any successful relationship.  For people who choose to find their mate from a different cultural background, it can be safe to say that their resolve and commitment to achieve their goal are stronger than most because they are aware of the greater challenges they will have to face and they still choose to take the path across cultures.   

It's similar to a person who has his mind and heart set on accomplishing a difficult task.  He readies himself for the challenges, makes plans to reach his goal and for every possibility, and sets about putting his plan/s into action with the proper mindset. 

Couples in cross-cultural relationships often got started with each one knowing what they wanted and finding in themselves the determination to go for it, no matter what.  They also had the patience and the wisdom to wait until they were sure that they have found exactly what they were looking for.  Because their intentions had always been good from the start, things eventually fell into place.  And while being in a cross-cultural relationship can be more difficult in many ways, because they are with the right person and in the right relationship, dealing with the problems also becomes easier. 

The commitment to make the cross-cultural relationship work rarely becomes too hard to sustain for these couples because they are certain that what they have is the real thing: real love and the love of their life.  Having these, working to keep them and to fix what is broken rarely feel like work; they are merely a natural process that both parties take part in wholeheartedly because they want the same thing and because they both appreciate the value of what they have.

The commitment to fix what is broken, to make the cross-cultural relationship last, is not born out of stubbornness; it is born out of the real love that the couple have found in each other and share with each other.   

A Foreign Man and a Chinese Woman Can Be Great Lifemates!

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From: Original         Author: Achelle Vinzon         Time: 5/5/2013 4:04:40 PM

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#2013-06-16 12:05:00 by travelingdel @travelingdel
Reply Starting writing to a lady last year in June sixteenth. She was the right age and had similar interests as I,so we wrote to each other for about four weeks....she said she wanted to see me in the states....later it made a lot of sense to do it this way....if I was just a good story teller or if I was the person who I had described!

She came to my farm,we married by August 26 th...and have gotten better all the time. She and I found each other because we didn't want to accept second best!

A person has to believe in yourself first,you have to trust your heart and mind! Then all is possible!

First marriage was 33 years of mostly bliss....second marriage is even better for both of us! Don't give up the fight,believe in yourself and be as honest as you can be!
#2013-06-19 16:47:00 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot
Reply @travelingdel - I have a question for you Del - how come we are reading about your finding such a great wife on CLM in a Magazine comment instead of reading it in a Success Story. Please send us a summary by each of you (yours in English and hers in Chinese) of how you met on CLM and in real life, your wedding and your future plans. Please also provide some photos of yourselves as a couple.

Success Stories are what tells our members that with perseverance and courage they too will find the perfect lifemate here on CLM. Please help us help them find the joy you have found. Write to us at, thanks.
#2013-07-11 23:49:00 by isbella2010 @isbella2010
Reply we came here for the hope.want find someone really in love....hope everyone can find their lover here.
#2013-08-04 10:24:00 by sophia1223 @sophia1223
Reply yes, agree isbella2010 @isbella2010 much. hope everyone find their true love, of course including us.
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