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A Sad Farewell to piaoliangdebaime by John Abbot
It is with sadness in our hearts, especially for our male members, that we now have to report the banning and expulsion from our web pages of piaoliangdebaime. Since joining as a member on March 10th, a mere 2 weeks ago, she quickly has risen through the ranks to be one of our “Hottest Ladies”. However she was recently reported with evidence that the photos posted by xiaoguai1249, supposedly of herself, were actually pictures of a Japanese “nude model” by the name of kyoko nakajima. If you Google that name under "images" you'll find many pages of photos of her, including the photos falsely posted by piaoliangdebaime.  The real kyoko nakajima is rightfully proud of her physical attractions, and has been liberally photographed and published in a large number of Asian, particularly Japanese, websites and magazines. One can understand why someone would wish to look like her, but it isn't so easy to understand what a member of a long term dating website like CLM thinks they have to gain. Clearly no one is going to continue a potential relationship once they meet her in person. Please let this be a reminder to all members that nothing is quite as important in online dating as eventually, before any money is spent on another dating site member, insisting on a webcam video chat in which you can be sure that he or she is the person in the photos that are posted or that she or he has sent you by email.

In spite of her obvious charms, piaoliangdebaime had to go.
Generally if members post one false photo and several real photos we simply delete the fake photo and ask them not to do it again. However, in this case, we felt that more than that was required. We have terminated piaoliangdebaime.
We apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment this will cause some of you, but we have no means of checking images posted without a name or website name to attach to them. There is no way to Google photos. We do circulate suspicious photos among our staff but if nobody recognizes them as someone famous we have little choice but to approve them. So if you discover another scam like that pulled by piaoliangdebaime please report it because, while she is nice eye candy, in truth she's a waste of time to our members who are seeking real women with whom to enjoy long term relationships.

Our apologies to kyoko nakajima on behalf of whoever xiaoguai1249 really is.
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From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/5/2010 4:06:40 PM

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