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Apparently Is One Kick Ass Website by Khansfury & John Abbot
W e recently received a great letter from member “kahnsfury”. Besides his appreciation of the quality of CLM, for which we thank him, he raised a few points that we think deserve comment, not just for him but for other members who may be pondering the same questions. Here is his letter, with comments below.
“Ok, so I'd like to thank you guys again for having one kick ass of a website. I have had more success meeting girls here than any other site I have ever tried. So, here is my query, I have met quite a few sweet and very beautiful girls. I am finding that their interest really isn't in coming to U.S. but to find a man who would join them in China. Now that said, I have thought about moving to China quite a few times in my life, and I have talked myself out of it many times for one reason or another. Now seeing this as an opportunity, I would like advice from someone who knows what it is like to live in a place that is like another planet from where I sit now. Each one of the girls I have spoken to has told me it is easy for a foreign English speaker to get a job in China and I have been researching teaching with a TEFL certification. From what I have seen from my research my first year would be very hard, but with a lady from your site it would make it all worth the effort and homesickness. Any information would be appreciated and again thank you for such an enjoyable experience on your site.”
Women in China are gaining independence and a
 desire to stay in their own country. This is the China we love. Photo 
courtesy of www.traveladventures.orgOur comments:
1. Being told that is “one kick ass of a website” may be the highest praise we’ve ever received. We really appreciate this cudo. Our staff members were thrilled once we explained that it really is a compliment of the highest order and doesn't mean we're nasty bullies.
2. Note that kahnsfury indicates that he’s meeting many beautiful Chinese women who are not after a passport to the USA, Canada, Australia or UK, but want someone to come and join them in China. This is a growing phenomenon as more and more Chinese are reaching a financial level that is middle class or better, and are recognizing that the best future in the world is right here in China. They just want a good man to share it with. Of course there are still Chinese ladies who are looking for a passport, but they’re becoming a growing minority.
3. It does still remain easy to obtain a job in China teaching English as a second language, provided that English is your first language.  It’s not difficult to do that even without a university degree or a TEFL certificate, but if you want to actually obtain a work visa to teach you’ll likely need the certificate and in some cases also the degree. However I know many guys who have been teaching English here for many years with neither.  The pay is quite good relative to the cost of living. I wouldn’t come here planning to teach for life, but to come here and teach for a few years while learning Chinese, which would open many employment doors for you in a variety of areas, would be an excellent plan.
This is the China that drives us nuts, but the good far outweighs the bad. Photo courtesy of www.needigest.files.wordpress.com4. As for living in China, I’ve been here almost 8 years now. It can be supremely frustrating sometimes, as another vehicle races in front of you through your crosswalk even though you have a walk light. In the bigger cities the constant movement on the streets, the endless pedestrian traffic bumping into you and the cacophony of noise from dawn to dusk can wear you down. The mindnumbing puzzle of rules that make no sense when you’re trying to perform the simplest tasks, such as wiring money to or from your bank account, can drive you mad. But having said that, none of us expats in China ever seem to want to move back home. There’s something innately alive about living in China, something that once you’ve experienced you cannot imagine living without.

From: Original         Author: Khansfury & John Abbot         Time: 3/25/2010 10:10:07 PM

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