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CLM Member Bombs Scammer Site by Joe Duffy
We've made no bones about our distaste for Scammer operations such as and But don't just take our word on it. Now a CLM member, Joe Duffy, has provided a detailed description of how operates and rips off members for substantial sums of money.  Here, in Joe's words, is what he experienced at  

"This Asian Beauties ( website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00, or more! 

If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue paying $5 (or higher) for every read/respond letter. ($5+$5=$10) You never stop paying the Russians who operate this website. 

When Asian female sends letter with extra pictures attached, AB website permits you look at 1st pic free, then PAY 10 credits ($5 or higher) to open/view each additional picture. 

If you try to insert your direct email, or personal address into your letter, the AB website has computer software which censors/blocks personal information. AB does not want you to exchange email/phone/address with the female members, because you are not allowed to communicate with the girls off the AB website. 

When you ask for their personal email/address/phone, the girls will not provide it, and you will be told excuses, that they wish to communicate with you only on AB, where, of course, you keep paying credits to the Russian administrators. 

In addition, the local Chinese translators may very well not provide/transfer your personal data/information to the girl when they do English--Chinese translation so the female may read your comments. 

On the video/chat box online, you must pay 1 credit per minute just to send a text message with no cam. Or, you pay 2 credits per minute to see girl on cam. Credits cost between 40 to 80 cents determined by how many you buy in bulk in one transaction. One hour = 60 minutes X 40/80 cents = $24 to $48 per hour for text box, or $48 to $96 per hour for girl on web cam. 

(All the Anastasia websites for Russian/Ukrainian/Asian, and AmoLatina websites operate on these same PAY always policies.) 

ONLINE, you type message, PAY, transmit message, PAY, girl reads message, PAY, girl thinks response, PAY, girl types, PAY, girl transmits, PAY, you receive/read, PAY, and keep on PAYING every minute. You burn through your bank account, and Russian administrators go to luxurious nightclub and eat caviar/drink expensive vodka thanks to you! 

On scam-report websites, some former AB male members report spending $$$ hundreds, even $3,000 worth of credits, and never make progress with these female members toward a serious relationship. - Scam and Ripoff WebsiteOn Asian Beauties, my personal profile received several hundred letters from pretty Chinese females. I couldn't open/read them, because AB would charge thousands of dollars to do it, and thousands of dollars to respond to these nice women. 

Two Chinese women claimed to have wealthy daddies, to be affluent, and offered to come to USA, buy me a house/car if I'd be their husband!! Wow! I was getting ready to write them a letter of interest, inviting them to make the trip here at their expense. And I reviewed the profile of a stunning Chinese girl who said she was here in Los Angeles. We exchanged 1 letter. 

Then I noticed that I stopped receiving email from AB website, or notifications of new letters. I tried to log in, and was rejected. Tried to call their Customer Support with difficulty, sometimes on hold for 1 hour. Then I talked with Christina, Customer Support Manager in Russia. She was unable to provide explanation for why Ruslan, the 'Risk Manager,' deleted my account. I wanted to talk to Ruslan over telephone, but he was never available, and didn't telephone me later even though Christina promised he would. 

Instead, Ruslan transmitted multiple emails asking me to photocopy both sides of my credit card, the back/front, and photocopy my personal ID, which could mean passport or state ID, and send both to him via email or fax to prove my identity to him! 

What? Does this sound like an attempt to rip off my Identity, and tap my Credit Card until wiped out? Bank of America Customer Care and I both thought it did, and I certainly wasn't foolish enough to comply with Ruslan's request. 

Now that Ruslan deleted my membership, I'll never find out if those Chinese girls were serious, or bluffing, about buying me a new house!! And Ruslan and Christina never explained why I was dropped. 

My suspicion is that I wasn't spending enough money, not responding to the hundreds of letters. Some AB girls wrote me eight or nine letters trying to prompt a response from me. 

So maybe AB drops frugal male members who are reluctant to blow big $$$, and spend just a small amount, and are highly selective in answering the females. 

I just don't know, but I really wanted one of those rich Chinese girls to buy me a Beverly Hills mansion, and now I have to keep living in my tiny apartment instead!!" 

Sincerely, JOE Duffy 
Los Angeles, California 

Now, having read what Joe had to say based on his own personal experience, would you say that is a ripoff and a scam?  You'd better believe it or you'll get skinned alive. Beware of, and others like them.

From: Original         Author: Joe Duffy         Time: 7/19/2012 3:22:56 PM

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#2012-07-22 20:59:00 by Anonymous157126 @Anonymous157126
hmmmmm. Interesting food for thought. Makes me wonder if the site(s) are just scams from the get go and there are no real opportunites. Maybe just a room full of people answering ads and reeling people in just to get the bucks.
#2012-07-22 23:55:00 by terryj07 @terryj07
Reply hello, just a comment about the AB site,
i was on that site for about 4 months, i chatted with many girls and could never get any email adds or even QQ. i began talking with one girl and she sent me 1 digit of her email each time she sent a letter to me, so over the course of time, i got her email, i emailed her once, she responded once and that was it, never heard from her again. i spent lots of money on all the letters and chat time. i tried to unsubscribe many times but wasnt allowed to, finally i placed AB's email add in the scam box and i stopped receiving anything from them.scamming is incredibily hurtfull, financially and emotionally, i thank CLM for being as careful as they can.
#2012-07-23 03:26:00 by Anonymous149826 @Anonymous149826
I don't know about, but I have a profile on and yes! hands down a scam.. Of course thanks in part to CLM I didn't drop any money on the site. So, i just use it as entertainment.. I "refresh" my profile daily and for that I get 6 or so admirer letters per day. These letters run the chart, from rich ladies, coming to America soon, totally in love with me having read my profile "many" times, yet none of them mention specifics about what they liked about me.. but, aside from the fact that every single lady has been "head shot" professional photographer the kicker came a few weeks ago.. I have sent a few "cupid notes" out and did (of course) get some replies, however when i went to send out another one.. the site told me "they see I have already sent out some and received responses back, so, "I should respond to them before I send out any more.. WTF? oh yeah.. i haven't dropped a dime on their site... LOL
#2012-07-23 05:28:00 by alf4ever @alf4ever
Reply A comment to you Joe Duffy.
I have also experience some of what you are telling about Asian Beauties. You really have to pay for everything.
I received letters from 275 beautiful ladies in 6 weeks, wow I was amazed.
I choose to read letters from 4 ladies and paid for my 40 credits.
Two of this ladies had also profiles in Chnlove, so I decided to write back in Chnlove website, because they just charge for sending letters. To read letters was free, so the cost was half of the cost in AsianBeauties website.
I come very close to one of the ladies, and she suggested we could write to each other in private E-mail. Even her English was not so good, we had very good communication and find we like each other very much. So last November I travel to China to meet her. She meet me in the airport and make sure I was comfortable in the hotel before she leave. We had 10 wonderful days with talking, walking, eating Chinese food and learn more about each other. After I get back home we talk in phone or Skype every day. We have decided to get married in the end of this year.
So yes, AsianBeauties is very much after your money.
Chnlove is also expensive, but I was lucky to find one very good woman and very soon just write to her, so in fact the cost was small.
I just want to make this comment and say that not all the women in these sites are scammers. Some of them are serious looking for a new husband. At least I was lucky to find my new lovely wife in these sites.
But of cause if I should start over again to contact ladies, I would probably use CLM websites. They are the most serious in this business.
#2012-07-23 05:37:00 by rashidas @rashidas
Reply I had a similar experience at ChinaLove web site. When I tried to get the lady to confirm her identity she decided to drop our correspondence. I am still not sure who I was writing or speaking to.

CLM Note: We're unsure if rashida means or a smaller site out of Hong Kong called ChinaLove.??? which we have also heard is a scam site but have no evidence. However, we are sure he isn't referring to, just to be clear.
#2012-07-23 09:37:00 by Anonymous113451 @Anonymous113451
All of the above is true. Sometimes the translators are men. The sub agencies will chat with you when the women are not available, so you'll be talking to older women will or men, even having sex talk with them if you do the instant messages. The group has many chat for cash scam sites.

I wish somebody would find the owners and dispose of this human rubbish.

I also recommend everybody complain to the credit cards and PayPal, who are unwittingly supporting and making these scam site owners rich. It would be far more difficult for them to rip us off at the credit cards and PayPal would stand up for us as a consumer,
#2012-07-23 09:41:00 by CalYost @CalYost
Reply Just so you know, I was able to obtain some real pictures of these women. Most of them are just average or below average looking women. They put white makeup on her face, dress her in beautiful clothes at a photo studio, lighten up her features so that they are lighter than Europeans, and pose them in childish sex poses that are quite near irresistible. Then they use Photoshop to elongate their body and face. This changes their features so you would never recognize them at the airport.
#2012-07-23 13:04:00 by blueeyes111 @blueeyes111
Reply I was on Asian Beauties for a few days, that's all I needed...Common sense will tell you that no woman is going to write 8-12 letterers that keep going unanswered. I am still getting dozens and dozens of letters that go unanswered , no way its real. AND the EVERY woman pictures are drop dead georgeous and every one professionally posed and made up c'mon guys, And coincidentally, every time I'm on line all sorts of woman want to chat with me at all odd hours of the day,.... I was fooled for about two days and that was that, I files a claim with Paypal, please everyone - file a chargeback or a dispute with your credit card company or Paypal. Show them proof by attaching links to articles like this and that others have written about the AB Scam...
#2012-07-25 14:30:00 by Anonymous113451 @Anonymous113451
With the help of PayPal, I was scammed out of approximately $3500 from two dating sites owned by the same company. They were AmericanBeauties and Amolatina, AKA Anatasia. After I did some searching on the Internet, I found about 50 blogs confirming my conclusion. The website appeared professional, and even has an anti-scam policy page. Yet, I guess for a scam site, writing an anti-scam page is just all part of the subterfuge. If there were real women there who actually wanted to get married, they were few and far between.
As far as I know, all of the women were getting paid a commission to write letters and chat. It is even possible that I did correspondence with only the translators, and chatting and letters never went through the supposedly eligible and beautiful women. According to the blogs, I may even have been chatting and corresponding with male translators when the women were not available. Every time I attempted to correspond with the women outside of the website, she dropped me like a hot potato. Sometimes they made up an excuse, but most of time I got nothing --- no response. Eventually I realized that they had no interest in me whatsoever except for collecting their commissions through the site.The scam starts at the photo studio where the women are highly made up, dressed up, and extremely Photoshopped. Most of these women are just average looking, brown-skinned young girls trying to make a little extra money. I know this because I was able to get some non-Photoshopped pictures.

Part of the reason I fell for it, is that I found PayPal as a payment option. Having started with PayPal on eBay, PayPal had become a trusted part of my life. I had no reason to suspect that PayPal would ever be involved with a scam website.
I believe if you do a little research, you'll find that multiple lawsuits have been filed against the dating companies I mentioned above. I read that the owner or owners were Russian, and they dodged the lawsuits by blaming the commissions given to the girls to write letters and chat on the sub-agencies that contract with the website.
After I received 1000 letters I began to get suspicious, especially as they began to sound generically wonderful.... if the women are too good to be true, well then, they are too good to be true. The dating service does an occasional marriage in attempt to legitimize itself.

I am disappointed that PayPal has been involved with this site. Certainly other people must've reported the scam to you.
#2012-07-31 06:33:00 by harri520 @harri520
Reply CHNLove has a clearly problems because of their notorious name. They don't want to use that name, and they have set up two new pages to trick men to register.


If you register on these pages you will find yourself eventually on CHNLove site again.

CHNLove have own "complain" forum on one the anti-scam site which have currently about 45.000 - 50.000 views.

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