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Chinese & Asian Online Dating Scammer Rash by Staff Writer
OK, we have to admit it’s been a hectically busy week here on ALM and CLM. That’s partly due to a sudden rash of Scammers attempting to join CLM/ALM, but it hasn’t been helped by the fact that both the owners and the webmaster have been absent recently, the owners on extended business and travel in North America which has reduced the time they can spend supervising the site operations, and the webmaster simply on time off work. However, in spite of how busy we’ve been, thanks largely to reporting by several diligent members, recently a number of new Scammers have been “jailed”.

The following is a brief summary of the 4 most recent additions to Scammer Prison. If you've been personally in contact with these Scammers please feel free to go to CLM Scammer Prison and/or ALM Scammer Prison add your comments, thoughts or "Victim Statements" while visiting their prison cells.
1. Lovecometome
Avoid this Asian Online Dating Scammer.This Scammer was actually reported by our Scammer Hunter who works with us occasionally to review our sites to help keep them clean. He reported as follows:
“ALM user "lovecometome" is using stolen photos of porn model Cierra Spice. So-called "Spice Girls" is the Latin teen Internet porn production and at least five of their model's photos are used by West African scammers. Now, three of them have been found on ALM, two already sit on the prison. After you’ve imprisoned “Cierra Spice, when you get Gigi Spice and Selena Spice, you’ll have all of them.”
Karla Spice (Karla Lopez), under usernames "sweetiekarla" and "bettylee", and Pamela Spice, under username "Waitingforunow12" were already in Scammer Prison. Now Cierra Spice has joined them.
Please guys, if someone is using a porn star’s picture, and talking sex to you before you’ve even exchanged pleasantries, she is not likely looking for a long term relationship.
Another Chinese Dating Scammer Caught on CLM2. PrettyAlyna
This member of ALM was reported by 3 diligent members, all of whom indicated that she was asking for money in exchange for getting naked on webcam.  
Again, it isn’t likely that someone who will ask every man she meets online to pay her $50 to see her naked is truly seeking a long term relationship.
To us anyone who joins our sites with a goal of earning money from other members is Scamming and will be treated as such.
This Asian Online Dating Scammer was also nailed by a reporting member of ALM.3. LovelyXia
This member joined CLM as a Thai woman living in the UK. Technically she should not have been accepted on CLM at all, and been transferred to ALM. Our employee who made this error has been duly advised to be more watchful in the future.
In the meantime “she” was reported by a member for having asked him for money. In fact, he had actually attempted to send money to “her” via Western Union but WU returned it to him and indicated the reason was “fraud”. This would suggest that the person who tried to pick up the funds was likely not a female.
In any event, the simple act of asking a member for money on CLM or ALM is considered Scamming until the members have actually physically met. And after investigating LovelyXia we have concluded that beyond doubt she is not sincere, is not who she says she is and is a Scammer.
4. Rosegirl1This Asian Dating Scammer is the same scammer as LovelyXia.
During our investigation of LovelyXia we discovered, thanks again to the reporting member regarding LovelyXia, that member Rosegirl1 either is the same person as the Scammer behind LovelyXia or is closely associated and working with that Scammer.
In addition to the 4 above mentioned Scammers there are currently a couple of others under investigation who you’ll likely be hearing about soon.
We remind you all that in spite of our best efforts to keep Scammers off the sites before registration some sneak past us, and by far the most effective way to remove them is member reporting. If members will report every person who asks them for money, or is apparently working towards such a request, or is otherwise acting suspiciously, we can effectively investigate all potential scammers and eliminate them.
Please remember:  Never Send Money / Report Members Who Ask

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no2.Real Miss Zang Li

i like see no 3. M/ray
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