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Chinese Dating Scammer or the Real Zhang Li: Which Is It? by John Abbot
Okay, I admit it, after the Paul1967 incident we’re a little gun shy here about just tossing members into Scammer Prison. What if that person really is the person in their photos on CLM or ALM? We’ve just tossed another member, username “Sohappylife”, into Scammer Prison for pretending to be the model/actress Zhang Li, but what if it really is Zhang Li.  Is it possible that Zhang Li really did join and is trying to meet a great Western guy here on our Chinese dating site?
I’m kidding!!!  No, it is emphatically not possible that Zhang Li is on a Chinese Dating Site looking for a match. or might try to get you to buy that, but we know better. Zhang Li surely has a parade of extremely eligible bachelors (and others) lined up for her attention. Let’s not kid ourselves. And nothing has changed about Scammer Prison. It will continue to be our vehicle for trying to protect members from threats to their security, and to warn specific members whenever a Scammer has been found to be in contact with them.  And we are not in any way going to back down from exposing every potential danger.
As we announced some time ago, when we have found members to have posted pictures of famous people, such as Zhang Li, who is not so famous outside of China but is gaining a big following in China, we are going to start treating those persons as Scammers on the grounds that there is no conceivable reason for a member to be placing such a false photo on their profile unless they are intending to deceive other members, either out of their cash, or out of their time, emotions and pride. We reject 3 or 4 memberships daily because the photo is a famous person. This, of course, does not usually entail placing them in Scammer Prison, because we only do that when someone has been caught who has had contact with at least one member of the website(s).
However, in this case the primary photo of Zhang Li has not shown up in a Google image search so it snuck by the employee approving at the time. It was the second photo on the Scammer’s profile that ultimately caught her up, as that’s the one that we have since found listed under Zhang Li on a Google image search. But as the primary photo revealed no one famous the employee failed to search the second one. So the profile snuck by us and Zhang Li (aka Sohappylife), a famous and drop dead beautiful Chinese woman, was registered as a member of CLM.
These photos of the beautiful Chinese women model and actress were posted by an internet scammer.
Within a few days a diligent, long term member of CLM reported the second photo as being familiar to him from a Scammer incident on CLM from some time ago, and we followed up with a Google search of that second photo.  Based on the second photo we found numerous online references that clearly demonstrated the photo to be of Zhang Li.
And in those few short days Sohappylife has been in contact with well over 100 members. We feel it is imperative in such a case that we do more than simply delete Sohappylife as that would not result in the members already communicating with Sohappylife offsite being warned about her false identity. We take the position that since she cannot possibly ever meet with the members, being as she is not the person in her profile photos (Zhang Li), Sohappylife must have something else in mind, and that something else doesn’t relate to a long term relationship, so by default we’re going to assume it relates to some sort of a scam.
So guys, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but Zhang Li, that beautiful Chinese woman posted as Sohappylife on our Chinese dating site, is not really trying to find her handsome Western man here. Don’t be too disappointed please. There are, as you know, a great number of other exceptional Chinese women here on CLM who are interested in meeting their Western match, and we guarantee, one of them is looking for you.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 6/5/2012 10:02:22 PM

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#2012-06-06 00:21:00 by EddieG @EddieG
Reply She initiated first contact with me. Since I know nothing about famous Chinese people I had no clue. Thanks for the warning CLM.

Here is her message:

message: "am chinese girl born and live in shanghai. I Like know u and meet u.

may i know when u visit shanghai? may i know your regular email? thanks.

i'm looking forward to know you.

am a fashion designer...

(email address deleted)

anqi "

#2012-06-06 14:14:00 by Anonymous81373 @Anonymous81373
I spoke to "her" and got an email and phone call from her. She said she was in HK for 2 weeks and would see me when she got back...At my age, I am always doubtful about younger beauitful women anyway and when I questioned her motives on the phone she got a little annoyed...all bad signs so I think the assumption may be right.
#2012-06-10 23:34:00 by danruble @danruble
Reply The constant vigil waged against scammers is one of the many plus features that makes this site a far more friendly enviroment. I feel as though I know several of the people that hang out hereat the CLM Lounge..tion I came across a site that rates Chinese/ Western dating sites. To no one's suirprise, the CLM site came out on top with 5 stars. I think that may have been noted here somewhere in the past, but I thought it beared mention again. Two of the most popular site took an absolute drubbing in the reviews. I will try and post/ am posting/ the link in case you want to read further. I know the Orwellian wall thing may intercede..Again thank you to John and his lady,( I don't know her name, we were never introduced..ha ha! ) as well as the rest of the staff for all you do..
#2012-06-13 10:25:00 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot
Reply DanRuble - how could we reject a link to a site that says such good things about us. Thanks for pointing that out. Hmmm? On the other hand what were you doing searching out other Chinese dating sites - we thought you were family?

Kidding!! How else would members know how good CLM is if they didn't look anywhere else.
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