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Chinese Nightlife – A Unique Way To Learn About The Ancient Culture Of China by Staff Writer
Most westerners tend to believe that nightlife in China is non-existent except maybe in the larger cities primarily due to the conservative and traditional social set-up of this oriental nation. That is why you might be extremely surprised to learn about the various nighttime activities that Chinese people not only attend in large numbers but which are also a major source of fun and entertainment for them. In fact, Chinese nightlife provides a unique and enjoyable way of learning about the ancient culture and arts forms of this great nation, and at the same time offering something different to do while dating a Chinese woman..

In saying this we are not referring to the other type of nightlife, also far more prevalent in China, in cities large and small, then many westerners might expect, that being the nightclub and bar scene.  This type of night life also abounds in China, but that is for another article on another day.

In this brief report we are focused on those avenues of evening entertainment of a less wild and more pristine nature, which offer a more sedate but entertaining way to both enjoy the company of a new Chinese girlfriend and to learn a little about her culture at the same time.

It isn’t possible to list all the thousands of evening entertainment to be found in China, but it is fair to say that in almost any city in China, if you do your homework (or get your new Chinese lady to do it for you) you will find some form of enlightening cultural show to fill your evening. Of course the larger and more modern the city, the higher the quality of the show will likely be.
Here are just a few examples of what we mean:

1.      Beijing Opera Show: Also known by the poplar name of Peking Opera, this show offers a chance to view the Chinese opera in its pristine form. The show, which normally has a duration of one and half hour, dates back to 1750 and is a colorful representation of Chinese cultural facts which unfold in the form of stories and involve the use of beautiful paintings, exquisite costumes, graceful gestures and acrobatic skills. Be warned in this case that the sound of the singing in Chinese Opera may remind you more of cats in heat than of the finely tuned voices of Italian Opera.
Chinese dating can involve a little culture and still not be boring.2.      Beijing King Fu Show: The performance showcases the talent of some of the best Kung Fu practitioners, who with the help of some of the best directors and designers of China, depict the story of a young boy, who desires to master the art of Kung Fu and on his way to enlightenment, faces numerous hardships and temptations. The most interesting part of the show is that there is no dialogue in the entire performance and the actors use only a combination of their Kung Fu skills, dance and acrobatics to unfold the story.
3.      Shanghai’s Portman Acrobatic Show: Not many people are aware of the fact that performing acrobatics is a traditional Chinese art form that emphasizes on the training of waist and legs along with exhibiting the harmony within the human body. The various stunning performances that leave most people spell bound include hoop diving, the plates spinning, silk suspending, leg and foot juggle, rolling cups & contortion, poles climb, bungee jump, rolling hoops dives, trapeze and bicycle feats etc.
4.       Third Sister Liu Impression in Yangshuo: This 65 minute show presents a creative combination of the classical songs of Sanjie Liu, the culture of ethnic groups’ and the fishing lights and is sure to leave you mesmerized. The idea is to depict the harmony between humans and nature, which is why it is performed at one of the biggest natural stages in the world with 12 mountain peaks in the background.
The point here is that with virtually no great effort on your part you can easily find ways to entertain yourself and your new found Chinese love that can enlighten you and impress her with your interest in her culture. Why not give it a try? 

From: Original         Author: Staff Writer         Time: 7/29/2012 12:16:57 PM

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