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Chinese Valentine's Day Is Here Again by Staff Writer
It’s almost Chinese Valentine’s Day again.  This special day is on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar. This year it falls on August 23rd, of the Western or Gregorian calendar, and based on each previous year it will be almost impossible to arrange for flower delivery on the exact day.  Just in the time since opened 5 years ago, flower delivery in China on this day has gone from not much more than an average day, to near pandemonium, as across the country Chinese men frantically order flowers for their special someone, or in many cases, their special someones. And in China, the same is true of Western Valentine’s Day, which has caught on big time here as well, meaning Chinese women get an annual double dose of flower powered love. 

Traditionally this wasn’t really known as Chinese Valentine’s Day of course, and the day gained its special stature from a legend that dates back almost two millennia in writing and perhaps much longer orally. It is the only one of the many Chinese festivals that is devoted to the romantic love of a man and woman for each other. But interestingly, as has been mentioned recently in the blogs, it reflects the more common Chinese approach to such love being based on a more practical and down to earth bond involving mutual caring for each other, long term mutual benefits and a strong sense of duty to one another as opposed to love deriving from incredible attraction and the passion that flows from that as we see love in the West. For a recent blog on this topic see “What’s Love Got To Do With It (Part 1)” and “(Part 2)”.  

Chinese Valentine's Day - Chinese dating as it was 2,000 years ago.For a detailed and intelligent discussion of the legend that led to this celebrated Chinese Festival of Love see “Its Chinese Valentine’s Day” from China Through A Lens. But note that this page was written in 2002 and mentions that the giving of flowers and chocolates was rare in China on this occasion. Not so these days when the giving of flowers has become the rage in this fast modernizing nation. And because it has become so big in China, we urge anyone wishing to send flowers on CLM to be patient. It will be absolute pandemonium for the florists and many orders will not be delivered until the following day. We apologize for being late in posting this article but we had some technical issues in producing the video. Because of our late announcement, even though the price of flowers skyrockets here as this special day approaches we’ll be holding our prices to the regular charge so we don’t put a damper on your efforts to make that special Chinese woman happy on this important day.

A few years back we created a special Chinese Valentine’s Day video which you can view here: Beautiful Chinese Women Valentine. You may need to give it a minute to load after you click the play button depending on your internet connection and speed.

Following up on that we’ve created new video for Chinese Valentine’s Day 2012 which you can view on the current eMagazine homepage here: Find Real Love on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Just scroll down to the middle of the page and click on the play button. Again, give it a minute to load.

We wish you all a very happy Chinese Valentine’s Day and hope you find a great Chinese match on this special occasion. And if you’ve found her already then we hope that you can win her heart forever during this period of celebrating romantic love across China.  

From: Original         Author: Staff Writer         Time: 8/21/2012 8:51:33 PM

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