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Congratulations to GTX888 and Lanikai!! by Staff Writer

One great couple who met on have recently married and were good enough to send a photo. As well, Lanikai made some changes to his profile, writing as follows:

“I am now married to a Beautiful and Wonderful young lady that I met on this website. So for you ladies, sorry but I am no longer available! I maintain my membership so we can chat since she is still in China, waiting for her Immigration visa. We made first contact on April 4th 2008 and began conversing for hours! By the middle of May, we talked about marriage and planned when we should meet? I arrived in Guiyang China on June 20th and we met at the airport! To make a long story short, we got married on July 15th! Unfortunately, I had to return to Hawaii to run my business! I big Thank You! to owners and the staff of China Love Match! And to the ladies here at this website, I am sorry if I do not respond to your messages! I hope you understand!

我现在已和一位美丽而善良的女子结婚了,我们是在这个网站上认识的。因此我要对女士们说一声很抱歉,我不想再和任何人有联系了。我目前之所以还保留我的会员资格,是因为我和我的妻子还需要用这个网站上的聊天即时翻译功能进行沟通。她目前仍在中国等来美国的签证,我们第一次联系是2008年的4月4日,五月中,我们开始谈论婚姻计划,6月20日我到达贵阳市在机场和我的未婚妻第一次相见!然后我们在7月15日结了婚!不幸的是,为了我在美国的生意我不得不先回到夏威夷! 在这里我要感谢伊甸园婚介交友网及网站全体工作人员,我也希望这个网站上的女会员能理解我不能给你们回信的原因。”

Lanikai is a 3rd generation Japanese/American from the State of Hawaii, born in the USA, while GTX888 is a Chinese lady from the Province of Guizhou. While Lanikai has Asian in his background, English is his native tongue and he speaks no Chinese. GTX888 is similarly limited in her English. However, through our Instant Chat Translation combined with a lot of patience, understanding and hard work, they have overcome this obstacle and found true love. They are both working hard now to learn each other's language.

We’ve been in frequent contact with both Lanikai and GTX888 and they are both wonderful people and make a great couple. They seem to be a perfect match; true soulmates. So, on behalf of all members of, we wish to congratulate them on their marriage and wish them a long and joyous life together. Cheers to Lanikai and GTX888.

(Lanikai has promised that when things have settled a bit for the happy couple he will provide us with an original article that details their experience, from meeting on the website to his journey to China to meet in person right through to their visa application for GTX888 to move to America. We think this will be great information for all members, and we look forward to receiving and publishing it.)

From: Original         Author: Staff Writer         Time: 3/5/2010 3:51:06 PM

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