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Cupid Takes On The Tiger by John Abbot
Valentine’s Day is meant to be spent with loved ones. Chinese New year (Spring Festival) is also meant to be spent with loved ones. The problem in China, on this year when these two major celebrations fall on the same day, is that the “loved ones” are not necessarily the same people.

VDAY is meant to be a time of romance and amour, whiled away in the hearts and the arms of your lover, girlfriend or boyfriend, lifemate or spouse. Spring Festival is a time of familial love, whiled away in the hearts and company of your children, siblings, parents and spouse in his capacity of family member (not lover). The potential conflict is obvious.

In 110 years this will be the third time that Valentine’s day has fallen on the first day of Chinese New year. This year Cupid clearly has a Tiger by the tail, but how will he handle it? More importantly, if you’re a Western man with a Chinese woman on your radar, how will you handle it?Photo courtesy of
Chinese New Year is traditionally the longest holiday in China, and employees are often given 2 weeks or more to travel home and celebrate with their families. But that also makes it an obvious time for a foreign male to come to China and spend 2 weeks with his new love.  So the lucky guy is going to feel considerable pressure of having to meet his lady’s family for extended periods, which frankly is not going to be allowed to happen unless she’s convinced that the relationship is firmly headed towards marriage. And on her side she will be completely stressed out trying to convince her family that this strange looking dude from another planet is really a great catch, is her true love and will care for her all his life – because if they’re not convinced they will make her life hell!The good news for us is we have a number of members who are over here for CNY to meet or visit their new loves (met on CLM of course), and two of them will be writing blogs in the new eMagazine which is currently under construction, so we’re going to ask them to specifically describe their experiences once we are in publication in early March.

Photo courtesy of you are both going to be together on this special day, or miles apart and still just beginning to embrace a future together , here are some common suggestions for ways to take advantage of the double occasion to enhance your relationships and enjoy long lasting love, luck and good fortune together:
1. Since the color red is strongly connected to both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year you can’t go wrong by both wearing clothing that features red.
2. Enjoy breakfast in bed together, even if it’s from thousands of miles apart and on your laptops and even if one of you will have to have that breakfast at 5 PM.
3. Send her some beautiful red roses to arrive on her special day while she’s in the company of her family, who cannot help be impressed. And yes this last suggestion is a shameless sales pitch as we just happen to have a VDay CNY special on in the gift shop. To check it out click here…

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 2/11/2010 6:52:38 PM

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