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Does Google Love Chinese Dating Scam Sites? by John Abbot
I don’t seriously believe that Google is intentionally supporting Scam websites, but something strange is going on with Google search and frankly, it’s beginning to piss me off. If you’re a regular law abiding citizen of the world, then it probably will piss you off too. And if you’re one of the many thousands of men who have collectively been scammed out of millions of dollars by any of the major Chinese dating Scam websites, then you’re probably going to scream bloody murder.

The most well known Chinese dating scam sites.

Why? Because recently Google changed its algorithms again as to how it ranks different websites for major keywords that relate to their respective industries.

Now I can’t tell what is happening across the board in all industries, but I can tell you that in the online Chinese dating game, the crooks and swindlers are rising fast, and the few respectable sites (yes, like are dropping equally fast,

I don’t think I could complain if other websites rose higher on the search pages than we are while operating on the same principles as we do; that you be open and honest with your members, that you provide the best service you can with the best features and functions, and you do your best to provide great dating security and protect your members from being scammed. But when the websites rising the fastest are known throughout the industry to be crooks, swindlers and scammers, then I think I have every right to complain.

But more importantly, everyone who uses Google search to locate websites for the purpose of meeting and dating Chinese women has a serious right to complain. Because right now Google is starting a trend of leading innocent searchers who are unaware of these scammer sites right into their well laid trap. Google is promoting the bad guys as the best sites to join.

Who are these Chinese dating scammer sites?

Here are the major sites that we know to be scammers because we’ve had countless reports by countless members about how they were scammed by them. More importantly, if you run Google searches on these sites using such keywords as scam, scams, fraud, etc. after the website name in your search, you’ll discover countless numbers of forums and blogs expressing complaints about them.

According to all of our sources, these sites are posting fake members and charging to meet them, writing fake messages from those fake members and charging to read them and providing fake translations of those fake messages and charging for that too. There’s plenty more misrepresentation and fraud going on, but those things above are more than enough.

The list below is not all inclusive and there are no doubt many other sites that can’t be trusted, but these are the sites that are the largest and that seem to have Google’s undivided attention.

1., also operating as
2., also operating as
3., also operating as

The first thing to note is that all three of these major sites are also operating as alternate sites. In the first two cases above you join or thinking you’ve joined a new site only to discover once registered that you are actually a member of or, well known scam sites. Surely this qualifies as outright fraud, but Google either hasn’t yet discovered it or doesn’t seem to find it objectionable.

In the third case the major site ( is running the exact same web pages as both a section of itself and as a separate website. For a long time this has been considered by Google to be duplicate content and would be punished, but now it seems to be okay in Google’s eyes. In our eyes it reeks of scamming.

And what is truly amazing in this case, is the fact that the member being presented is obviously on the face of her own profile on the homepage of and the identical landing page of the Chinese pages of See below:

Chinese dating scam site pages of
                                                Chinese Pages 
Chinese dating sham site, front for
                           - a sham front site for

Lawyer in Guangzhou doubling as a hooker on loveme.comAmazingly, under Education the “member” of both’s Chinese pages and says she has obtained “Some College” and for her Job Title she indicates “assitant”. However, in her “Self Description” she writes in near perfect English a lengthy description of who she is and indicates that she works “as a Lawyer in Guangzhou City”.

As someone who has resided in China for 10 years, including 2 years in Guangzhou City, I can promise you that lawyers in China, like everywhere else, don’t get there with “some college”. I can also promise you that having attained the status of Lawyer no China woman would ever besmirch her professional reputation by posing with her tits hanging out like some common hooker (prostitute) on a dating site seen around the world. 

To suggest that this is the way Chinese ladies behave is contemptible, and no website that respected its own members in the least would do this. It is a stunning affront to Chinese women, Chinese people and the Nation of China. It’s one thing for Google not to censor and, but it’s quite another to promote them as the single most important website to be found when searching the major keyword “Chinese women”. 

I might add that this is also an affront to those few Chinese dating websites such as ours that are doing everything they can to protect, honor and respect their Chinese female members, who, unlike the “members” of the scam sites mentioned, are real, are respectable and are seriously and sincerely seeking someone to love. They do not act like dogs in heat.   
Keyword examples and top ranking Chinese dating site ( USA):
Chinese dating – – #1 & 2
Chinese women – – #1
Chinese girls – - #3, #5
China love – – #1
Chinese women dating – - #1, – #2,

Come on Google, these last two sites aren’t even real – they’re just fronts for and respectively. By your own rules they shouldn’t even be indexed, let alone #1 and #2.

These are just some examples, but they are probably the primary keywords in the Chinese dating industry, and until very recently these were not the sites in the top positions for these keywords, with the possible exception of the keyword China love. Granted so far Chnlove and AForeignAffair (via are the big winners, but is climbing fast and isn’t far behind.

Since changing its algorithms Google has started leading a whole lot of innocent searchers just looking for someone to love into losing their financial asses to a bunch of internet con artists. I’m sure that wasn’t Google’s intent with the changes they’ve made, but unfortunately it appears to be the effect.

Besides being Scam operations, these sites also completely malign and degrade real Chinese women. If you were to judge by these sites you would have to believe that all Chinese women look and act like outright sluts and are ready to fall into the bed of every man they meet. These sites are an insult to the character of the great women of China and to the intelligence of all men the world over.

I suggest that an added algorithm or condition for a Chinese dating site, or any website for that matter, should be that the website (and the business behind it) is transparently honest and looking out for the best interests of its members or customers. Nobody counting on a search engine as influential and as trusted as Google should be lead to a website that is out to rob them blind.

What do you readers or members think? 

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 10/24/2012 9:49:24 PM

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#2012-10-25 14:12:00 by danruble @danruble
Reply Maybe you need to have ghost sites with links with key words that the bots and crawlers glom onto.. And words here on site, that are used often in searches.. Hot Chinese Girls, Chinese Sexy Girls. Just look at some of the searches Crystal found were used on her LoveLove site.. And more links to more sites..I hear crawlers love those...
#2013-01-01 12:32:00 by Artistama @Artistama
Reply I hear you on Asian Beauties as a total RIP. But it is not the women who are represented. I've meet a really wonderful woman there before I realizedI was being taken to the cleaners. trying to get her to shift over to CLM.. she can't seem to get this site to come up.. Shades of your artical on Chinese internet. We could use some help here. I don't think that all of the girls are in on the rip. But some obviously work for the site...... Have you sent a formal complaint to Google.. Or is that like Goldie locks with the wolf!!

I think the most obvious stunt that AB uses is to dot out any possible information like the name of a different site , or an address They control all activity except for the very clever. They also link up their URL with your heading...Not kosher!! Maybe a formal complaint to the powers that be is in order.

Keep up the good work.
#2013-01-03 11:01:00 by pourquoipasamour @pourquoipasamour
Reply John, this is the tip of the iceberg. There is a site called "Cherry Blossoms", which I personally consider the "Scammers Paradise". Most girls ask for some kind of financial help in the second or third chat and some even in the first one. The stories are always the same., they should be more creative. Most scammers are Filipinas and somehow, since I visited their country, I realize that most act in total despair a.k.a.hunger. Poverty, misery, disease, teen age pregnancy, VDs there are understatements. From the air they breathe in the large cities like Davao, Cebu or Manila, to the coliform borne water they drink, everything is detrimental to your physical, emotional and spiritual well being, a major menace to your health. The Philippines. are not a country they are an immense tragedy. Large numbers of gays and "lady boys" pose as girls in dating sites like "Cherry Blossoms". I have nothing against homosexual persons or any other group, it is a matter of choice and I respect the right of choice of any individual. But to misrepresent, to pretend you are something you are not is a crime it is called "false pretenses". The saddest thing is that there is a site, I will not name it, specialized in "Christian Filipinas". The owner is an American guy and his lady is a Filipina. It is a very specialized small site. I truly respect both of them, they seem to be very decent and hard working people. The guy met his wife in the Phils, they lived several years there and now they live in Hawaii. At one point and time, scores of crooks and scammers migrated to their site, trying to use the label "Christian" to look like decent, God fearing people. Peter and Jen had terrible headaches but managed to clean up their site. This gives you an idea of the extent the crooks go to prey on people.
#2013-08-28 06:02:00 by jacktoil @jacktoil
Reply chnlove and asianbeauties,are the same website;the ladies of chnlove also are at asianbeauties, I can to proof this.
#2013-08-30 20:15:00 by ukuleleman @ukuleleman
Reply @john abbot

Hi John,
I have to agree with every comment youi have made. I have been a member of Asian Beauties for two and a half years have been scammed twelve times by this absolutely worst possible site on the dating scene. Westerners beware!!! They have drop dead beautiful women on every page..but I know that 12 of them pledged their love and life to me...until I said I was coming to China to meet them. Then each of them had ready made excuses to exit stage left. It was not until I joined this ChinaLoveMatch (and ALM) that I realized these "ladies" on Asian Beauties were paid agents for Asian Beauties to communicate with westerners to the nth degree but when the pressure was put on to "meet them in person" the excuses were thick and fast.
I know these facts to be true. Two of the girls with whom I was chatting and writing and receiving letters actually CONFESSED to me that they were translators paid by this Asian Beauties site and they told me that the photos in their profiles were NOT photos of them themselves but drop dead Chinese models or music stars or some other "beauty" to attract westerners to their wiles and whims. both of these translators confessed to me because they "did not want to see me get hurt any more."

Both also said that 80% of the women on Asian Beauties were not real but translators using other beautiful Chinese women's pics to attract westerners.

To prove or disprove their claims I asked the "current" girlfriends to send me some "natural" photos of themselves (not studio ones) in a bikini, and in a natural setting and place a placard in front or alongside their pics saying, 'Vic I love you' from Asian Beauties. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know what their responses were. But not one of them did what I asked and of course made a hurried exit stage left (with a few grand of my hard earned money)

The two translators who were honest did send me some pics to my private email address and of course they did not match their profile pics at all...quite different indeed. The point I am making is that 80% of the women on Asian Beauties are NOT REAL......that is from the horse's mouth!!!

I spent over 40.000 New Zealand dollars on this site over almost 3 would probably say I should have been suspicious after the first loss of a truly beautiful woman...but continued to have faith that maybe one woman truly existed. But here are some of the excuses"

Six of the twelve (under 25 years old) said they discussed our relationships with their parents but their parents rejected it totally. This, in spite of early in the communications they said they would be able to persuade their parents to bless our relationships.

Three of the twelve said (at my suggestion to come and meet them in person) that they had to relocate to a different city for their jobs!!!

One said she had to go away for eight days and would not have access to computer. Never heard of her again!!

One said that she was joining the Chinese Women's Army Auxiliary Force ....a girlhood dream!!! That was at least an original excuse!!! Ha ha.

One, 38 years old, and my best hope actually encouraged me to go to meet her but kept putting it off until "winter" too hot now. I called her through the Asian Beauties Agency by phone but she had to have a translator (paid for by me) to translate our conversation. In her profile she stated "English Speaking Skills: Intermediate. So I assumed she would have a basic knowledge of at least the language of love. But, you guessed it she did not know one word of English!!! To make matters worse I then asked her for her "private phone number" but she said her phone was very old and would not be able to receive my international calls.

So....and here you can call me naive, gullible, wet behind the ears and just plain stupid, as I offered to buy her a new phone. She told me by private email (which I had now procured) to send 5200 RMB (Chines yuan... Over 1000 dollars in NZD) to her girlfriend's boss's bank account (which she furnished for me) and within three days sh ehad her new 5 iphone. Now how stupid was that of me!!! But she was older than the rest and wrote beautiful letters in reply to my own but of course they were from a book or dictionary of writings supplied by Asian Beauties no doubt.

She also said that her "girlfriend"who was very good at English could "translate" future private emails and phone calls from me. Ha bloody ha. I rang her several times, sang to her over the phone, even had a go at speaking Chinese, but I received no response except "xie xie" (which is "thank you" in Chinese)

I also wrote several rather long emails to her...but all went unanswered. I even tols her 4 times to go to "" fo rexactly the same services as Asian Beauties and without any limitations regarding private email addresses and phone numbers and so on. But she just wrote that her girlfriend could not translate after all. She is still on Asian Beauties and is always shown as being available for chatting. But she was the cleverest of all and a very very great "agent" for Asian Beauties money collectors!!

There are hundreds of other swindling tricks Asian Beauties have up their sleeve an dI have written to management many times complaining, about their with holding of private individual information from "both consenting partners". They say that the International Marriage Brokers do not allow them to divulge this information. But that is absolute long as "BOTH PARTNERS" agree to this information being released there is absolutely no international law against it!!!

But can some one here at this very excellent site (and ALM) tell me how I can expose this criminal Asian Beauties dating website and put them out of business. They are breaking the law in many ways.

I have reported them to the International Fair Trading Commission but I do not think they did much to straighten this scamming Yankee outfit out!!

For any western guys here contemplating searching for a girl on Asian beauties you need to be aware of their costs and pitfalls

1. To chat with a girl will cost you one credit per minute (in New Zealand terms that is one dollar per minute)
2. To write a letter will cost you ten credits per letter (Ten NZD per letter)
3. To receive and read a reply will also cost you ten credits (Ten NZD per reply)
4. To book a phone call through the agency will cost you 100 credits for ten minutes ...minimum time to talk. (100 NZD) I have called four of the girls and spoke for about 30 minutes by the time I could make the translator understand!! and get the private information I wanted. So this cost me 300 bucks per call !!!!! (I have a deal with Telecom NZ to call China anytime of the day for 5 cents per minute!!!!!! Or just 3 bucks per hour!!!!)
5. To send flowers or gifts you get a big deal 10% discount if you buy 1000 credits first!!! Then you will get a 10% discount on flowers which will then only cost you about 250 bucks instead of 275 bucks!!!!! (Interflora can do the job for about 70 dollars!!)
6.I want to see this corrupt scamming site put right out of business...(they also operate as "Anastasia Beauties" Russian and Ukraine women) Same illegalities, same bullshit, same costs.

So western men, or any men really if you want to waste your money on phony love relationships join Asian Beauties or Anastasia Beauties right away. You will be broke in no time...both in heart and wallet!!!

I would appreciate the official International Fair Trading Commission or Association or Brokers website address to once more expose this corrupt, dishonest, lying, unfairly expensive and false dating site and see them out of business for the good of the world.

Cheers.... ukulelelman

#2013-08-31 14:16:00 by wayne73 @wayne73
Reply AB has dozens of off-shoots, including Thai and Philippine versions of itself which also have various names. These various sites are not just promoted by Google in search rankings, they are plastered all over social media and other popular sites where Google Ad Sense or whatever it's called is used, so even people who didn't go looking for this kind of thing could be tempted in. I even recently tipped off CLM that when I accessed from my nordic IP address, AB ads via Google were leaking into here. Still happens occasionally, John, but thankfully much less often. At my most cynical I might suggest that Google were now so big that they just don't care as long as the money from the ads keeps rolling in...
#2013-09-09 11:03:00 by Anonymous193457 @Anonymous193457
I am familiar with both sites, which also promote Latin and Russian sites. I know for a fact, because i visited China at one of their events, and saw this with my own eyes, that they have people behind the computer know this is a problem, posing as the girl in the picture. I know this is a problem, but I also see an opportunity to eliminate this kind of fraud. Are there any suggestions.
#2013-10-06 22:39:00 by RobertB @RobertB
Reply @John Abbot
That is awful as I know that John works very hard, while the scamming websites operate in some sort of automatic pilot mode. It is so much easier for them, more over, their "anti-scam" fight or struggle is a fake one, so they do not have to try hard at all.
I am sure they have it in place, just to show that they are trying but they use professional scam writers who command English good enough to be understandable and bad enough to seem legitimate. Still, I would say that even this does not add up as they claim that all letters are translated.
So, what? Why they cannot be perfect grammatically? That alone is a crime in this case. More over, the letters are written by others.
In other words, it would have been cheaper and possibly better if you wrote such letter yourself! Then read it as to you! The effect is virtually the same.
I cannot believe that they use such cheap tricks like showing women in nearly naked poses and pouring out sexual imaginative content even before the "respectable" "professional" has a chance to know the way he pronounces her name. Or even his own name.
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