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First Meeting (Learning and Awakening) by JulesE

The reason I refer to my choice-and she is choice- as “Teacher” is because she looks like a teacher. Maybe “choice” is not the best word to select as a description for this woman since it is often used to describe a piece of meat. Let’s not even go there.   During our chat history we discussed many things and had many laughs. One thing that continuously came up was kissing. It seemed that we both like to kiss and we often discussed different types of kisses and cultural norms acceptable to the East and the West. Now in my twisted mind, I thought this was an “opening” to help prepare her for romance. Not so. 

Upon arriving in Guangzhou I contacted Teacher to let her know that I was very interested in seeing her in the next day or so. She lives in another city about an hour train ride from Guangzhou.   She offered to find me a hotel that was close to her home, was reasonably priced and she even had a discount card that saved me about $20 a night. In addition to this service, I was informed that she had arranged to take Monday and Tuesday off work so we could get to know one another. I arrived in Guangzhou on Saturday and took the train to her town on Sunday. She continued to provide needed services that made things much easier for a person who knows little or no Chinese.   I know she would have met me at the train station if it were not for a previous commitment to her son. When I got off the train I called her and she told the taxi driver the name of the hotel and she told me how much to expect to pay for the ride. She just continued to impress me every step of the way.
We've no doubt that JulesE learned about more than just Chinese
Ladies during his trip to China. The above photo of Guangzhou shows
the type of scenes in China that Westerners aren't expecting as they step
off the airplane looking to see rice paddies.  Photo from Google.
I arrived at the hotel and was quite pleased with the room. It had a large shower, big screen TV, king size bed, Internet access and a great air conditioner. I was happy, especially when I found out it was less than $50 a night. She had informed me that I could expect her around 06:30 PM.   This gave me plenty of time to unpack and mentally prepare myself for our first meeting. It also allowed me to check my e-mail and the infamous addictive CLM “In-box.” There were messages to interpret and requests to answer, but, I just could not get my head around it. I decided to go to the convenience store next to the hotel and get some snacks and soft drinks. I really did not know what to expect, I had hopes, high hopes, but, I was not sure. I bought some mints and gum also.
Just a few minutes after 06:30 there was a soft knock on the door. I opened it to a vision of pure raw beauty. No make-up, long wavy hair almost to her waist and fashionably dressed. I was silent for what seemed like an hour, but it was only a few seconds, before I asked her to come in. I put out my arms to hug her; mistake number one. No hug, no kiss, just a handshake. Now I am a bit confused. We talked about kissing when we chatted and even laughed about it. That did not matter. This was the Chinese woman’s protocol. I had to be aware of cultural sensitivities and act like a gentleman. Luckily, there was a small sofa in the room and I invited her to sit with me.
We each had hand held translators and made good use of them. It was not long before things lightened up and we began to laugh at our attempts to communicate. The laughter was welcomed by both of us as we began to feel the heaviness in the room dissipate. Before long we were discussing what she had planned for me. We had chatted quite a bit about food and our love of spices. She was originally from Sichuan, an area of China known for spicy food. I could see she was relaxing and was allowing me to touch her knee or shoulder as we sat and talked. Time passed quickly and we both seemed satisfied at just getting to know one another a little better. Her home was just a few minutes’ walk from my hotel and we decided to end the night early and prepare for our first full day together early the next day. It was around 10:00PM when she decided it was time to go. She seemed surprised when I insisted on walking her home. I was the first western man she had ever been close to. I assured her that she would experience many differences in the way she would be treated.
I was surprised that she let me hold her hand as we walked. I paid close attention to her footsteps and always guided her away from small puddles and bad defects in the sidewalk. I also explained that I would always be walking on the street side of her and I explained the reasoning for doing so. I could tell she had never been treated this way before. Her hand caressed mine with feeling and intention. I knew everything was going to be fine. When we reached the guard post in her gated community, she let me know that my escort service ended there. It was a rather awkward moment as I contemplated trying to give her a goodnight kiss. I settled for both hands on her shoulders, soft words of thanks and a soothing gaze into her beautiful eyes. We agreed on the meeting time for the next day and parted ways. I watched her enter the gate and was happy when she turned around and saw that she was still the object of my interest. I returned back to my room. It was time to settle down and analyze what just happened.

From: Original         Author: JulesE         Time: 3/5/2010 4:15:19 PM

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