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IMBRA Raises Its Ugly Head Again - Here's Our Take On It by John Abbot
Over the years we have been asked numerous times how CLM and ALM deal with or handle the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) of the United States regarding USA male members meeting and ultimately marrying Chinese female members. Frankly we’re very tired of IMBRA and being asked about it for a couple of reasons:
1. It may well be one of the most inane laws ever passed by a Government that seems to relentlessly pander to political correctness at the expense of simple common sense in almost all matters and it never should have been passed in the first place, at least in its present form; and
2. In our opinion, as I will explain shortly, it does not apply to dating sites such as CLM and ALM at all. Numerous International Dating Sites are actually suggesting that IMBRA does apply to all such sites, and then charging their members large fees to assist them in compliance. In our opinion these websites are shamelessly scamming their members in the name of almighty dollar.
However, we recently received another enquiry by a member as to how we comply with IMBRA, and we understand why a USA male citizen might well be concerned about IMBRA, especially given the scare tactics being foisted upon American men by the above mentioned dating sites, but even more by endless numbers of American Women’s Organizations and by the American Government itself.
Chinese and Asian women are free to meet American men on CLM and ALM, and IMBRA be damned!Member Q: 
Could you tell me how this website complies with the IMBRA law of the United States? I have visited other sites and have found that each site handles differently. I would hate to meet someone on here, then have a VISA denied because we met "illegally"....not according to the guidelines set forth in IMBRA. What policies do you have in place for compliance with this law, and what can I do, and not do in my search for an Asian bride?
CLM Answer: 
CLM and ALM do not do anything to “comply with” or “handle” IMBRA because IMBRA does not apply to CLM or ALM or the vast majority of International Dating Sites like us for the following reasons:
1.  Sites like ours are specifically exempted by the very definition or an “International Marriage Broker” in the act as the definition of an IMB specifically does not apply to, among other things, dating services that do not match U.S. citizens/residents with aliens as their principal business and that charge comparable rates and offer comparable services to all clients, regardless of gender or country of citizenship. Very clearly that exemption describes CLM and ALM (and almost all of our competitors) to a T.
2. IMBRA specifically prohibits International Marriage Brokers (which CLM and ALM are not, as stated) from disclosing a foreign individual’s personal contact information to an American Male for a fee without first doing a virtually impossible long list of things to ensure that the American Male has never been convicted (or possibly simply charged according to some sources) with an act of physical or sexual violence towards a woman or child. However, CLM and ALM (and most other sites like us) do not ever disclose the personal contact information of members to each other, and in fact take great pains not to do so. It is a specific covenant of our agreement with our members not to disclose their personal information and we honour it religiously. It is the cornerstone of our relationship of trust with our members.
3. On a purely practical level, we have had many successful pairings of American men with Chinese and Asian women that have resulted in marriage and in the woman immigrating to America, and not once has the Government of the USA raised IMBRA as an impediment in any way. In almost all of those cases the couples have specifically presented their records of having met on CLM or ALM as evidence that the relationship is authentic and they didn’t come together as a commercial venture in which the woman was just paying to get married in order to obtain her green card. If IMBRA was applicable in any way, then those records could hardly have been used to assist in obtaining a visa.
IMBRA does not really enter the picture unless you are an American male who has a legal history of abusing at least one woman or child. If your record is clean then you do not have to worry about IMBRA.
Having said all of that, if you have concerns at any level you should consult an attorney who specifically specializes in obtaining Foreign women their K1 or K3 visas into the USA. We personally recommend Ted Huang who you can find here…  Ted has received a number of great reviews by our members (and no complaints) in the past. He’ll give you a short telephone consultation for free in which you could ask him about IMBRA if you’re concerned. 

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 4/22/2012 5:08:38 PM

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