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If Western Women are Empowered, Then Chinese Women are What? by Achelle Vinzon
Powerless?  If there is one thing Chinese women are not, it is this.  Even before the women of China started making their mark in Chinese society as very capable, savvy, and successful career women, they have not been completely unempowered.  In fact, until today, Chinese women still rule at home.  More importantly, modern women of China have finally claimed half of their sky. 
Perhaps it is because Chinese women have only begun to claim many of the freedoms that western women have been enjoying for many decades now that there are still so many differences between these two groups, especially when it comes to relationships, marriage, and family.      
What is women empowerment, anyway?  It is one of the many concepts that came out of the west and spread worldwide.     

Hopefully Chinese women can achieve According to the United Nation’s guidelines on Women’s Empowerment, women are empowered if they have a sense of self-worth; a right to have and to determine choices; a right to have access to opportunities and resources; a right to have the power to control their own lives, in the home and outside; and an ability to influence the direction of social change, both nationally and internationally. 

Strictly following these definitions of an empowered woman, it would seem the modern women of China still do not fit the mold.  Ironically, being empowered actually means breaking out of one mold and fitting into another, although the new mold is a lot less restricting.  Chinese women, however, are at an important crossroads; they can go the same way that most empowered western women have gone, or they can choose their own path as empowered women.

How has women empowerment in the west “molded” today’s western woman?  Women empowerment in the west, and in many other countries in the other hemispheres, has actually become synonymous with “female entitlement.”  What started out as a demand for gender equality has evolved into a demand for special treatment.  As a woman myself, I think what “women empowerment” stands for nowadays is simply distasteful, to say the least.

Today’s empowered western women have simply traded in one set of body-image issues for another.  Many have become ambitious and aggressive in the pursuit of their ambitions to the point that family has become less of a priority, if not a non-priority altogether.  Their sense of entitlement has also made them more self-absorbed and selfish. 

Of course, there are also many western women who have managed to claim empowerment while also preserving some of the more essential aspects of their femininity (as opposed to their feminism).  Unfortunately, they are fast becoming a rarity in the west. 

Today’s Chinese women have only begun to explore the paths that a significant slice of “women empowerment” in China has opened up for them.  They have definitely developed a better sense of their self-worth, not only as daughters and wives, but also as individuals.  While many of their choices, especially with regards to marriage, are still greatly influenced by the pressures from their parents and society, they have also started to demonstrate more independence, as evidenced by the desire of many to have a say in the selection of their mate and to pursue self-betterment.  They have proven themselves as capable as, if not more capable than, men in many male-dominated areas in their society.  Many have also proven that they don’t need to completely rely on a man for financial support.  The transformation of today’s Chinese women will certainly influence the direction that China’s future will take.       

Certainly, Chinese women are still not completely empowered, if the definitions given above are to be strictly followed, but they are on their way to fitting the new mold to a T.  It is precisely because they still have not completely broken out of their traditional mold that, despite western women supposedly being ahead of Chinese women, the women of China still have a lot more to offer as women, as daughters, and as partners/wives, separately and combined.       

It is not only that today’s Chinese women still have a long way to go with regards to gender equality (which has always been the true essence of women empowerment); it is also that Chinese women have plenty of good reasons not to stray too far away from the traditional box that they’re slowly breaking out of.  They certainly should not completely severe their ties with their country’s time-tested values; they can explore the possibilities outside their box without abandoning their traditions. 

If Western women are empowered, then Chinese women are what?  They are in a class of their own, that's what! 

From: Original         Author: Achelle Vinzon         Time: 6/6/2013 11:16:49 AM

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#2013-07-17 05:01:00 by loggins @loggins
Reply Western women are clueless to the ways of happiness. Over the years, they now have developed a sense of Entitlement from somewhere. Where they got this, I don't know (my guess is the Media). No matter what idea the man has, they have a better one. They talk "down" to their man, even a good man will they do this. They withhold sex as a weapon. Lastly, they are never satisfied. Regardless of how well they have it, it is never good enough.

Truly, there is nothing to be desired in a Western woman. Nothing at all.
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