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Ilikechina69 & Yumei Visa App Update by Ilikechina69

An Update:  Just a note to give you the good news.  Jade received her K-1 Visa to come to the United States to be my wife!  The process that was taking a year (on average) to complete, only took us 7 months.  I attribute much of the fast processing to CLM.  By reading the blogs, and writing emails to inquire some minor details, the process went very smoothly even without legal assistance.  I think the most helpful thing CLM does however for the members is to save all the letters and chats.  Jade and I had over 3,000 pages of chats, documenting our developing relationship.  To prove my point, Jade had a friend who was applying for a K-1 Visa at the same time as she was, but she and her fiancee' were not members of CLM.  Their Visa was not approved as Jade's was, because they lacked certain documentation, and the US Embassy needed more proof.  Thank you CLM for making Jade and I very happy.

Yumei and I finally got all the paperwork, the necessary forms, and all the needed materials together (I hope), and I have mailed our request off to the United States Customs and Immigration Service (Homeland Security Division) in Dallas Texas to be reviewed for approval.  There is a nice feature of this "computer age", and that is, you can track your application on-line, and see where it is in the process of being approved.  The process I was told by Immigration, is taking "about 5 months" to complete, and it must go to a variety of Departments to be approved.  After the application has arrived at Homeland Security, you fill out a request to track form, and are issued a tracking number.  With this number, you can go on-line, and see where in the approval process your application is.  This  allows more planning time for me to get ready for her arrival here in the US.  Once the application for the Visa has been approved, Yumie will be notified by the US Consolate in China, that her Visa is ready.  That is a day I look forward to.  That will be the first day of the rest of our lives together.  Again, I wish to thank CLM for this wonderful opportunity at happiness for us both.  Without CLM, none of this would have happened.  Xixe CLM

You can see a final update with images of the Happy Couple's wedding day by clicking here...

This is my latest update on the wonderful relationship I have found on CLM, with the woman of my dreams, Yumei.  We started filling out the paperwork for a Fiancee Visa, to allow her to immigrate to the United States.  The current fee for this visa is $340.00 US. This is a very lengthy process, and might be faster if we had legal representation.  But it is possible to do this on your own, and we chose to do just that.  I downloaded the needed forms (or so I thought) off the Internet, and made an appointment with the local Immigration Field Office for my area.  I wanted the forms and needed materials to be checked before I sent them off for approval.  It was a good thing I did.  They told me I was missing one form, and gave the missing form to me.  I have sent a copy to Yumei, which she will fill out and return.  Once this is completed, I will send the entire application to the Immigration Department for approval.  This process I was told, takes about 5 months.  When the application is approved, Yumei will go to the US Consulate in China to be issued her Visa.  Then we must clear this with her government with some additional paperwork, and she will be able to move to the United States.  Once she arrives here in the US, we will have 90 days to get married (which will be no problem!), or she would have to go back to China.  After we are married, she can apply for a Resident Status Visa.  The fee for this Visa is $985 US.  Once she has the Resident Status Visa, she can begin the process to become a United States citizen, which she does want.  She is going to check with her government, to see what else we must complete (proof of my income, proof we love each other, a letter of intent to marry within 90 days from a judge or clergy....etc), and I think I will have to go to China again, and appear before the Chinese Consulate.  The time spent, the expense of the process, it is all worth it.  She is wonderful, and thanks to dreams will come true.  Thank you again CLM!

Yumei and ilikechina69 look pretty happy together!

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