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Ilikechina69 and Yumei Take the First Big Step by Member: ilikechina69
I would like to relate my thoughts on my recent trip to China.  Being it was my first trip to China, I was not sure what to expect.  I went there to meet the most wonderful woman I have ever known.  We met here on CLM, and have been chatting for about a year.  I flew into Shanghai on December 3rd, and from there flew to Shenyang.  My girlfriend Yumei lives in Fushun, about 30 miles away.  When I met her at the airport, my life began anew.
There were several major differences I noticed between life here in the US, and in China.  The first one I noticed was on the plane flight there.  The Chinese do not put ice in their drinks.  My cola was served at room temperature, and when I asked for ice, I got 2 small cubes!  The same was to be found in the restaurants we ate in.  No ice!  When I asked Yumei why, she replied "China is cold....why would you want ice in your  drink?"

The next big difference I noticed was the driving in China.  There seems to be no laws of the road, other than to honk your horn, and blink your lights when you want to turn or change lanes.  Several times the taxi drivers would even go up on the sidewalk to go around the car in front of them.  Red lights seemed to be an option as well.  I must however compliment the drivers.  I never saw a wreck or even a dent in a car!  I don't know how they avoid collisions at times, but they do.  It was like an E-ride at Disneyland! 

Yumei and IlikeChina69 take the first step by getting together in China after dating on CLM.
All in all, I loved China.  The people, the culture, the customs...all were terrific.  I cannot wait to go back.  Yumei and I have started the process of applying for a Fiance' Visa, and hope to be married soon.  In the meantime, I wish to thank CLM for the opportunity to meet her, and continue to chat with her daily.  If it were not for CLM, none of this would ever have happened.  Thank you CLM!

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#2012-11-19 05:44:00 by meeksfp50 @meeksfp50
Reply I believe all will work out find. And I am glad that you found your wife and that she found her husband. good luck, and be bless.
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