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Lanikai & GTX888 Find True Love on CLM (Part 1) by Lanikai
When we asked Lanikai to write an article for us we did not expect him to do such a great job, and we weren't expecting it to be so lengthy. He really did do a wonderful job, and as you can see it became a series of articles. Thanks so much to Lanikai as he gives you a real taste of what is involved in meeting and winning your Chinese lifemate. One word of warning though - China is not the same throughout, and while in Duyang the ladies may be very proper, in Shanghai and Shenzhen they may be quite a bit more liberated. Don't expect that all Chinese women are the same, anymore than all Western women are the same. However, Lanikai is quite correct that women in their forties will be much more conseravtive than those in their twenties. Now, we hope you enjoy Lanikai's  articles as much as we did.

              LANIKAI: I promised the staff and owners at CLM that I would write about my experiences here at their website, but I have been pondering, where to start? But before I begin, I’d like to say two things! The first being, A Big Thank You! To the owners and staff at CLM. Without you I never would have found my wife whom I had been searching for! The second is, I’d like to ask all the guys at this website to stop writing to my wife (gtx888) and stop requesting chats with her. It is quite annoying when we are chatting together. She changed her profile to tell you that she is now married!
I also have a suggestion! Although the translation service is fairly good at this site, I highly recommend that you get another translator or even two others. As you get to know each other, your sentences and words will be much more complex and you will be surprised from time to time with her or his reply caused by a poor translation! And it can happen when you are having a serious conversation, which could end your relationship or cause some major setbacks! 
GTX888 as she was posted on
          when she and Lanikai first met on the website.
So here goes! Prior to finding China Love Match, I tried about 6 different dating sites! I won’t mention their names, but they were a very big disappointment for me! (I was very new to this Internet dating thing!) I got scammed at 3 different sites! Okay, so I don’t learn quickly and have a very soft heart and I was determined to find my wife! So I was ready to give up on “Internet Dating” but decided to give it one more try! I knew somewhere out there was my “Dream Girl” just waiting for me! So this time I was going to being more systematic and more level headed about this dating thing! 
So I did a web search for the “Best dating Sites?” And up came a list! I checked several out and China Love Match fit what I felt a legitimate website should be like. A site that actually cares about its members! So I became a Standard member to check things out! Now this was on April 1st 2008! Oh, by the way, I had already decided a while back, that if I was going to remarry, it would be a gal from China for a number of reasons, even though I don’t speak the language! But the main reason was I had this recurring dream for 15 years about a Beautiful and Wonderful Young lady, but I never knew where she was from until recently.
So on April 1st, I began my search for my future wife! I ran a search on the website: female, from China, 26 to 52 years old, High school graduate, Non-smoker and non-drinker, average personality, 5’ ft to 5 ft 4 in. body type slim. And up came a list of about 400 profiles. I spent the rest of the night into the morning going through each and every profile. I read what they wrote about themselves and their ideal partner. So, ladies, if you are serious about finding your ideal partner, it is very important you write about yourself truthfully! The same goes for you guys! I think more so for the guys! Those that wanted the same things as me, I added to my favorites list. When I was done there were 26 women on my favorites list! Well folks, it was now 6 am in the morning and I had started at about 9 pm the previous night! So it was time to get some rest! (Day off from work!)
After about 3 hours of sleep, I was back online! So there I was looking at My Favorites list and the corresponding pictures. There were two that stood out the most for me! Guys, you know! I still remembered what they wrote about themselves! So I decided that was where I would start! I sent Kisses to both of them! Saying that I liked their profile and photographs and I would like to get to know them. Very simple and to the point! Then I sat back and waited!
It was an agonizing 7 hour wait before I got a reply! Before I continue, I should tell you that of the two women, there was one that I really hoped would respond. She had this gorgeous smile, and my inner sense said:” She’s the one in my recurring dream!”
Lanikai as he appeared on
               when he and GTX888 first met on the website.
Okay! On with the story! So there I was checking my regular email when there was an email notice from ChinaLoveMatch saying: I got a message from gtx888. My heart was racing as I logged onto the site to see what she had wrote? It was a kiss saying that she would really like to get to know me! Well, that’s all I needed to become a paying member! The Girl of my dreams wanted to get to know me! So I wrote back to her and told her I just became a Gold member so we could chat together and when would be a good time for her? And of course I told her how Beautiful, I thought she was and how much I had hoped that she would respond to my message! To my surprise, she replied within 45 minutes! That suggested that maybe she was waiting for my reply? So I chanced it and sent her a chat request and sure enough she was online! Our chat began very cautiously for both of us as we slowly began getting a feel of each other! She told me that she had been hurt real bad in a previous relationship and worried that I would do the same to her! And that she could not take being hurt a second time! I don’t recall what else we talked about? I didn’t know I could save copies of the chat? Sorry! But we did chat for about 4 hours! We chatted again the following day, mainly about our beliefs and what we expected from our ideal partner? She told me she wanted a single-minded husband. We also talked about cultural difference and similarities, our likes and dislikes and so on! So we were off on the road of getting to know each other better! We chatted on the average 6 to 8 hours each night! Oh! By the way, I did ask her on April 3rd, if she might consider marrying me if we found that we liked each other? And I added that I didn’t want to waste her time nor mine if she was not interested in marriage!  She said it is too early to tell!
The following day, I asked her about her picture and when was it taken? Her profile said she was 44, but her picture looked like she was in her 20’s. Well, she said it was taken 4 years ago! So I asked if she had a more current picture and she said: Yes, but you will be disappointed! And I would laugh? Then she tells me that she does not wear makeup and asked if I minded! Well I told her I don’t care! But, she kept on insisting that when I see her picture I will laugh at her! So I asked her how much did she age in 4 years? She told me she works out in the sun, so she is no longer pretty as when she was younger. Anyway, after much banter back and forth, she finally agreed to send me her picture, provided I did not laugh! I promised I would not laugh and she sent them. When I opened the picture, I smiled! Yes she did not have makeup on, but she still looked Beautiful! Just as I thought she would. I knew she had the natural beauty! I think she was holding her breath? Then she sends me a message: You are disappointed? I replied, “Of course not! You have the Great Natural Beauty! “After a long pause she said: I am very Happy!

From: Original         Author: Lanikai         Time: 3/5/2010 3:54:38 PM

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