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Letter From A Real Nigerian Scammer by John Abbot
Here at we refer to someone as a “Nigerian Scammer” if they are trying to pull a version of one of several long time scams that were originally considered to derive from Nigeria. One such scam is the old “I have a boatload of valuable merchandise being held by customs and if you’ll pay the taxes and duty for me to get it out, we’ll get rich together when we sell it.” On long term dating sites, it becomes more like “we’ll live happily ever after when we sell it and I will love you forever”.
While we don’t limit the term “Nigerian Scammer” to Nigerians, certainly a high percentage of Nigerian Scammers, for whatever reason, are citizens of Nigeria, Ghana, and a host of other African Countries. One interesting thing is that well over half the Scammers trying to scam the good Chinese ladies and well over half the Scammers trying to scam the good Western men are from the same group of African countries.
Today we received two complaints from sincere Chinese women about a member by the username of “john123’, who it turns out is Nigerian, but pretending to be American. Below is the letter at least one of the ladies received from him. As a result of this letter john123 is now hanging out in Scammer Prison. We’re pretty sure that once you read it you’ll agree wholeheartedly that is where he belongs.   
Now we have had to place a lot of Nigerians and Ghanans in Scammer Prison, but we also have a number of members from those two countries who we hope and believe are sincere and honest individuals. We would sincerely like to hear from those members as to why so many of your countrymen are involved in scamming on the internet, to the point where it is really ruining the internet for everyone, and particularly for you?
I’m afraid to have to say it, but we have pretty much run out of patience with this group and have reached the point where we are about to simply refuse to accept anyone who has any connection with this group of African countries. We have been trying to diligently refrain from rejecting good and sincere people because of their bad fellow countrymen, but it is just becoming too large a task. We may have to throw out the good apples with the bad just to protect the real and sincere majority of members who should not have to ever receive letters like that sent out by john123.
Here is the letter. You will notice that it does not even name the member receiving it because that way the Scammer, who is as lazy as he is dishonest, can send it out en masse. This is the photo of john123 as it appeard on his CLM profile. Who knows if it was really him .  
“My Dear
I know you most have been very worried about me, On my way transporting my goods from the Warehouse  to the port for shipment yesterday, i was held along the Line by the Nigerian customs. They checked my goods and confirmed i had goods worth over 100,000usd,they later asked me for my Custom ticket. I was unable to provide it, unfortunately for me i got held down. Now they are charging me to make necessary payments for my custom Duties and tariff's fee before my goods can be released back to me and they can let me ship my goods to the United state ..
I felt so shocked and sad because, I have already made necessary payments for my export duties and also shown them evidence of payment i also made to the Immigration as guarantee that my goods should be allowed to leave the country back to the state ..
Now the Nigerian customs are not willing to listen to me and they say i have to make an additional payment for custom fee before i can have my goods back .. I feel so sad because, I have already Exhausted everything i have here with me .. It was the last money i had i use to pay for my ticket to China and right now i don't have much left .. I have done everything possible to let them understand my situation , they feel very reluctant to everything and they say they won't be able to help me out except this payment has been made.I saw reasons that i have got no choice right now besides I have a flight to catch,the problem right now is that i can't afford to pay everything they are charging me for .. I was able to pay some token amount of money to them yesterday, but still they insisted that i should pay up the rest fee.
 I just don't know what else i am going to do right now and i have no cash here with me except for my Voucher and travelers check which i am unable to cash here in Nigeria,because of the Nigerian banking system.I was told i cant cash it anywhere in Africa,except in Asia,Europe or America.I was told that i am not able to cash the check anywhere in Nigeria except if i return back to the state or in Asia or Europe and right now i have no means to raise any cash or more funds .. I just don't want to Loose my goods and loose my flight to you .. The more it is with them the more it becomes dangerous for me out here, my goods is worth so much money and i just can't afford to Loose it ..
  My Dear, I will really need your favor right now .. I will be most grateful if you are able to help me out right now financially ..I need to balance up a little sum of amount right now and if i am able to pay this i should have my goods back and move them for shipping back to the state...... I will be so happy if you can help me  and i promise i will pay you back as soon as i get to china and cash my check at the bank there.
I will get my check cashed and i shall refund back your money to you as soon as possible dear .. I am so sad and unhappy and now my heart is beginning to beat so fast .. I just want to get out of this difficult mess right now .. You will be wiping away my worries and tears in my eyes if you are able to do me this favor .. i will be so happy and i assure you i won't let you down for any reason .. You need to trust in me and i surely promise to make it up to you and even more .... i really hope that you are able to help me out of this terrible situation .. i just don't wish to be here any Longer .... I want to clear up this bill and leave here as soon as possible.I cant wait to be with you my Love,i am sorry to keep you worried up till now honey.
So, please, let’s hear it from you good Nigerians and Ghanans, how do we stop the lowlife scumbags like john123 without penalizing you? Comment here...

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 4/23/2010 12:01:45 AM

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#2015-01-07 12:09:00 by Samuelsambach @Samuelsambach
Reply I am Black American and I have a big African background I feel so disgusting everytime I see situation like this and this useless Nigerians are Scamming all over the globe everytime I open my gmail account it is full of scum from Nigeria with some incredible stories what I know is the Nigerians are Scamming black and white people all over the world if you're not as smart person you'll be victimized I am Black and I am so fricking sick of this crap because of the situation you cannot tell the difference between good and bad people because we are all mixed together even do I am Black I don't hang out with these people because they will destroy you with a blink of an eye and we'll never look back this Nigerians scammers are destroying good opportunity for black people all over the world for God so loved this fricking world I hate this Nigerian Scammer with everything I have this people need to be stopped forever

#2015-01-07 13:30:00 by Samuelsambach @Samuelsambach
Reply please help me to confirm to the beautiful Chinese ladies that I am NOT a scammer because every time a useless and brainless black person will do something like this it's always affect me and Yes I am Black but we are not the same people I am here searching for my soulmate and my future wife and this is very important to me I am NOT here to play games or to fool around I hope you understand my frustration and thank you CLM

I am a young black man and right now I live in Denmark I always have big love and feelings for Chinese girls and because I grew up watching classic Chinese movies from the 50s to 80s I never understand what's this said in a movie I don't care I still love it and I enjoy it when I was 15 years old my first girlfriend was Chinese American but her mother and father are from China we grew up together in the same neighborhood she was the best thing to ever happen to me we never have sex but I love everything about her but one day she stopped coming to school I wanted to tell her how much I feel about her and two days passed by and she wasn't around it was the first time I felt a broken heart in my life now I am 25 years old and I will never forget about her name she was called Jennifer she moved to Australia with a father I never knew what was wrong in his family and sometimes I think about her please don't judge me love is complicated you never know what you have until it's gone
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