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Matchmaking Services of China Love Matchmakers by
At we are frequently asked if we can provide Executive Chinese Matchmaking Services for Western men who do not have the time nor the energy to devote the necessary hours required in meeting and dating Chinese women in the search for a perfect Chinese Life Partner.  While we do not offer such services we're happy to advise that we have found a Canadian Company that does.  Today we're happy to introduce, who will provide discerning men from around the world first class Professional Matchmaking Services.  To find out more read the following information as displayed on the website, or to visit their website click here...


China Love Matchmakers consultative, professional matchmaking services help to ensure that the Chinese woman you marry, or commit to, will be the love of your life for the rest of your life.

Our consultative matchmaking process is thorough, very thorough, because our goal is to find you the ideal Chinese woman to be your perfect Chinese match – today, tomorrow and forever.

We get to know both you and the Chinese women who are candidates very well and this takes time. We will spend many hours talking with you, interviewing you and building a comprehensive profile of you over a period of weeks and months because we are a matchmaking service and not a dating agency.

But before we proceed here are two important definitions to help provide a clear picture of our matchmaking process.

  • Clients are the men such as you who sign up for our matchmaking services;
  • Candidates are the Chinese ladies who are interested in marrying a western husband.

Of course we also have Chinese women who are our Clients in which case the men are Candidates.


CLMM is pleased to offer two matchmaking services for you to choose from:

  1. Full Search Matchmaking
  2. Matchmaking Coaching & Mentoring

Your personal needs and approach will determine the matchmaking service best suited for you.


CLMM Full Search Matchmaking Service is a comprehensive service designed to help you to meet and marry the Chinese woman of your dreams.

There are 2 main stages in our matchmaking service that enable us to get to know you and your needs and desires so that we can find the perfect lifemate for you.

Stage 1 – Getting to Know You:

You are interviewed in depth and your profile is developed and reviewed. Questionnaires are completed.

We then begin to search in depth for possible prospective matches.

Stage 2 – Meeting Your Match:

You are introduced to the Chinese women candidates that your Personal Matchmaker thinks, and feels, are a great potential match after in-depth interviews and ongoing feedback from you as we develop our relationship with you.


A set fee is paid at the start of each of these stages and these fees are detailed at the end of this document.

STAGE 1 in Detail – Getting to Know You, Our Client

Over a period of weeks your Personal Matchmaker interviews you extensively getting to know who you are, your needs and desires and what you are seeking in your ideal lifemate.

Time is also spent with you as you answer a broad ranging series of questionnaires on our website.

Our work together helps us to build a complete personal profile of you that provides us with a map to help us find and identify your perfect match and lifemate.

This important time invested at the front end of the CLMM matchmaking process will help us to find you, our client, the very best woman of China to be your Chinese wife.

Because there is a significant investment of time required, at the front end, professional matchmaking services are not for everyone.

Valuable Personal Insights

The CLMM matchmaking process is designed to be incredibly valuable to you.

Many of you have been married before. Or you have had long term relationships. These marriages and long term relationships were not successful.

As you work with your Personal Matchmaker you will find that learning about yourself through the CLMM process of self-introspection will help you to find a new perspective on what is truly important to you as you search for the ideal Chinese woman to be your wife, lover, friend, partner and lifemate.

Your new perspective about your own needs and desires, a perspective that you had never considered before, will give you increased self awareness that will result in you finding the perfect match for youself.

With the professional and practical advice from your Personal Matchmaker as well as the matchmaking team at CLMM combined with a new outlook and you will be well on your way to finding the Chinese woman of your dreams to be your wife.

Open Search for the Perfect Match

China Love Matchmakers casts it nets far and wide in an unlimited search to find the perfect Chinese woman to be your wife. Unlike some some agency-type companies you are not restricted to only meeting women who are also CLMM Clients rather you have full access to our every growing database of thousands of active profiles.

Thousands of Active Profiles

CLMM has thousands of active profiles of Chinese women who are seeking a western husband.

Hundreds of new profiles are added each week, so your challenge as a CLMM client is to carefully review these profiles to find Chinese women who appeal to you.

These profiles are added to our ever growing network from two main sources.

Firstly, Chinese women interested in finding a western husband register themselves in our network.

Secondly, the CLMM matchmakers in the worldwide CLMM Personal Matchmakers Network in China and around the world are constantly meeting and interviewing Chinese women who are looking to meet and marry a western husband and are adding those ladies to our database.

Careful Selection of Appropriate Candidates

The CLMM matchmaking service is unique for a number of reasons that are important to you and help ensure the careful selection of appropriate Candidates for you to meet including:

  • the wide ranging nature of our search for the ideal Chinese woman for you,
  • the size of our active database of Chinese women who are actively and seriously searching to find a western husband, and
  • the fact that we work with you and all of our clients to selectively review the Chinese women that appeal to you in order to match your needs and desires revealed during the CLMM matchmaking process.

A true and lasting match is more than just physical attraction, so we work with you to selectively narrow your focus to a list of Chinese women who are truly potential matches for you. And this match is mutual because you also appear to meet their needs and desires.

In Depth Candidate Interviews

We know that the match is mutual because as we narrow the focus and women are added to your list we begin to contact them and ask for an interview – an in-depth interview. If, after our initial contact with these Chinese women, we feel that they would be a good match for you we begin the interview process.

First off we verify that they are who they say they are by checking their ID and doing reference checks – just as we have done with you.

Each Candidate is then interviewed in the same deep manner as you were because we want to find out if their needs, wants and desires match yours. As they say “it takes two to tango”.

Stage 2 in Detail – Meeting Your Potential Match

When your Personal Matchmaker feels that at least one of the candidates interviewed is potentially a great match to be your lifemate their profile is presented to you.

The Candidate's qualities are then carefully reviewed with you and the reasons why it is thought that they merit your consideration are presented to you.

If you are comfortable with the profile presented to you an Initial Introduction is arranged.

Initial Introduction

Whether you and the Candidate live far apart, or in the same city, the Initial Introduction is conducted via a 3-way video conference call initiated by your Personal Matchmaker.

Your Personal Matchmaker provides the introductions and once the ice is broken and you are happily chatting together your Personal Matchmaker leaves you to chat on your own.

The process of getting to know each other has begun.

Follow Up to Initial Introduction

Following the Initial Introduction your Personal Matchmaker follows up with you, and the Candidate, to see if there was a spark of interest and a desire to continue getting to know each other.

This part of the process is essential, because with your Personal Matchmaker acting as the conduit, it is easier for each of you to provide an honest and open expression of your feelings and your interest, without being hindered by the fear of hurting the other party that is bound to enter into a direct discussion between the two of you.

Meeting Each Other Face-To-Face

CLMM feels that it is important that people meet each other in person, face-to-face, as soon as possible.

Getting to know each other through Skype, QQ or other communications tools is important but actually meeting face-to-face is necessary.

It is only when you meet in person that you will discover if the elusive spark, the magic of chemistry, is present that will truly connect you with the Chinese woman of your dreams.

If you live on the same city, or relatively close to each other, meeting each other in person is easy. However if the Chinese woman lives in China or elsewhere and you are living in say the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia or another country some careful planning is required and CLMM is there to help you.

CLMM feels that it is important that people meet each other as soon as possible so we work with you to help you organize your trip to China so that it will be a memorable adventure, whether the beginning of a new life with your Chinese lifemate, or, if the spark is missing, then the trip of a lifetime.

Ongoing Support

As you are getting to know each other your Personal Coach is available to provide you with ongoing support and advice.

Cross cultural relationships are wonderfully rich and rewarding and because of this there can be some challenges as you learn about your new found partners way of life – and she learns about yours. We are there to help you build a firm foundation as well as helping you navigate your way through the inevitable misunderstandings.

Continuing Search

Perhaps there will be love-at-first-sight with an Initial Introduction but more realistically both of you will need to meet two or more people before finding the ideal lifemate.

After each Introduction the feedback that we receive from you helps us to further understand your needs. And each meeting with a Candidate also helps you to clarify what truly makes you feel comfortable.

So even while Introductions are being made we continue the search so that we can present another attractive Chinese women to you to be your match and lifemate. We continue looking until you have met your ideal match and are beginning your new life with her.


Investing your time and money in the matchmaking process will help you to find the Chinese woman of your dreams to become your wife.

As we have said, professional matchmaking services, the associated fees and the expenses of travelling to and from China or elsewhere are not for everybody.

However, discerning men realize that meeting and choosing a Chinese wife and life partner is one of the most important decisions a man makes in his life and they do not want to leave that decision to chance.

Stage One Fee – Getting to Know You:

$2,888 – payable to begin.

Stage Two Fee – Meeting Your Match:

$8,888 – payable when prospective candidates are presented to you who you want to meet.

Terms of Service:

Prior to requiring that a payment be made by you we will provide a written contract that clearly sets out the exact Terms of Service of our engagement with you and how we will proceed in the months ahead.

Payment Methods:

We accept payment via wire transfer to our bank in Toronto.

We do not accept payment by credit card or Paypal.


Some of our clients choose not to engage us for Full Search Matchmaking but rather simply want to receive ongoing coaching, mentoring and advice concerning Chinese culture and Chinese women as they enjoy searching on their own.

You can use our Coaching & Mentoring Service as a sounding board, for guidance and a rich source of experienced advice about Chinese culture and Chinese women as you search for the Chinese woman of your dreams.

The whole CLMM matchmaking team is available to help you.

Coaching & Mentoring Fees

Our Matchmaking Coaching and Mentoring services are offered to select clients who wish to go through Stage One with us for the valuable insights our process provides but they enjoy and have the time to search on their own.

We do not actively search for compatible Chinese women for our Coaching & Mentoring clients however if we meet someone who we feel is a match we will provide an introduction.

Basic Fee – Getting to Know You:


Ongoing Coaching & Mentoring:

$288 per hour payable in 5 hour blocks


Prior to requiring that a payment be made by you we will provide a written contract that clearly sets out the exact Terms of Service of our engagement with you and how we will proceed in the months ahead.

You may decide to move to the Full Search Matchmaking Service at any time and any and all fees paid will be applied to your account.


We accept payment via wire transfer to our bank in Toronto.

We do not accept payment by credit card or Paypal.


On behalf of China Love Matchmakers I look forward to talking with you and working with you to help you find and marry the Chinese woman of yours dreams.

Yours truly,

Richard Ward
Head Matchmaker
China Love

Telephone: 1.416.481.8282
Skype: richard_e_ward
QQ: 1470507645
Email: via Contact Us page

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