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Meet “Brooks07”, the Reason CLM Hates Scammers So Much! by John Abbot
We know you men on CLM get asked for money sometimes, and we know that Scammers on dating sites are really making it difficult to enjoy the overall experience. We also know that you appreciate the efforts we go through to keep Scammers off our website because we get letters thanking us everyday. In return we really appreciate that members are buying in en masse to the principle that if everyone reports Scammers at every opportunity we can all help make this a truly safe dating site.
But what we aren’t sure you’re aware of is how the Chinese women are under daily attack by Scammers, not only on dating websites but in all walks of life. In China people are subject to a constant barrage of scamming attempts, over their mobile phones, on internet website after internet website and on every street corner. In its defense, the Government of China is doing a lot to constantly warn citizens about each new scam that arises, both in publicity campaigns and through numerous nightly programs on the state owned tv channels.
Regarding internet dating the issue is a nightmare in China, with almost all of the purely Chinese dating sites either failing to care about, or worse, participating in the Scam themselves. Even almost all the international dating sites take a “hear no evil, see no evil” approach. We owners of CLM started this website specifically to try to give honest people who were interested in a cross cultural relationship between Western men and Chinese women a safe place to pursue that goal, so we really go out of our way to educate the ladies and protect them.  This includes a full time manager responsible to provide the best possible service to our Chinese women which includes being available by telephone 16 hours of the day, 7 days a week.
In spite of our best efforts some Scammers get through and on to the website, and we really want you to understand that for every Scammer that sneaks by us and tries to skin one of you guys there is at least one that is trying to suck some money out of the Chinese ladies. And some of these Scammers are really the lowest of the low, absolute bottom feeders, the scum that cockroaches leave behind at night. Recently we received a report from a Chinese lady member “LouiseAnn” (username changed to protect her confidentiality) about on a male member who attempted to scam her.  The basic scam was “I’m sending a large amount of money to China for you through an agent.” And then she gets a call from the “agent” saying he’d like to meet her to deliver the money but something has come up and “she will have to pay him $4,600 first”.  Another call from the Scammer confirms “I need you to meet him and pay him the initial fee of $4,600 USD and then he’ll turn over the cash I sent for you.” LouiseAnn repeatedly told this scumbag that she could not and would not pay the $4,600, and then things really got nasty.
Here is a copy of the last chat that occurred between the two of them with expletives slightly edited:
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:07:04):
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:16:38): why did you deceive to send my money to china? are you trying to cheat or something? that money is the reason why i am going through lots of problems now. me and my late wife worked for it. you promised to help me and now u trurned your back
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:17:51): i don't have the money and i have told you million times
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:18:09): the man asked me to pay 4600 USD
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:18:10): i am not talking about money
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:18:29): but I am talking about the money
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:18:48): and I think the money is exectly what you want
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:18:52): at least somebody went to your country to deliver to u..u should even try to see him
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:19:01): hey hey
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:19:06): i am so nervous now
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:19:16): i dont want your f**ken money
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:19:24): why are u so heartless
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:19:25): ?
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:19:35): I don't want to discuss about this anymore
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:19:37): do i need your money
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:20:00): after making me put your information there
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:20:12): actually I think you are a fraud and try to cheat people for their money
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:20:27): I don't want to talk to you anymore
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:20:29): u promised to meet the man but now he is there waiting for u
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:20:52): you want me to meet him and give him the money?
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:21:08): then send the money to me, I will make the payment
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:21:29): f**k you LouiseAnn for calling me a fraud...did u get there and u didnt see the money i sent to u..
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:22:10): if you are a fraud, don't waste your time with me, because I wil NEVER MAKE THE PAYMENT WITHOUT YOUR MONEY
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:22:14): i am so so vervous now
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:22:29): it is your problem
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:22:40): did u get there and u didnt see the money?
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:23:22): how can I see, the man is in Beijing, and it is 4000KM far from Xiamen
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:23:40): it is f**ken problem a**hole...u are a deceiver and the blood of my late wife will ask u cos she is chinese like you..
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:23:51): u promised me that u will meet him
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:24:01): now it 4000km right?
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:24:12): but I won't go to see him without your money
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:24:21): why are u lieing and promising what u cant do?
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:24:42): I have never promised you I will pay him
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:24:52): if anything happens to the money or anything, i will tender your information to your government
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:25:05): of course you can
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:25:08): please do it
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:25:37): and I will tell my government everything about you are a fraud
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:25:48): u are the cheater now...
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:25:58): kelvin brooks a fraud
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:26:07): let me tell you who you are. you are not an American
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:26:11): i dont blame your stinken a**hole
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:26:23): you are someone in Prague
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:26:45): you pretend you are an Amercian living in NYC
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:27:04): you cheat people for their money with your partner
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:27:17): you have a partner in Beijing
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:27:27): this is who you are
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:27:56): I don't want to waste any of my time with you
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:28:56): without you sending me the money to pay the man, I will never pay
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:29:07): I told you million times
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:29:14): I won't say it again
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:29:26): sorry
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:29:27): F * * K Y OU>>>u will die single..liar and a cheater...wait and see what i will do to u..u know i have all your your can to see me
Brooks Kelvin (2010-3-6 11:29:30): MOFO
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:30:09): you cannot do anything but dirty words, I guess you are a Nigeria black guy actually
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:31:32): if you want to save your money, now send me 4600 USD, I promise I will pay him
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:31:42): or nothing will happen
LouiseAnn (2010-3-6 11:31:50): is that clear?
This guy is clearly not really a man at all. He is an abusive, lying, cheating snake. It is impossible for us to express our absolute disgust with these useless, pathetic, pieces of human excrement. “Brooks07” and all like him are why we hate Scammers.
You can tell by the words that passed between them that LouiseAnn was not fooled for a minute by this guy, that she had him figured out completely. But what you may have missed is that one reason she was able to be sure he was not who he said he was is the fact that right on CLM she could track his IP address, and when he was telling her he was in New York City she already knew he was actually in Prague. Knowing he was lying to her about that, but that he also was not in China, made it easy for her to calculate that he obviously had a partner operating in Beijing.
The Chinese women do not deserve this type of abuse anymore than the Western men do, and like you, they are constantly reporting anyone who asks for money. Like you they are working hard to keep CLM the safest online dating site in China, and hopefully the world.
Please use the IP checking every time you are answering a message or chatting. It’s there for a real purpose. And please keep reporting those scumbag Scammers because we really do hate them here on CLM.
And to you, LouiseAnn, BRAVO! That was a job well done.
(To visit Brooks07 in Scammer Prison click here…, then click on his photo to see him in his cell.)

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/25/2010 10:02:43 PM

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