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National Day vs The Moon Festival (2009) by John Abbot

This year in China there are two major events that will coincide to the point of being celebrated in unison. Both of these occasions are of significant importance to Chinese people, and each of them deserve you sending a congratulatory or best wishes note to any Chinese loved one in your life. Even more important that you send such a note if there is a Chinese woman in your sights or on your radar that you want to bring into your life. For that woman you absolutely must convey your understanding of the importance of these two occasions in her world. But (trust me on this), one of these events is far more important as a means of you worming your way into her heart on a permanent basis. The right move for one of these two major events will win her over, heart and soul.

 The reason that National Day and Moon Festival fall virtually together in 2009 is that National Day is celebrated according to the more standard Gregorian calendar while Moon Festival shifts every year according to the current whims of the Lunar calendar. This year National Day celebrations commence on October 1st (as always) and Moon Festival commences on October 3rd instead of its more usual arrival sometime in September.
National Day
For a quick insight into what National Day means for Chinese generally see last year’s article entitled “China’s National Day”. National day this year is of particular importance because it is the 60th anniversary. Like all cultures, yours included (whoever you are), Chinese like to really go crazy celebrating things that fall on years that end in zero. So the 60th anniversary is far more important than , say, the 69th anniversary, or for that matter any other anniversary until the 70th anniversary comes along, which will be so glorious that the 60th will pale in comparison. But for now the 60th is by far the best ever. So you really must send a note to that special Chinese lady you’re trying to get into your life that tells her you know all about the significance of this great event (which you would actually know if you had just done what I suggested above and gone back to read last year’s article – but you didn’t do that, did you?). Knowing this stuff is sure to get you some points.
Preparations for National Day Parade - Do our soldiers look this good?
Preparations for the Chinese National Day Parade.
Photo Cortesy of
Practise Run of the National Day Parade - Impressive but certainly not romantic.
The National Day Parade is going to be a demonstration of military prowess.
While impressive and invoking pride in Chinese citizens, romance will be absent.
Photo courtesy of
Moon Festival (aka “The Mid-Autumn Festival”)
On the other hand, the Moon Festival is a traditional holiday or celebration going into its gazillionth year (so many years in fact that no one even pretends to know whether this particular year ends in a zero or not). This particular Chinese tradition or celebration is second to none except Chinese New Year (aka “The Spring Festival”). Now please save yourself the embarrassment of making the same mistake twice and go read about the significance of the Moon Festival in last year’s article entitled “Moon Festival Is Upon Us” (Now – go read it now!!).  
Moon Festival is about family, and caring, and relationships, and love, warmth and tenderness. It has been a major feature in Chinese culture for thousands of years. It instills in Chinese women an incredible feeling that meeting and loving their mate is of paramount importance. During Moon Festival just the sight of a Chinese Hanging Lantern causes a Chinese woman to instantly want to find the perfect man and (gasp) make babies!  You might view it as a combination of American and Canadian Thanksgiving Day with aspects of Valentine’s Day thrown in. At least send a nice letter or eCard, or better yet impress her family by having a gift delivered while they are all gathered together to celebrate this very family oriented holiday. You might give her so much ‘good face” in front of her family that she will love you forever. Isn’t it lucky for you that CLM has a great gift shop to make the giving of a gift so easy. (Sorry, I try to avoid such crass commercialism normally, but this time I just couldn’t resist.)
Moon Festival is a time for love of family and kindling new romance.
The Moon Festival is for a gathering of families and sparking romantic interests.
Photo courtesy of
So Einstein, which of these two occasions do you think most deserves your making a big deal out of it and conveying to her your deep and sincere understanding of its profound significance! That’s right, Moon Festival. If you want to score with the Chinese woman of your dreams and/or fantasies then make a huge deal out of Moon Festival. For a couple of extra points mention National Day in passing, but don’t dwell on it at all or you’ll just detract from the impression you made with your deep and spiritual appreciation of Moon Festival.
Now that we have that straight, please go prepare and send your special message of warm and loving wishes that your future life mate has the best Moon Festival ever, and be sure she understands that next year you intend to be sharing Moon Festival with her as a loving couple and united family. She’ll be yours in no time.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/5/2010 4:20:10 PM

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