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Online Dating Tips: Secrets of Writing a Great Profile by John Abbot

Oh oh, here it is, the hardest part of registering on that new Online Dating Site. Youve finished filling in page 1, the boring contact and password details. They said that would be a matter of seconds, but it took you 15 minutes and a cup of coffee (or maybe a red wine or mug of beer) just to think up that clever username.

Then you got through page 2, all the multiple choice and check the boxes stuff; you're a non-smoking, social-drinking, divorced, 34 year old, with 2 kids (dont live at home), no stated religion, no disclosed income,  who loves dogs but doesn't have one, and is definitely not a vegetarian.

But now youve been staring at page 3 for over 30 minutes and another coffee (or couple of wines, etc) and you have developed a sudden understanding of, and sympathy for, writers suffering from the dreaded writers block.  Because now youre being asked to write a few descriptive sentences about yourself, and that is not easy.

Having Trouble Writing A Great Profile?

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How do you announce to all those beautiful women members just how amazing and wonderful you are without appearing to be a braggart. You know you are the catch of the day, but how do you put it in words so that they will all know it. Finally you write I'll tell you more later, and go take a long shower.

Well it doesn't need to be that way. Try doing this:

1. Don't try to write your autobiography, a few simple lines revealing one or two aspects of your deep and multidimensional character will suffice. In other words KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). You don't want to tell her your life story in your profile, or youll have nothing to tell her later when you are getting to know her. Just say a couple of things that any woman will love to know.

Example: "I am a hard worker and love my job, but I know how to set it aside and enjoy quality time with the woman I love. Now I just have to find her." This tells her you are stable, secure in your job, romantic, devoted and caring, plus you are looking for her. What more does she need to know?

2. Be specific, not general. General is boring, specific paints a picture.

Example:  Dont write "I love a good movie", write "One of my favourite moments was watching Body Heat when Kathleen Turner said to William Hurt 'Youre not very bright are you?  I like that in a man.'"  Now (assuming she is old enough to have seen Body Heat) she knows you have a sense of humour and humility, you like good movies, and she can picture herself enjoying a good, fun bit of verbal sparring with you. She is bound to want to know more.

3. Be personal and dynamic, not impersonal and passive.

Example: You do not "like to look into a womans eyes", you "ache to gaze into the eyes of your true love, to seek the depths of her soul, and to see the world as only she can see it".

The above 3 examples are all you need for a complete profile that will have her begging for more.  

Now one last point. No matter how much work you have to go to, write your profile in good English. Spell every word correctly, use perfect grammar and complete sentences. Bad English does not prove you are not intelligent, but it does leave it open to question.

You profile is what will cause every woman on that dating site to either be keenly interested in you or to pass you over like a bad case of the flu. Bad English will cause her to totally miss or overlook all the clever and catchy thoughts you have expressed, especially if she herself does not speak English as her native tongue. How can a Chinese woman look up in her dictionary and translate your words if you don't spell them correctly?  How can she know you ache to gaze into her eyes if you write that you "ake to gais into her ize"?

Now, if you follow these simple tips, you can write that great profile in the time it takes to drink one cup of coffee or one glass of wine, then quickly move on to searching for the new love of your life.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/5/2010 3:46:12 PM

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