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Romance in China – Then and Now by Staff Writer
China has long been closed to the world and modern day advancements until she opened her doors to urbanization and became a rising economic power. She was known as the Sleeping Giant but now has awakened and has fast become one of the world's strongest economies.
Changes in a nation's economy bring forth big leaps in all of its aspects. It causes people to think and ask, “How is China taking this rapid urbanization inclined to Western modernization in contrast to its old Chinese traits, beliefs and perhaps, traditional marriages?”
Old Romance in China
There are hundreds of old Chinese love stories that Chinese people have related to for many centuries now. These are stories that came from Chinese mythologies passed down from one generation to another. Titles such as Lady White Snake, The Story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai and Meng Jangnv continue to be popular in the Chinese Arts and Culture department and even to the present Chinese population. Regardless how China is becoming aggressively progressive, romantic stories that entail everlasting affection and love continue to melt Chinese hearts.
Dating Chinese women isn't simple, regardless of the generation you're from.But what was Chinese romance like before cars replaced bikes and factory jobs overshadowed farming? From old history books to modern day mobile readers, romance in China has involved getting the family elders' approval. A young daughter or even son (traditional Chinese have always favored sons over daughters), will have no opinion against their parents' decision on who they should marry. To put it bluntly, Chinese parents control all aspects of their children's lives most especially on matters of matrimony.
Unless a Chinese son or daughter have been born to a wealthy family, their soon-to-be partners in life will most likely come from another family of the same status. Wealthy Chinese families had a greater possibility of already knowing who to marry and where a potential partner would come from as opposed to those who had been born to a family from a poor community.
Is it safe to say that romance was never part of courting in China before? There's a high probability that arranged marriages do not start in romance or affection. It's also considerably likely that courtship in China has been minimal, especially since parents were traditionally strict in looking after their children. Even after the drive to women rights in the later part of 1949 was successful, getting a good education from a distinguished university has always been the priority of Chinese parents. Dating is not common in college students until they graduate.
Modern Day Romance in China
Would it be too risky too actually date a Chinese woman in China? Not at all. Consider the fact that mainland China is fast progressing and that means open trade from around the world calls for foreign investors, business experts, and tourists. This means that people of China embrace a diverse set of cultural traits and this equates to moderate transition in adapting to the rest of the world's way of living.
Similar to China, each nation has its own traditional ways and customary beliefs, especially in courtship and marriage. But the pressure here falls on just how strict Chinese have been over several hundreds of years! So an understandable resistance to sudden change by the older Chinese generation is normal.
The younger Chinese population, on the other hand, is open to these sudden changes and in fact, have adapted to it rigorously. College students now can go on a date in public places without being condemned by the society. Even better news is that they can now choose who they want to marry, be it a fellow Chinese or a foreigner of a different race. Below are three of the many ways to start dating in China.
1.    A good way to start dating a Chinese girl is to be friends with her the proper way. Once a good friendship is established, going out together with friends comes next. In China, this is considered a good start. A guy does not come off too fast nor too slow in showing affection. After several dates together, it would be wise to go and meet the parents. To gain favor with the girl's family, it is customary to bring them gifts for every visit. The couple then can decide where to take the relationship. Note that the real decision here takes place when both have a really strong connection with each other and if the man is willing to take the relationship a notch higher, as Chinese women are usually submissive in relationships.
2.    Using online websites will also help in finding a Chinese match. Websites are more convenient to use wherever a user is located, especially when they specialize in a niche such as dating Chinese women. Online dating in China is now an acceptable way to find a Chinese match that could potentially become a life partner.
 3.    Travel to China and be one with the culture. Consider taking a vacation to China and stay as long as your vacation time and financial resources allow. One of the most effective ways to meet a Chinese girl is to immerse with the culture and learn from it.
The bottom line is that if you’re dating a Chinese woman online who is in her thirties or older chances are you are going to be faced head on with old style Chinese romance and you’d better be prepared to deal with it.
On the other hand, if your Chinese dating partner is in her twenties or younger she’s more likely to be more modern thinking and not so caught up in Chinese ideas of romance that are outdated by Western standards, but just the same, you’re likely to encounter those attitudes in her parents so you’d better have a grasp of the old ways if you want to take home your new Chinese girlfriend with as little grief as possible..  

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#2012-09-24 04:30:00 by spinteron @spinteron
Reply My opinion is what between so much site where one could find you chinesse woman , all of they are inside the business , I think what would be good for have a free dating site where any people could find this girls, all country have any free site , thanks you so much Dante
#2012-10-25 13:11:00 by danruble @danruble
Reply Spintron, The CLM site you are on is as close to free as one can reasonably expect. These dating sites are for meeting people that you may wish to consider as a possible mate... For the price of two or three trips to Starbucks.. Search profiles, send some letters.. read some letters...Chat, exchange info, learn about each other in a safe easy to use forum...But in the end you will have to eventualy meet in person to really date.. If you want free dating sites try Craigslist.. Yeah.. uh, good luck with that..
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