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Something To Win Her Over by Harry Monkey

 A Truly Happy Family
Father: Canadian Caucasian 
+ Mother: Philippine Chinese
= Baby: Gorgeous


If you are a Western Caucasian Male and you’re truly seeking a long-term relationship with a Chinese woman, then the best thing you can say to win her over is very simple – tell her how beautiful your babies will be.  Chinese women all seem to heartily believe that a baby who is a mix of Chinese and Caucasian is bound to be stunningly beautiful, and in truth the evidence seems to bear this theory out.  Every baby I’ve seen who has been born of mixed parents does seem to be very attractive, even if both Mom and Dad are in the canine class themselves. 

So if you want to get her salivating over you, and anxious to be your woman and lover, just work mixed babies into the conversation somehow.

I also think this is true of men of other ethnic origins such as African, Indian or Middle Eastern, both as to the Chinese woman’s beliefs and the evidence of the truth of the theory, but I’m not certain as I am Caucasian myself.  So if you’re in the other Ethnic categories I would still suggest you give it a try.

And the best of luck to all of you.


From: Original         Author: Harry Monkey         Time: 3/5/2010 3:21:55 PM

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#2014-03-08 23:52:00 by TRACDOC @TRACDOC
Reply @Harry Monkey I can agree with this I lived in Hawaii for a few years and inevitably the children of a Caucasian/Asian or Polynesian marriage especially the females are beautiful!
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