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The Process Begins by JulesE
It is difficult to explain how I decided to seek out a Chinese wife. It wasn’t planned. It was not something I had always dreamed of or fantasized about.    It appeared in my mind of its own accord. One day in my office I just got the idea that maybe I should get married again. After all I had been divorced for five years and was still reeling from the effects of an American Caucasian wife. I considered Russian women, but they looked like American women, only much more beautiful and usually taller. They are beautiful women. Then I looked at Chinese women on CLM and that pretty much did it. Case closed.

I work in a school and the computer system goes through the school board. Almost all dating sites are blocked. I could only enter the CLM site by typing in “Filipino Women”. It was an accident that got me to the site. The day I found it happened to be the first day of the five day testing period for the students. That meant that I had five days of very little to do. I am not a teacher. My job is clinical and I had three days of seeing no patients. It all just fell into place. It took the entire five days to go through all the women on the CLM site. I think there were 120+ pages. Almost all the women were beautiful. As I looked at them I began to think about the possibilities of actually marrying one of these beauties. I had not joined CLM so I was just in the investigation stage. The week went by and I was exhausted from my search. I took two weeks off from the site as my work load was heavy.
Lucyliu - a new beautiful member of
Photo of Lucyliu, a beautiful Chinese woman who has recently joined CLM.
She has been chosen at random by the editor and has not been one of
the Chinese lady members with who DanielE has specifically chatted.
But we're sure she'd be happy to chat with some of you, dear readers.
After the two weeks the urge returned and I joined CLM as a silver member. I had not told anyone about this endeavor. I thought the whole thing to be somewhat strange. I had never done any internet dating or searching for women before. I told my older sister I needed some photos taken of me for my resume and to send to a friend. So I posted current photos on the site and the fun started. Now I am not the most handsome guy in the world but I am not a ghoul either. In the first few days I had received over thirty kisses from women I remembered from the search. These were women that I thought I would never have a chance writing to, much less developing a relationship. I was floored and my ego soared to new heights.
So this is how it all began. Men I would like you to know that if you have never experienced chatting with beautiful Chinese women, you are missing one of the most profound, interesting, confusing, ego elevating and fun experiences of your life. As a therapist I would recommend this to any man who is suffering the effects of divorce. I tell you it is better than any anti-depressant. People began to notice a change in me. They would ask me if I had found a girlfriend or if I had won the lotto. The nurses I work with could not figure out why I was so happy all the time. I felt very different. I realized at this time that I had passed the point of no return. My next wife would be Chinese! Little did I know that there were many pitfalls, misconceptions, and misinterpretations that waited for me? But I plowed on with a smile on my face.

From: Original         Author: JulesE         Time: 3/5/2010 4:08:27 PM

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