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The Sudden Deluge of Truly Bad Online Dating Websites by John Abbot

Suddenly there are thousands of new online dating websites popping up all over the internet.  This explosion is unfortunately not due to, nor contributing to, any increase in the quality of internet dating, just the opposite.   Internet marketers have now developed “instant dating sites” and are selling them by the hundreds to a bunch of naïve suckers who think they can just toss up one of these simple and useless websites on a clever domain name, throw some money at Google Adwords, and bingo, suddenly they’ll have a huge crowd of online daters who pay big membership fees or click away wildly on their Google ads, and they’ll become rich overnight.  The only people getting rich off of this are the “online marketing gurus” (read “hugely successful online marketing scammers”) who are peddling them, and of course Google.

Worse yet, the idiots that buy them quickly discover that they have to already have members in order to attract members, so once they have put the sites up on the internet and have already blown their advertising budget with no results, they have 2 choices. They can either recognize they we’re scammed by the “Gurus” (the so called “Big Dogs”) and pack it in, or they can take the next step and become scammers themselves by starting to upload fake members and then using those members to scam the occasional real member who unknowingly signs on.

Anyone can be scammed, but especially people looking for love. Photo courtesy of

Here at we know that running a busy and successful online dating service, even one with a specific focus such as introducing real and beautiful Chinese women to Western men, takes real effort and ongoing commitment.  We owners spend at least 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, working behind the scenes or CLM. We take off maybe an average of 1 day a month, and even that 1 day we have to check in and make sure no one is having problems.  Why do we work so hard at this, which must sound insane to a normal human being?  Simple – because we love it.

We’re pretty sure that most of our members recognize this. We know the Chinese ladies do because we hear from them everyday how much better we are than the usual dating site in China, and we see forums in QQ and other large social networks in China in which there is constant reference to our dating site being the safest there is. Of course Chinese girls are pretty outgoing and talkative so we expect more praise from them than from Western guys, but we also get our share of compliments from our male members.  Most people especially appreciate the extensive efforts we are making to protect them from scammers. Things like Scammer Prison, Onsite IP checking of chat, messages and profiles, notices to every member who has had nay onsite contact with any scammer who we discover and encouragement of member reporting of scammer activity are all things that no one else is doing. And our members are beginning to really see appreciate the value in it.

So this proliferation of small, poorly planned, ill intentioned and often downright evil online dating sites is really causing us a great concern.  Not because they are stiff competition for us. In fact, ultimately they work in our favour as people see how useless and damaging they are, and appreciate us even more for what we offer.  The problem is that those members may not find out the difference between a real dating membership website that actually cares about them, and a scammer website that could not care less, until they’ve already been scammed and suffered either financial or emotional loss, and that is the exact opposite of what we hope all people will experience when dating online.  

What advice do we have to avoid this painful experience when all you were looking for was a great match with a beautiful Chinese woman, or any other match you might be seeking? Go to the larger pay sites and check out their features. Don’t bother with the free websites because they are not going to protect you from scammers.  They have no interest in doing so, since the busier the website, including scammers, the more their ads will be clicked on.  Join the pay site or sites of your choice, then check out their features before paying for an upgrade.  Do they offer a responsive service if you write to them?  Do they have features that will really protect you from scammers, not just the occasional onsite text that pays lip service to this issue?  Do they seem to be trying to make your experience fun and enjoyable by offering extensive features?  Do they seem trustworthy?  If they pass these tests, then paying a fee for a good service only makes sense.   Like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 3/5/2010 4:29:50 PM

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