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Trip to Vienna by Ling6767
Back to a decade ago, my husband and I travelled to Vienna, Austria, to visit a friend of mine. It was some time in the beginning of September.

My friend married to an Austrian. The couple lived in a humble wooden house with a 10-acre garden on the edge of the city of Vienna. The husband had been running a travel agency for many years. He went bankrupt and had to close down his business at the time when we visited them.

As guests, we stayed in a small wooden hut which the husband had built at the end side of the garden. It was wonderful to sleep in a place surrounded by apple and pear trees, but we had to take shower outside the hut. I had to cry out loud when I took shower for the water was icy cold.

At night time, four of us enjoyed chatting while we were drinking Austrian sweet white wine in our little hut. The husband travelled a lot while he was running his business, specifically to Asia and South America. One of his friends travelled to Amazon river and returned to Austria with some sort of insect living in his body. None of the Austrian Physicians could help him to get rid of the insect. Each spring, he suffered from itchiness and fever which the insect brought to him for a couple of weeks. When spring ended, his life went back to normal. Some suggested him to go back to Amazon river to seek help from primitive tribes but he declined. I wonder how he is now after more than a decade gone by.

At day time, my husband and I went to explode the city of Vienna. I can’t recall much of the city but remember clearly that the Schloss Schoenbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace) is splendid, with an enormously splendid garden.

Moreover, I remember the most is our visit to the FKK park.

The beautiful Danube runs through Austria, flowing by the side of Vienna city. On one bright sunny afternoon, we took my friend’s bikes to ride alongside the Danube bank. It was a beautiful day with gentle breezes and warm sunshine. The sky was light blue, the Danube was dark blue. Birds were singing along while Passers-by greeted each other in German.

We began to leave the city and the running cars behind us and found ourselves in a green zone dotted with yellow and purple wildflowers. We saw some people lying on the grass along the river bank slope, naked, sunbathing. In front of us, an aged couple, hand in hand, naked, strolling on the path; we looked back, another aged couple, also naked, walking without scruple. Fortunately, there were people who wore clothes like us.

One naked man walked by the river back and forth several times, then he jumped into the river for a swim, then, he returned to the shore, lying on the grass. He inspired me to go for a swim in the Danube. Of course, I did not bring my swimming suit with me. I took off my clothes and walked slowly into the river, stepping on some round little stones underneath. My husband did not join me for he preferred not to get himself wet. He remained at the shore.

I couldn’t help crying out loud while shivering in the cold water which wasn’t as icy cold as that we used for shower in my friend’s hut.

Though it was cold, the Danube water was soft and smooth as grease. It was fantastic to swim in it. Soon I caught up with a group of white swans that floating in the water.

After some 20 minutes, I returned to the shore. My husband was standing, ready to hand me my clothes. Hiding behind my husband, I quickly put my shirt on. At the same time, I caught sight of a man on a small hillside ridge that lies in the opposite, wearing clothes, with a camera in his palms aiming at me. I shouted at him from a distance while I was putting my skirt on. He vanished from the hillside instantly. My husband turned his head backwards to search the target, but he remained motionless. I was mad at the man but I could do nothing besides staring angrily at the direction where he was running.

I wished my husband to chase the man, to catch him, to take his camera away from him, to destroy the photos of me if there were any. I never know whether he took pictures of me or not. My husband is over 1.90 meters tall, considerably fit and healthy. He didn’t take a step at all for a length of time. All he did was that he kept asking me how I was. I was desperate. I took the bike and rode back to my friend’s home. So did he.

I told my friend that we saw naked people. She gave out a yell: “You had been to the FKK Zone!” She explained to me that FKK is a German abbreviation which stands for “Frei Koerper Kultur”, meaning “free body culture”. I didn’t tell my friend about the man with his camera.

Though I never talked about the incident with my husband ever since, I had been wondering how other husbands would act and what other wives would expect their husbands to do with the camera man.

P.S. Two years ago, we decided to end our marriage.

From: Original         Author: Ling6767         Time: 7/8/2012 1:17:39 PM

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#2012-07-09 07:40:00 by someday8989 @someday8989
Reply The beautiful scenery described in the essay and the easily-understood sentences you use bring me a breeze in the summer in China. Thanks.
#2012-07-16 12:00:00 by bmccull @bmccull
Reply It is a shame that your moment was ruined by a "Peeping Tom" but what good would have come from a confrontation with him?
#2012-08-31 12:32:00 by cfc44 @cfc44
Reply bravo
#2012-10-25 15:01:00 by danruble @danruble
Reply With even 8 year olds having camera phones, it is a little naive to expect not to be photographed naked in a park. You Got naked he got photos. You seem to want to cause a commotion.. He took a photo of me when I was showing off in public, go beat him up. Not real adult.
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