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Valentines Dating in China? Set the Mood With These Sexy Foods by Staff Writer
 It is well-known that when it comes to holidays, the Chinese are big on serving traditional Chinese fare, especially foods that have special meaning to a particular occasion.  Valentine's Day, being a western tradition that has been adapted by modern Chinese society, has been associated with certain foods that are well-known aphrodisiacs.  For a single western man dating in China, it might serve you very well to know what sexy foods you can serve or give to your date to put her in the right mood for romance. 

Yes, we're talking about aphrodisiacs.  Although often presumed to be a doorway to wanton sex, in reality aphrodisiacs are mood enhancers. So use them with that in mind to turn an already pleasant evening into a passionate one, to make an already great evening with someone special an unforgettable night of warmth and burning love.

What gives a food its aphrodisiac quality?  According to experts, it's a combination of the nutrients, the flavor, the feel, and even the look of a certain food that can turn a person on.  Here's a list of sexy foods to set the mood for a passionate Chinese dating night. 

Try a little chocolate to melt your Chinese date's heart.Chocolates.  These, of course, are on top of the list.  There's a good reason chocolates are a favorite gift for women.  Chocolates, especially dark chocolates, produce the feel-good chemical phenylethylamine which gives a person the feeling of being in love.  When dating in China, stick to the time-tested tradition of giving chocolates.  

Oysters.  Another popular aphrodisiac, oysters are known to increase libido.  How?  Oysters, especially when eaten raw, are high in zinc, a nutrient that increases testosterone levels and sperm production.  They also contain the libido-increasing hormone, dopamine.  You should consider making oysters a regular part of your diet when dating in China.

Almonds.  If you have smelled freshly-roasted almonds or an almond-scented candle, then you would know that these nuts have a certain seductive scent.  Almonds are also rich in essential fatty acids which are essential in increasing male hormone levels. 

Figs.  When Chinese dating during Valentine's Day, make your woman feel like a goddess by serving some figs.  High in amino acids, figs help enhance sexual stamina.  They are considered food fit only for gods and goddesses for good reason.       

Bananas.  Especially the evening of Valentine's Day, you would need to keep yourself energized.  For this, bananas, which are rich in potassium, bromelain enzymes, and riboflavin, are your best friend.  You never know how physically draining a romantic Valentines Day in China might be with your special Chinese love.

Avocados.  Called "testicle trees" by the Aztecs, avocados are packed with folic acid for energy and potassium to increase libido. 

Chili.  Aside from the spiciness this can add to your evening of Chinese dating, chili is also high in vitamin C which helps stimulate circulation. 

Head on over to now to find your date for Valentine’s Day.  Read more on "How to Find a Virtual Date for Valentine's Day". 

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