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What Can Chinese Women Expect from Foreign Men? by Achelle Vinzon
Many modern Chinese women have valid reasons for preferring foreign partners.  But can foreign men meet their expectations?  Are Chinese women's expectations about being in a relationship with foreign men realistic?

Contrary to popular belief, many modern women of China are not just after foreign husbands for a visa.  In fact, more and more Chinese women do not want to leave their country because it's current and continuing economic prosperity offers them more and better opportunities.  Why would they want to leave everything they know behind and start over in a foreign place where their opportunities to have a better life would be limited?

Nowadays, most women of China who are genuinely searching for a foreign life mate are also looking for true love - the kind of love great love stories are made of and the kind of love that most Chinese men are not capable of giving. 

At the same time, they also desire a relationship/marriage where they will be appreciated and respected, especially for their personal successes and what they bring to the relationship.  Just like any self-respecting woman, they want to be with a man who will deserve the commitment, devotion, and care they have to offer.  While many modern women of China are financially stable, they still want a partner who can provide them with a secure future, mostly because this assures them that their man is hard-working and has the right priorities in life. 

What is a Western Man on CLM anyway?Fortunately for these women of China, foreign men who also have sincere intentions of marrying a Chinese woman are fully committed to keeping their marriage vows.  These men realize the great challenges of being in a cross-cultural relationship and their willingness to deal with these challenges is proof of their serious commitment to their goal of having a happy and love-filled marriage with a Chinese woman.

With their genuine commitment to making their dream marriage work also comes their willingness to make the changes and sacrifices necessary to effectively deal with the difficulties of being in a cross-cultural marriage.  They are open to change, to learning new things, and to making themselves better, especially if it is for the good of the relationship and if it will make their partner happy. 

Many foreign men also appreciate determination, independence, and strength in a woman - traits that many modern women of China possess.  They are not intimidated by a woman who is successful in her own right and who is aggressive when it comes to pursuing her goals and ambitions.  Instead, they find these women highly admirable and respectable; they are aware of how these traits actually make these women more suitable life partners. 

Of course, many foreign men are very romantic; they enjoy doing sweet and thoughtful deeds for their love.  They are sensitive to their partner's needs and always have their happiness in mind.  They, themselves, find happiness and pride in pleasing their woman. 

Most foreign men, given their long-term goal of settling down with a Chinese wife, also have the means to provide a secure future and a comfortable life for their mate.  Not all of them may be wealthy, but their commitment already presupposes their willingness to work hard.

There may be many reasons why a cross-cultural marriage between a foreign man and a Chinese woman might fail; but there are also plenty of reasons why foreign men and Chinese women make suitable life partners for each other.  

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From: Original         Author: Achelle Vinzon         Time: 4/19/2013 10:45:30 PM

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