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Why So Many Sexy & Beautiful Photos On CLM by John Abbot
This will be the first of a series of articles that we are doing in answer to some detailed questions we receive that we feel deserve more than just a quick response. There will be more such articles to follow.
Member Question:  Many of the women are seriously pretty.. But even more than that.. Model professional photos.. Which is usually another warning sign that it's a scammer. What are your thoughts on such excellent pics? Some of them are straight up models - but when I see sultry/sexy and panties showing shots.. I'm really wondering, can they be real?!!! No way...

CLM Answer: To answer your question about the sexy and high quality photos first let me say that Chinese women take care of themselves and their appearance is very important to them. I have been here in China for 7 years now and it still stuns me to walk down the streets of any major city and realize that it is almost impossible to look in any direction at any time and not see at least one, and usually many, stunningly beautiful women. Combine that with the fact that Chinese people in general and Chinese women especially love photography and love having their pictures taken, it becomes obvious - Chinese women take those photographs seriously and they get ready for the photo session. They know how to pose properly and they will take as long as necessary to get great pictures.  Except for wannabe actresses or models, you just can't say that about western women, but it is typical of all Chinese women. China is in love with the camera.

Of course some of the sexy pics give one pause, it is not usual for Chinese women to be overly revealing when it comes to nudity, especially revealing their breasts. Its only in the last few years that I am starting to see Chinese women in the streets showing cleavage. On the other hand from the day I arrived I was astounded by the amount of leg that was always on display, little tiny skirts or short-shorts are the rule, not an oddity. So in this culture it seems that displaying the breasts is considered very cheap and frowned upon but displaying every inch of leg, and even a little cheek is accepted fashion.

This photo was posted by a member (wy119). We added the censoring black circles.
Unfortunately, while we at CLM consider this photo to be a true work of art, and the
member to be quite stunning, we do not feel full frontal nudity is appropriate for our
website. It was unusual, and we think courageous, for a Chinese woman to reveal
herself so fully and yet so artistically. We admire her for it. She has since removed
the photo from her profile, but she is still quite active and popular on the website.
But get this, they are starting to realize that we westerners love women's breasts and struggle to keep our eyes off them, so if they want a western man, what are they going to do? I'm sure you've noticed that our top row of women are sort of the pick of the recent members to join, and we rotate them constantly. So each day a few are added and a few subtracted, but there are always between 30 and 40 that are rotating among the 6 spots visible each time you go to a new page. Which ones get up there depend on who is on approving duty at the time.  But we noticed very early that if a girl was displaying cleavage she got a lot of attention, which meant more clicks on the website and over time that means we get a higher rating with Google. So we made it a policy to start putting every woman who showed a little cleavage up there. Amazingly we realized that the women, unlike the men, watch carefully what is going on with their competition for your attention, and they noticed that if a gal shows some cleavage they will get to be in the top row. Suddenly all these seemingly conservative Chinese gals were changing their profiles and uploading much more revealing photos. We are actually becoming concerned that we will be mistaken for an adult dating site by our visitors due to the number of revealing pictures starting to show up on the search and browse pages. So that is a partial answer to your question - many (not all or even most, but many) of the Chinese women feel liberated to be able to be sexy for western men and appreciated for it instead of being looked down upon.

However, of course there are other things going on too. Some of these great sexy shots are not really pictures of the member, but are stolen off the internet of some model or actress or even the odd pornstar. Every time someone posts photos that are too sexy a little shiver runs down our collective spines because we wonder if it may be some famous person whose identity has been stolen. We circulate these pictures among our staff and see if anyone recognizes the person in the photo. If no one does we approve it. We have no means of searching the web by image so what else can we do. In that case we then rely on the members to eventually report the person if she turns out to not be the woman in the photos she has posted. Frankly it happens rarely that someone gets reported, and for reasons to follow we have come to realize that most of those sexy photos really are of the actual member. But we have lost some of our most popular girls because a members recognized them to be a somewhat famous Japanese model, Chinese actress or Korean pornstar. In that case we disapprove the photos and give the member a warning, but if they repeat the offence they find themselves in Scammer Prison. (Note: since this article was first posted in 2009 Google has introduced photo search and we now are able to search suspicious photos when they're posted. It isn't perfect but it helps a lot. Also, we now automatically delete any profile that has posted stolen photos.)

But in my own opinion there are two other possibilities for why some women post very sexy pictures. The first is that she makes her living in the cybersex industry and she is trolling dating sites like ours for customers. Only two women have ever been reported for this (and had their memberships canceled) so I have to conclude that either there aren't many doing it, or the ones who are doing it are so talented at their trade that the victim is quick to forgive them - a victimless crime so to speak :-). 
The other possibility is that these women are in the cybersex industry or the soft porn industry, hence they have professional sexy pictures readily available and they are well aware that western men will be intensely attracted to them. But they aren't on our dating site trolling for customers, they're on here for the same reason as all the other women - they're trolling for a good husband. In China most of the women in the sex industry are in it because the money is good, and by entering that trade they are able to live better than average and send lots of money home to support their parents and siblings back in some village somewhere. Just like all Chinese women they are under intense pressure to marry and make grandchildren, and as they reach 28 they know they are out of luck finding a Chinese husband. Add to that the fact that they have often come to realize that western men treat their women far better than Chinese men do (by that I mean traditional mainland Chinese men). In our opinion these ladies have the same right to be on our website as anyone else, so long as they play by the rules and are genuinely seeking a long term relationship, not merely trying to commercialize their membership. The fact that they brighten up the pages quite a bit is a nice bonus.  

From: Original         Author: John Abbot         Time: 11/4/2012 1:01:48 PM

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#2012-01-29 23:13:00 by cornwall64 @cornwall64
Reply I am a very average looking man not handsome and also just a normal working class man not rich,, he he, really talking myself up here,,he he, i always tell the truth about this and don,t try to make out i am anything else.

I am still amazed that the most beautiful ladies are trying to contact me so i automaticaly think scam and don,t reply to them, my thinking is why would they want me an average man when thay can choose anybody because they are so beautiful.

Am i doing the right thing or should i talk with some of these women, i am really looking for a serious relationship, i am so confused on what to do, i wish some of the women were just average looking but they are all so beautiful.
#2012-01-30 00:33:00 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot
Reply Hi cornwall64 - I'm not sure why I feel like we should apologize for having so many beautiful Chinese ladies here on CLM :). You are definitely "doing the wrong thing" by not responding to these ladies.

First, if you just read the article you know that Chinese women tend to go for glamor shots, and they will look more natural and less made up in their daily lives. In other words they will not be so glamorous in real life, not so intimidating.

Second, you need to understand that Chinese women truly love this site because we do so much to protect them from scammers. So they tell their friends who tell their friends and so on. As a result we get a very high percentage of genuine, quality women compared to most sites. There is no way we can keep the site 100% scammer free, but we are as close to that as any site can be.

You need to start responding and when you do you need to try to have good video chats with the ladies who interest you as early as possible. That's the only way to ensure that the woman is who she says she is on her profile, and to start to sense if she is genuine or not (but please don't ask for nudity and cybersex until doing so is appropriate - sincere Chinese women are not into that until there is a relationship commitment from both sides, if they are ever into it). You'll quickly discover that most of them are very real and sincere, that most of them are not as glamorous as their profile photos but are nonetheless very attractive in a more natural and down to earth way, and that most of them are keenly interested in a serious long term relationship that will end in marriage.

If anything your biggest problem will be that many of them will be very keenly interested in leaping into that committed relationship before you could possibly be. I suggest you start reading the blogs to get a better feel for the cultural differences between China and the West that lead Chinese women to be far more ready to leap into a marriage without looking than most Western men are.

The bottom line is that if you're serious about a relationship with a Chinese lady then you're in the right place and you seem to be preventing yourself from having any hope of succeeding and from enjoying the dating experience. Stop shooting yourself in the foot and start pro-actively "dating" some of these wonderful Chinese women.

I hope that addressed your concerns in a positive, encouraging way. :)
#2012-02-06 14:51:00 by even7347 @even7347
Reply As a woman on CLM, I am happy to know that you are really looking for SERIOUS relationship on CLM. I agree the comments from John. We can't avoid scammers sneaking into CLM, but if you never try, then you never know what will happen.

And I believe that most of women on CLM are serious. They post their beautiful photos because women care about the first impression from men. I am a normal woman, I also posted some pretty photos (hehehe, at least I think so). Now I am engaged!

So, please start to contact the women you like! Try it! Do it now! You never try, you never know!
#2012-02-12 13:36:00 by doctorj @doctorj
Reply hmmmm....and i would just guess that your taste in men is most impeccable!
#2012-03-12 10:13:00 by Ling6767 @Ling6767
Reply Is it possible to ask members here to post their pictures without any make-up? Is it a solution for that? I wear no make-up and I have my pictures shot in most natural way.
#2012-03-26 03:36:00 by raybaby40 @raybaby40
Reply I have wondered how a dating site could hve so many beautiful women looking for a man when they could (I thought) easily find a man anywhere in their own country. This article is a cogent explanation and gives me hope that these stunningly beautiful women are actually for real.
#2012-04-05 04:01:00 by EddieG @EddieG
Reply This may be slightly off topic because I'm certainly not a "handsome" man in ANY of my photos on the site. When I first joined a few weeks ago the closest thing I had to a current photo was about 6 to 8 years old wearing a huge back pack and hiking in the mountains near my home. I was getting very little response from the ladies. Then a few days ago I set my camera on auto, jump in front of it as a fat old guy with grey hair decently dressed but very current and uploaded 7 more photos that were taken 15 to 30 years ago BUT I included captions giving the date of the photos so no one was being deceived. Many of these photos were of me with my beautiful Collie who died over 14 years ago. Suddenly now my inbox is full of kisses and messages from gorgeous ladies. Do you think they just like my dog? LOL I have met a lady though that I adore already and are ignoring all the others.
#2012-05-21 01:23:00 by lonelyloverdaw @lonelyloverdaw
Reply Well as for checking the photos - it is rather easy - use google.

Use Google Chrome for your web browser then and select images.
Drag a suspect image onto the search bar and it will search the entire web for a match and name.

It does work and has kept me from many pictures that are too good to be believed.
#2012-05-29 08:58:00 by jim107 @jim107
Reply I have been on the website for a short time and could not understand why there are so many beautiful Asian ladies who are single. I am just an average guy with average looks but found it rather difficult to understand why so many beautiful ladies responded to my profile..
This has nothing to do with lack of confidence on my part, nor am I intimidated by beautiful women. I am just a little sceptical of the number of beautiful ladies who, I believe, could have their pick of men, if they so desired.

Some of these ladies have sent me photos that may be considered a little too sexy. Some ladies have informed me they have big businesses, making lots of money, have a couple of houses, several cars and are very wealty. They say they are looking forward to sharing all they have with me as long as I "love" them........again, another, big, "red flag."

I am just on the website looking for a lady who likes to be treated as such and is not into playing games, as I have had enough of that treatment from Norh American women.

Thanks for reading,
#2012-06-10 23:41:00 by lincida @lincida
Reply to raybaby40:
It's not so easily find a man anywhere in our own country,it's just like you not so easily find a woman anywhere in your own country. Normally we have to work, then the social circle is limited, when we couldn't find a right person in reality,we go to the internet to search,that's why so many dating website existed. Also the western person are normally handsome and strong in our eyes, so please all of western man don't think you are average, just like we think we are average in chinese man's eyes, but beautiful in western man's eyes. also your different culture and custom are attractive to us. That's why we want a western friend.
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