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Chinese Culture
Valentine’s Day As Usual In China (Or Is It?)

Valentine's Day in China, is much like almost everything else in China, busy. And very commercial. But here's some hints to impress your Chinese girl and make her Vday, and yours.
2/12/2014 5:03:05 PM by Achelle Vinzon
Good Fortune This New Year - Gong Xi Fa Cai - 恭喜发财 - Kung Hei Fat Choy

Chinese New Year and the Year of the Horse are almost upon us. For those who are new to this major event, here's a brief introduction to what it's all about!
1/22/2014 5:22:56 PM by Achelle Vinzons
Know Chopsticks Etiquette When Chinese Dating

Your ability to use Chopsticks for eating can have a serious effect on the success you experience while Chinese dating. Get practising!

Photo courtesy of
8/30/2013 3:47:00 PM by Achelle Vinzon
Bedroom Feng Shui to Impress Your Chinese Girlfriend
Good fengshui goes a long way to impressing your Chinese girlfriend, perhaps nowhere so much as in your bedroom!

Photo courtesy of
8/2/2013 4:17:55 PM by Achelle Vinzon
Chinese Dating and Face Value

To ensure that your relationship with your Chinese life partner really lasts a lifetime, get a handle on the concept of "Face" in China.

Photo courtesy of
3/12/2013 6:09:27 PM by Achelle Vinzons
Find Your Animal Sign and Your Love this Chinese New Year
Find out about the Chinese Zodiak, and join in our Chinese New Year / Valentines Day contest to help yourself find your very own Chinese Valentine.
2/2/2013 12:46:04 PM by CLM Staff Writer
Valentines Dating in China? Set the Mood With These Sexy Foods

Dating in China on Valentine's Day offers a special opportunity to show your Chinese date how it's done in the West. Here's some great foods to set the right mood.
1/18/2013 8:51:27 PM by Staff Writer
Chinese New Year 2013: What Makes a Snake?
Here comes the Year of the Snake, and if you're dating a Chinese woman born in this year you'd better know exactly what it means to be a Snake.
1/15/2013 1:02:57 AM by John Abbot
Usher In the New Year With the Fireworks of Chinese Love

Are you destined to love a beautiful Chinese woman? If so this article will tell you how to best spend New Year's Eve with her.

Photo courtesy of - Artist: DragonCat
1/1/2013 8:38:04 AM by Staff Writer
Nice Day For a Red Wedding

A Chinese woman and Western man combine a traditional Hunan Chinese wedding with a typical American style celebration to the delight of all.

Photos courtesy of the happy couple.
11/19/2012 2:44:58 AM by Justin Mitchell
Etiquette In China
A long term Expat in China gives a brief lowdown on Chinese Etiquette, what’s okay and what isn’t.

Painting: "Stark Contrast" by well known Shanghai artist Zhao
11/4/2012 2:21:46 PM by John Abbot
Romance in China – Then and Now
Whether you're dating a Chinese woman in her twenties or her forties, you'd better understand the Chinese concepts of romance, old and new,

Photo courtesy of
9/23/2012 1:18:14 PM by Staff Writer
Chinese Valentine's Day Is Here Again

Chinese Valentine's Day celebrates a legend that goes back 2,000 years or more. In China this day is celebrated in addition to our Western Vday, making Chinese women doubly happy.
8/21/2012 8:51:33 PM by Staff Writer
New Years in China
In China things aren't like they used to be.

Photo courtesy of
8/15/2012 11:53:58 AM by John Abbot
Chinese Nightlife – A Unique Way To Learn About The Ancient Culture Of China

There are many ways in China to entertain yourself and your Chinese Lady other than the bar scene.

Photo courtesy of
7/29/2012 12:16:57 PM by Staff Writer
Chinese Tattoo Traditions and Modern Chinese Women

Traditional Chinese women wore tattoos for cultural reasons, while modern Chinese women wear them as a modern fashion statement.

Photos courtesy of Xinhua and
5/20/2012 4:07:44 PM by Staff Writer
Looking to Marry a Chinese Girl? You’d Better Understand Confucius!

Confucius was remains influential enough in China after 2,500 years to screw up your wedding plans. You'd better understand how!

Photo courtesy of
5/6/2012 4:31:27 PM by John Abbot
Online Chinese Dating – Compatibility Based On The Chinese Zodiak

If you don't understand the Chinese Zodiak then chances are you don't understand the Chinese woman you're dating.

Photo courtesy of
4/28/2012 5:11:31 PM by Staff Writer
Those Inscrutable Chinese Women

Chinese women can seem almost impossible to understand if you don't take the time to study Chinese culture and its effect on their behavior.

Photo courtesy of
4/22/2012 12:09:01 AM by Staff Writer
Chinese Women And The Dragon Boat Festival

Traditionally Chinese women played an important role in the celebrations and customs surrounding the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Photo courtesy of
4/14/2012 11:02:38 PM by Staff Writer
The Unusual Custom Of Gifting Shoes To Chinese Women

It's probably not for every Chinese woman these days, but traditional Chinese shoes are a meaningful gift for most Chinese women.

Photo courtesy of
3/29/2012 7:23:15 PM by Staff Author
Halloween in China

Halloween in China is a party time, but there are other spiritual occasions with similar beginnings to our Halloween.

Photo courtesy of LIFE
3/5/2010 4:26:02 PM by John Abbot
National Day vs The Moon Festival (2009)

Only one of National Day or Moon Festival is crucial when wooing a Chinese woman.

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:20:10 PM by John Abbot
White Wedding

It seemed an odd thing indeed when a Chinese Elvis showed up to entertain at this extraordinary Chinese Wedding.

Photo courtesy of the Author
3/5/2010 4:10:19 PM by Justin Mitchell
Learn from Lei Feng: Cap Your Rig

Lei Feng was a hero of the people still often talked about in China, although now as often as not with tongue firmly in cheek.

Image courtesy of Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
3/5/2010 4:05:56 PM by Justin Mitchell
Free Falling On Chinese New Year

On Chinese New Year the spirits of deceased ancestors visit the living.

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:05:06 PM by Justin Mitchell
China's National Day

Photo: National Day Celebrations in Shanghai on the Bund

Courtesy of
3/5/2010 3:52:52 PM by
Moon Festival Is Upon Us
Moon Festival Lanterns In All Their Glory

Courtesy of
3/5/2010 3:52:03 PM by Staff Writer
Chinese Rumours
Photo courtesy of Jemma at
Jemma comments "Spot the dog on the menu?"
3/5/2010 3:49:54 PM by Justin Mitchell
Lust In Translation: Even In China Culture Can Run Amok
"After The Ball Is Over" Painting by famous Zhejiang artist Tan Xing Dong
3/5/2010 3:31:48 PM by Justin Mitchell
China Fashion Week 2008
Models present creations for Ordifen undergarment elements release at China Fashion Week 2008 in Beijing March 27, 2008. Picture courtesy of
3/5/2010 3:31:17 PM by CLM Staff
Chinese Dining Etiquette
China is westernizing in some ways, including even in its accepted etiquette, but there are still vast differences.

Painting of unknown origin.
3/5/2010 3:29:40 PM by Dan MacDonald
Dental China
A street dentist in Sichuan Province checks a client.

Photo from
3/5/2010 3:23:12 PM by Justin Mitchell
How Much Is That Doggy In The Window
This is a bit of a food primer on China, as only Justin could present it. Settle in for the feast.

Painting: "Goldies" by new Shenzhen artist Peter Peng
3/5/2010 2:58:23 PM by Justin Mitchell
The Valentine Wedding of William & May

Our Webmaster Celebrates Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and his own Wedding all in one swoop, and he does it up right.

Photo courtesy of the Groom
2/11/2010 3:32:26 PM by John Abbot