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Expats In China
A Parade of Shamrocks on the Streets of China for St. Paddy’s Day

St. Paddy's is celebrated even in Beijing, where the Irish who have spread themselves around the world only slightly less than the Chinese party hard.

Picture courtesy of
3/17/2013 4:10:54 PM by Achelle Vinzons
Slow Internet In China: CLM Has Discovered The Reason

China Telecom has dropped the ball when it comes to the internet, but it hardly matters when you understand why.

Photo courtesy of
6/17/2012 3:44:23 PM by John Abbot
Apparently Is One Kick Ass Website

China has a multitude of faces, some lovable, some laughable.
But the good far outweigh the bad.

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3/25/2010 10:10:07 PM by Khansfury & John Abbot
Happy New Year One & All

We wish everyone the best year of their lives in 2010, the year they find true love.

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3/5/2010 4:32:21 PM by John Abbot
Away In A Stranger (Land)

Christmas is becoming popular in China, predictably with good and bad consequences

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:31:00 PM by Justin Mitchell
Riding with the King

Burger King brings the Whopper (disguised as the "Empror Burger") to China. Will it sell?

Photo courtesy of flickr
3/5/2010 4:30:37 PM by Justin Mitchell
Thanksgiving in China

Sometimes Thanksgiving takes on new and wonderful meaning when you're miles away from home and family.

Cartoon courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:29:23 PM by Justin Mitchell
Night Moves

Beijing At Night is well worth exploring, just ask Justin.

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:17:18 PM by Justin Mitchell
Meet The Beatles (China Style)

The Beatles Didn't Happen In China.

Too Bad, Maybe The "Cultural Revolution" Would Have Been a Good Thing!

Photo Courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:13:13 PM by Justin Mitchell
Change In China - Frequent and Sudden

Change In China, In All Arenas, Is Happening At A Furious Pace

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 4:11:51 PM by Justin Mitchell
Deck the Great Hall of the People
The Chinese are quickly tuning into the true spirit of Christmas. Another opportunity to make a buck.

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 3:58:57 PM by Justin Mitchell
Niuniu Redux
In "Rocky Mountain Way" in Issue #3, Justin Mitchell introduced us to a young lady named NiuNiu Li. Here is a surprise update by Justin on her more recent goings on.

Photo courtesy of Life Weekly (English Translation)
3/5/2010 3:48:49 PM by Justin Mitchell
We Can Work It Out
Picture of a Chinese Worker cycling by a Huge Modern Billboard. Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 3:32:36 PM by Justin Mitchell
Rocky Mountain Way
Photo of Niuniu Li courtesy of
3/5/2010 3:32:11 PM by Justin Mitchell
Strange Days and the Lucky Number Apartment
ShenZhen is one of the fastest growing and most modern cities in the world.

Photo from
3/5/2010 3:26:57 PM by Justin Mitchel
Pilgrim In China
One more look at Western holidays in China. Here is how Justin spent a favourite and fast approaching American holiday one year.

Painting: "The Big Game #2" by Shanghai artist Zhao
3/5/2010 3:22:17 PM by Justin Mitchell
Merry Christmas Baby Dec 8 2003
Here is a little more on the subject of Christmas, as only Justin can describe it.

Painting by an unknown artist depicting the birth of Jesus, as everyone knows, in a small village somewhere in Asia.
3/5/2010 3:21:12 PM by Justin Mitchell
Feliz Navidad
Just in case you’re planning to come to China to visit your new Lady at Christmas,we thought we should give you advance notice of what to expect

Picture: Poster by
3/5/2010 3:20:44 PM by Justin Mitchell
Mr. Mitchell’s Neighborhood
Written a few years back, but published for the first time other than in Justin’s blog, this article gives the reader a fun look at a local neighborhood in the fastest growing city in the world.

Painting: "City Street" by the great Hangzhou artist Guo Feng
3/5/2010 3:20:11 PM by Justin Mitchell
Mud, Blood and Beer

There are many sides to nightlife in China, especially in locations like Samlitun, Beijing

Photo courtesy of
3/5/2010 2:12:08 PM by Justin Mitchell
Nothing Changes on New Year’s Day

Just in case you had a fantastic New Years Eve, Justin wanted to remind you that it isn't always that way - especially when you're in a bad relationship or busy screwing a new one up.
2/7/2010 7:53:04 PM by Justin Mitchell
Meet The Neighbors
When he finds two young men "living" in his apartment building stairwell, Justin goes from unconcerned to mildly irate to curious to "Good Buddy".
7/10/2009 12:30:23 AM by Justin Mitchell