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Convict : Wang1708
The person pictured is likely not the Scammer!
From : Cambodia
Gender : man
Age : 53
Height :
Last Login: 2019-06-20
Sentenced: 2019-06-21
Crime Committed : 会员举报信:他说他的工程遇到困难,还差10多万美金,我说我也困难没钱,他说让公司寄钱到我的帐户,但开帐户需要我付3000美金。我早知道他是骗子了,我想看看他到底要怎么骗,我什么也没损失,我不想其他人被骗,所以我决定揭发他! 谢谢该会员的及时举报

Victim Statements/Comments

Photos used by Scammers are rarely their own. The person in the picture is probably completely innocent, but the person using it on any website is likely the same scammer as CLM has caught. If this is your photo and you're innocent contact us here.
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